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Some Lake Effect Snow


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A focus on snow and rain

3:25 P.M. ET 2/17/2005


M. Ressler, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Cold west to northwest winds, streaming across the still mild water of the Great Lakes, result in continued lake-effect snow across downwind areas. The typical lake-effect areas of Upper Michigan, northern Lower Michigan, northeastern Ohio, northwestern Pennsylvania and western/central New York will add to their accumulations through Friday. Areas east and southeast of Lake Ontario in Upstate New York could be the big snow winners with storm totals over a foot. Also on Friday, cold northerly winds could bring several inches of ocean-effect snow to Cape Cod.


Across the West, heavy rain (already just offshore) will resume across already saturated Southern California and the Desert Southwest and will likely come in a prolonged one-two punch through Tuesday (with the break between punches occurring during the weekend). The downpours will renew the threat for flooding, debris-flows and mudslides. The heaviest rain (possibly up to one foot with each punch) will target the southwestern facing slopes of Ventura and Los Angeles Counties. The greatest risk of debris-flows will occur across the burn areas. Meanwhile, a foot or more of snow will fall across the higher elevations (above 6000 feet) of the southern Sierra and the mountains of Southern California and southern Nevada.

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