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CIAC Virus Database


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CIAC Virus Database




The CIAC virus database is no longer being maintained. Refer to the vendor links below for current virus information.


The online CIAC Virus Database contains the virus descriptions from the current version of the CIAC Virus Update, CIAC-2301. The CIAC virus database contains much of the information we have been able to gather about small computer viruses and Trojans. The purpose of this database is to identify most of the known viruses for the Macintosh and PC, and give an overview of the effects of each virus. This database is revised about twice a year as new virus information becomes available. The current date is shown above.


Please keep in mind that the information in this database is the best information that we have to date, but it is not all based on first hand experience. We depend on many sources of information for this data. Therefore, nothing is guaranteed to be correct. In addition, realize that viruses can change in character as new strains are created by virus writers.


Note: Aliases for the viruses are not cross referenced on this list, but are listed with each virus. Use the Find command on your browser to search this page for a particular virus name.


Also listed here are links to several other virus description databases available over the Internet. If you do not find what you are looking for in our database, try one of these others. You can also check our Internet Hoaxes and Chain Letters web site to see if the virus you are looking for is actually a hoax or chain letter.
















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