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Will Bluetooth Technology Change Everything?


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Will Bluetooth Technology Change Everything?





Blue Tooth is technology that is reshaping the definition of what it means to be wireless.


Unlike Wi Fi, Blue Tooth uses radio waves to wirelessly connect devices within short range of each other.


The devices may either be within 10 meters or up to 100 meters of each other to remain networked. One of the benefits of Blue Tooth is that it is a low powered source as well as inexpensive.


Blue Tooth is already pre installed in many devices as some of its proponents include Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Intel, and Nokia. By using a Blue Tooth adapter in your computer (ranging in cost from $20.00-$100.00 U.S.) you can easily start your own network using devices never before dreamed compatible.


Once your software has been installed, you will be able to locate equipment that is Blue Tooth compatible and begin your own network. Devices such as mobile phones, computers, desktops and notebooks, printers, digital cameras, PDAs, and MP3 players can all be networked, and this doesn't just include your items. You can network with friends or coworkers and share files, print pictures and documents easily and efficiently.


The story behind the name Blue Tooth is just as intriguing as the nature of the technology. The story tells of a tenth century King of Denmark, King Harold Bluetooth, who practiced a reign of peaceful negotiations and treaties. He was a master of bringing opposing parties together to have them "talk" to each other. Thus the meaning of Blue Tooth technology that brings devices from different companies (many with opposing pasts) to "talk" to each other.


It appears that Blue Tooth will be one of the prominent features in future products. As the world needs to pull the plug for greater corporate production and efficiency, wireless capabilities are essential. Blue Tooth offers tremendous benefits to those in the work place, home office, and for those who are looking for greater convenience and flexibility in their daily lives.


Modern marvels abound as you see Blue Tooth appearing in all sorts of products. From cars that are preinstalled with wireless phone capabilities, and sunglasses that play your favorite Itunes, Blue Tooth is already shaping the way we communicate and find our entertainment.


Medical technology has been using Blue Tooth and once you are Blue Tooth enabled, you can use your computer in an airport without needing to plug in.


Blue Tooth is the technology that is steering the course to the future of our wireless world.




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