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Catholic Church Child Abuse Scandal


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It sickens me to no end. There is no excuse whatsoever. The priests who abused the kids should be locked away in prisons or mental institutions for LIFE. Absolutely NO PAROLE and NO plea bargains, they should do HARD TIME in prison or be locked away in padded rooms on massive doses of meds for decades. Let the general population educate these morons for about 85 years. In prison, child molesters are lower than scum and are treated as such. They get raped and sooner rather than later they'll get a shiv in the back.


Lets stop enabling these so-called "priests". Lets lock 'em away where they belong for LIFE. Let 'em ROT forever.


I sure don't want a child molester running loose in my 'hood. Lock 'em away real good, Good riddance for once and for all.

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