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Brother of 'Perfect Storm' Victim Rescued


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Brother of 'Perfect Storm' Victim Rescued




GLOUCESTER, Mass. (AP) - A fishing boat sank and the Coast Guard rescued all three men on board, including the brother of one of the fishermen lost in the 1991 sinking portrayed in the book and film ``The Perfect Storm.''


The 45-foot boat, the Hollywood, sent a mayday call before it sank Wednesday about 45 miles east of Gloucester. A Coast Guard jet picked up the signal and its crew spotted the men, who had climbed aboard a life raft, the Coast Guard said.


A Coast Guard helicopter arrived to lift the three men one-by-one from the 39-degree water. Two of the three men had been wearing survival suits, and all three declined medical attention.


The crew members were identified as skipper Richard Shatford, Lewis Mitchell and Brian Clancy, all from Gloucester.


Shatford's brother, Bobby, was one of six fishermen who died in the sinking of the Andrea Gail, also based in Gloucester. The tragedy was immortalized in the best-selling book ``The Perfect Storm'' and the movie of the same name.


``I already lost one son,'' said Richard Shatford, father of the brothers. ``It just scares me.''


``They were real lucky,'' he said.


Coast Guard spokesman Scott Carr said sea conditions were fairly calm and crew members said they did not know why the boat was taking on water. An investigation into the cause of the sinking was under way.


The crew had left port Tuesday and was returning from a fishing trip when the sinking happened.



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