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9:10 P.M. ET 2/16/2005


Tim Ballisty, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



A cold front moving through the Northeast brought a band of rain showers, snow showers and thundershowers Wednesday. Most areas saw the precipitation start as rain, then quickly change to snow with a rumble or two of thunder thrown in. Snow accumulations have mostly been on the light side, but some locations in New York state had up to 6 inches by the mid-afternoon hours on Wednesday. This system has already moved off the Northeast coast allowing gusty winds to usher in colder air in its wake. Another weaker system will push through the Great Lakes Thursday with some flurries and snow showers for Michigan, western Pennsylvania, and western New York. It is, however, with this upper-level system along with a cold northwest flow which will allow for some significant lake-enhanced snow bands to set up shop across the U.P. of Michigan, northwest Lower Michigan, and Upstate New York. If the bands of snow set up and persist over the same area, some areas of Michigan could pick up close to 12 inches of snow while counties southeast of Lake Ontario in New York could pile up a half a foot of snow by Thursday night.


A stalled storm off California is sending bands of showers into the Golden State. Most of the rainfall has occurred over the central part of the state, but some southward movement is anticipated Thursday. By Thursday afternoon and evening showers could be rolling into Los Angeles and San Diego. The heaviest rain should move into Southern California Thursday night and Friday with an increased potential for mud and landslides through the weekend.

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