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WMB email scam


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A member over at EUSWX received an email requesting that he enter his SSN and other personal info. The email sender purported to be from Washington Mutual Bank.


Emails requesting sensitive personal information are never sent by legitimate institutions. They are sent by criminals, ID thieves.


This is the EUSWX thread:

I got this email tonight



The member in question deleted the email, which was a very good idea. If you ever receive one of these emails asking you to submit your SSN or other personal info, NEVER click the link or enter the requested information. Contact the institution in question or better yet, make a personal visit and straighten out the matter there. Unfortunately ID theft is increasing.


The member posted this link earlier today:





Sure enough.


Never trust an email asking for your sensitive personal information.

Call the institution in question or visit them physically and verify the matter directly.





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