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IVAN (Again!?) and JEANNE, among others...


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Ivan may produce flooding while Jeanne threatens Florida

8:57 P.M. ET Thu.,Sep.23,2004


Tom Moore, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel




Tropical Storm Ivan is moving inland along the coast of southwestern Louisiana. While Ivan is not expected to pack much of a wind punch, it will cause coastal flooding and then inland flooding over Texas. Meanwhile, category-2 Hurricane Jeanne is several hundred miles east of the Bahamas. Jeanne is migrating slowly westward around the south side of a large high pressure ridge building from the western Atlantic into the Southeastern States. Eventually the hurricane will be drawn northwestward and then perhaps northward around the periphery of the high which places the Florida Peninsula in its path. Landfall may occur as early as Sunday morning and areas from Ft. Pierce to West Palm Beach are becoming more under the gun. More heavy rain may be also in store from this storm.


The future of Hurricane Karl is about the only certainty in the tropical forecasting business right now. Karl is accelerating northward in the central Atlantic and will pose no threat to the U. S. Southeast of Karl, however, the future of downgraded Tropical Depression Lisa remains uncertain. The system absorbed a separate tropical disturbance that moved in from the east. Regardless, Lisa is a long way from the Lesser Antilles and even farther from the U. S., and may just turn more northward without affecting land.




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