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WEATHER53 sigline c.June 1 2005


Now the road was gravel, but it wasn't wide enough to park. I was burnin' inside drivin' faster out into the dark. Might have guessed the outcome, the end that wasn't in our dreams. Wasn't much of a wreck, but enough to take my teenage queen.









Seen on this EUSWX thread:

It's going to be crazy-hot today.




senywx's siglines take the proverbial Cake!!!! LOL!! (c. June 5 2005)



Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - Just say no to the marijuana!

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - This comes straight from the Madonna!

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - I'm the face on the shroud of Turin

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - Do I need to test your urine?

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - Gotta give it up for Lent, boy!

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - Or wind up as Satan's rent boy!

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - Don't let reefer kick your keister!

Listen to Jesus, Jimmy - I'm the poster boy for Easter!








nikolai's siglines c. June 5 2005:



"When you are gone... eek shall be king, and I his queen"

-ConnMan to Vortmax


Temp Extremes: 93° on June 5th, 8° on January 24th.


Total 90° days so far this summer: 1


TWC jumped the shark when they got new management and became obsessed with ratings. They went from appealing to people interested in weather to people who just want the forecast and can't wait until their local news comes on. In the early 90's it was weather and nothing else. No "Survivor" spin off shows showing how the weather affects window washers. No anchors showing maps saying "Hi, you're an idiot, so I going to show you how to read this map. The big sun icon means it's going to be sunny and the "55" means it's going to be 55 degrees"....and now some commercials from Ms. Cleo and Zim's Crack Cream. I guess that's why they hired all these morons with nice legs and fruity personalities who think dewpoint is the point at which Mountain Dew is at its best. And I'm not racist or anything...but what's with all these white female anchors with spanish last names? I realize they're trying to mix things up a bit, but why don't they just hire a real latino!? The voice on the local forecast isn't helpful at all either. Everything is "fair skies....fair skies...fair skies" And the intro ads they have now make me wanna puke...like the kid with the lemonade stand, and the Dad and son playing in the leaves. What's next? A mom and daughter talking about having "that not so fresh feeling!?" The Weather Channel...live by it...or else will send Jim Cantore to kick your ***!












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Stunner's sig (c. Feb 1 2006)



Unless you are at a zoo and your form of communication is 'Orr, Orr, Orr, Orr...', you're not having fish two times a day. - The Glenn Beck Program

If it really is the Holiday tree, then I want to see Holiday trees for sale in the corner lot around 2nd of frickin' July. - The Glenn Beck Program

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