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EUSWX can be a soap opera at times.


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Read these EUSWX threads......


sne people here lets make are own weather board, That includes NY/Northern Nj area




Amazing Thread--Must read!




The above two threads are good backgrounding.


Now read today's (Feb 17's) EUSWX thread:


Let's ban Ignite, I think wow should do it..



The thread above was when JM7/Ignite/jetstream18/ECSnowLover/EC-SnowLover's fib began to come together for many EUSWX folks, including myslef. Xdurango, RedEyes, ConnMan, dendrite and others at EUSWX are indeed some of the sharpest individuals on Internet message bbs I have encountered in a good while.

Ignite had multiple usernames on EUSWX. He was also masquerading as wow (who is a Mod at EUSWX) on The United States Weather Forums, a forum Ignite runs himself. The moderator wow at EUSWX was not thrilled that Ignite ripped off his name and used it at The United States Weather Forums.



Subsequently, Ignite was lurking on the EUSWX board even after he was banned from EUSWX early this evening, lurking as hakobo2004, who happens to be a real-life buddy of Ignite's. Ignite's real name appears to be 'John'.


See also Ignite's Cancer thread (from December 7 2004) at EUSWX. This was when Ignite posed as "jetstream18".


Any other cancer survivors on this board?, I am one




So Ignite, borrowing his friend hakobo2004's EUSWX username, proceeded to develop the following thread:


In the below thread, I believe Ignite (John) was trying to say he was truly sorry for his behavior at EUSWX.


Everybody PLEASE Read, This is Ignite




That thread was closed for a bit then re-opened and pinned for a time in the 'Hood.


At least one additional thread evolved out of this drama tonight:


Continue Bashing Ignite in this thread






Simply unreal, unbelievable. EUSWX has so much drama. First it was the mass suicide of ppl jumping off the HM Train yesterday morning.


Then this snafu about Ignite today. Turns out the underlying facts were being developed and tracked by ConnMan and RedEyes for the past 2 months or so, beginning with Ignite/jetstream18's monumental fib about his so-called "cancer" back on December 9, 2004.





EDIT March 6 2005


Actually I think what people need is a major revival in their lives. When folks have these kinds of problems in their lives, God is a wonderful resource. I am speaking from experience.



Additionally, I hope Ignite (John) is re-instated soon again at EUSWX. He has been banned for 2 to 3 weeks and he should enjoy some mercy. I think he has learned his lesson. No one is perfect, I sure am NOT perfect.


I've spent 3 years on weather boards and I STILL don't know SQUAT about the weather. I guess I was born with half a brain.


Alright everyone, have a good belly laugh at my expense.




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