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Classic EUSWX threads.....


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Some people never learn. JM7/Ignite/ECSnowLover/jetstream18.

This asshat is attempting to copy EUSWX. He's so damn stupid and born in the past hour, that he actually tried to use multiple usernames on Eastern US Weather Forums. It's a shame no one ever explained to this kid about IP numbers and how they can be tracked. It's really very elementary shyte, but this dumb kid doesn't get it. Mods picked up on JM7/Ignite so fast it was unbelievable.


Owner of this so-called weather message bb, The United States Weather Forums, ECSnowLover, also known by at least three other pseudonyms (JM7, Ignite, jetstream18), started a thread at EUSWX in which he claimed he had cancer. At the time (Early December, 2004) WWBB was self-destructing and EUSWX was dealing with an major influx of new members whilst WeatherFox and others proceeded to ban (for no fooking reason) long-standing members at WWBB. Many of the eminent pro-mets and other long-time WWBB members emigrated to EUSWX, which today is experiencing phenomenal growth and many mainstream mets are rapidly gravitating to Eastern.


It's important to understand that wars have been fought in Internet Messaging systems such as Yahoo, AOL, etc etc. Without really being privy to the particulars, I can rather easily deduce that this JM7/Ignite/ECSnowLover character must have talked to various EUSWX ppl on AOL, using various names. It's highly probable that Ignite made a few mistakes using AOL and other Internet Messaging technologies, because ConnMan indicated openly on the EUSWX board that Ignite/ECSnowLover should have stuck to AOL. I think Ignite had been using various names on AOL and probably forgot to change names while using AOL IM and this fuckup, among others, contributed to his demise over the past few months.


I'm no noobie to the Internet, been on for 6-7 years, there's nothing I haven't heard of yet.


Alright I'll add The United States Weather Forums to my official shit list.


Check out this EUSWX thread, it's a Classic. Kudos to you ConnMan and Dendrite.

Let's ban Ignite, I think wow should do it..





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