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National Weather at 940pm February 27 2005


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Nor’easter a-brewin’

9:40 P.M. ET 2/27/2005


Anthony Diaz, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel




Though uncertainties continue to exist for a developing winter storm moving toward the Northeast, one thing is absolute: This one is going to be a headline grabber. A Nor’easter will be moving in on the area Monday. First affected will be the central Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic States. Significant amounts (6-10 for the cities, 10-15 for the higher elevations) are expected as the snow will begin to fall Monday morning. Northward (New York, Albany) snow will begin by early afternoon Monday, with snowfall totals expected to exceed 6 inches and potentially reach one foot. For New England, the snow begins by Monday afternoon and could accumulate to over a foot in the inland areas and near a foot from Boston to Portland, Maine. Accompanying this snow are gusty winds and the possibility of high waves and some coastal erosion. Uncertainties lie in the forecast path of this Nor’easter. A variation in path by 100 miles east or west could mean significant changes to these forecasted snow totals. Best stay tuned to The Weather Channel for the latest updates!



The passage of a frontal system will leave in its wake more snow and wind across the Upper Midwest and Plains. As the system across the southern Great Lakes, the first of the accumulating snow will be seen in the two to four inch range from southern Wisconsin to northern Indiana. Afterwards, snow will be of the lake-effect variety and will affect primarily northern Michigan and northern Wisconsin. Northerly winds off Lakes Superior and Michigan will perpetuate snowfall that is expected to accumulate to upwards of a foot. The winds are expected to increase in intensity Monday and gust to 30 to 40 mph throughout the northern and central Plains states. Cooler temperatures will also result with Monday’s highs some 10 to 15 degrees below average across the region.



After a Sunday of heavy rain and rumbling thunderstorms, the South will slowly dry out as the day progresses. Morning rain showers and accompanying gusty winds will be prevalent across the northern Georgia and the Carolinas Monday morning. By afternoon, the movement of the offshore system will drag the moisture into the Mid-Atlantic by early afternoon. Aside form a few lingering light showers across extreme southern Florida, the rest of the South will dry nicely by late afternoon. Breezy condition, however, will persist and temperatures will be cooler than average Monday from the Southern Plains, across the Gulf Coast, to the Atlantic.



Monday will be highlighted by the movement of a weak system inland across the Pacific Northwest. This system will bring rain showers from Washington to Northern California and the potential for significant snow to the Cascades and Sierra. This will be a well deserved bout of rain for the Northwest where long-term drought conditions persist and rainfall totals for the year are well below average. Rainy conditions are expected to continue for the Northwest as persistent onshore flow sets up over the area.

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