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Nanowire Transistors Faster than Silicon


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Nanowire Transistors Faster than Silicon


Advances in nanowires show they can be fast enough to use as ultrasmall transistors in cheap, high-performance electronics.


Researchers at Harvard University have shown that nanowire transistors can be at least four times speedier than conventional silicon devices. The principal researcher, chemistry professor Charles Lieber, says this could lead to inexpensive, high-performance, flexible electronic circuitry for cell phones and displays. It could also save space and further increase speed, he says, by allowing memory, logic, and sensing layers to be assembled on the same chip.



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Lieber Research Group


Our laboratory focuses on the "bottom-up" paradigm for nanoscience and nanotechnology. We are enabling this concept through a highly interdisciplinary research program focused on the design and synthesis of nanoscale building blocks, elucidation of the fundamental electronic, optical and other physical properties of these building blocks, and the development of methods for hierarchical organization of building blocks into increasingly complex integrated assemblies. We use the bottom-up paradigm as the underlying approach for exploring new science and applications in diverse areas, including the interface between biology and nanoscience, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, and information processing. Our laboratory has dedicated efforts in all of these areas.





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