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Welcome to Declassified MISC 9.


Every morning I eagerly get out of bed looking forward to more Search Engine disclosures of people's data or more exploding laptops or perhaps another laptop full of people's sensitive data getting left carelessly in someone's car and subsequently getting stolen. There are so damn many of these devastating scandals taking place every day and I truly savor posting away about 'em!!!!! :)




Let's have a relentless, merciless day of posting links and stories.





Misconduct by military recruiters cited



WASHINGTON - Military recruiters have increasingly resorted to overly aggressive tactics and even criminal activity to attract young troops to the battlefield, congressional investigators say.


Grueling combat conditions in Iraq, a decent commercial job market and tough monthly recruiting goals have made recruiters' jobs more difficult, the Government Accountability Office said Monday. This has probably prompted more recruiters to resort to strong-arm tactics, including harassment or criminal means such as falsifying documents, to satisfy demands, GAO states.


The report was done at the behest of lawmakers who were concerned that not enough was being done to curb aggressive recruitment practices.


"Even one incident of recruiter wrongdoing can erode public confidence in the recruiting process," the GAO warned.


According to service data provided to the GAO, substantiated cases of wrongdoing jumped by more than a third, from about 400 cases in 2004 to almost 630 in 2005. Meanwhile, criminal cases — such as sexual harassment or falsifying medical records — more than doubled in those years, jumping from 30 incidents to 70.


There are some 22,000 personnel working for the military's recruiting program, which cost more than $1.5 billion this year. On staff are some 14,000 "frontline" recruiters who must enlist two applicants per month.


"Given the large numbers of service members DOD must recruit every year, there is ample opportunity for recruiter irregularities to occur," the report said, using the acronym for the

Department of Defense.


More than half the recruiting crimes reported in 2005 were by the Army, which is bearing the brunt of the war in Iraq. The Army announced last week it was on track to meet this year's recruiting goal of 80,000 applicants, pulling itself up from a severe shortfall last year.


GAO warned that reports of recruiter misconduct are likely too low because the services do not track such cases and many incidents likely go unreported. The Defense Department, GAO found, is not "in a sound position to assure the general public that it knows the full extent to which recruiter irregularities are occurring."


In a letter to the GAO included in the report, the Defense Department said it agreed the services must establish an internal system to track reports of recruiter wrongdoing.


"We certainly agree with the GAO statement that even one incident of recruiter wrongdoing can erode public confidence in DOD's recruiting process," wrote Michael Dominguez, principal deputy to the under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness. "We also take this issue very seriously and believe that the oversight framework recommended by GAO will adequately address the issue."


GAO previously has suggested that the military link incentives for recruiters more closely to an applicant's ability to complete basic training, rather than to their willingness to sign up. This would help ensure that recruiters solicit more applicants who meet military standards, GAO contends.


According to GAO, the

Pentagon concurred with that previous recommendation as well but has not mandated that the services implement it.


Democrats on Monday seized on the report as evidence Pentagon leadership was failing to oversee one of the military's most important personnel programs.


"America deserves better than a 'don't ask, don't tell' policy for military recruiting violations," said Rep. Pete Stark, D-Calif.


In a statement provided to The Associated Press, Dominguez said military recruiters have earned America's respect and that incidents of misconduct represent a small fraction of recruiting personnel.


"We will continue our robust oversight to ensure the level of integrity for this recruiting enterprise meets the high standard expected and deserved by the people of this country," Dominguez said.








NASA can't find original tape of moon landing



WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. government has misplaced the original recording of the first moon landing, including astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," a

NASA spokesman said on Monday.



Armstrong's famous space walk, seen by millions of viewers on July 20, 1969, is among transmissions that NASA has failed to turn up in a year of searching, spokesman Grey Hautaloma said.


"We haven't seen them for quite a while. We've been looking for over a year and they haven't turned up," Hautaloma said.


The tapes also contain data about the health of the astronauts and the condition of the spacecraft. In all, some 700 boxes of transmissions from the Apollo lunar missions are missing, he said.


"I wouldn't say we're worried -- we've got all the data. Everything on the tapes we have in one form or another," Hautaloma said.


NASA has retained copies of the television broadcasts and offers several clips on its Web site.


But those images are of lower quality than the originals stored on the missing magnetic tapes.


Because NASA's equipment was not compatible with TV technology of the day, the original transmissions had to be displayed on a monitor and re-shot by a TV camera for broadcast.


Hautaloma said it is possible the tapes will be unplayable even if they are found, because they have degraded significantly over the years -- a problem common to magnetic tape and other types of recordable media.


The material was held by the National Archives but returned to NASA sometime in the late 1970s, he said.


"We're looking for paperwork to see where they last were," he said.






Stealth Israeli Startup Yedda Launches



Yedda - People Sharing Knowledge



Stealth Israeli Startup Yedda Launches - Digg



I love the modern Internet so much. People will generally get the Skype installer anyway they can, and when the Telcos oppose it, they pretty much deal themselves right out of town. The Telcos tried so hard to regulate the Internet, but the Internet shall never be regulated. They raise a fuss, the mighty BLOGOSPHERE will make them think again!!! The Internet will never be stopped, and everyone who can not or will not keep up with all the new Web 2.0 app tech will be relegated to less than a dust mote on the dust heap of history. If you can't keep up with technology, you are not worth a shoot.


Why you can't block Skype - Digg



Why you can't block Skype



"Talk is cheap and getting cheaper" proclaims a BBC article on VoIP and Skype. Not in the UAE it isn't, nor in other countries that ban internet telephony. But as users find myriad ways to get around the blocks, it's the short-sighted telcos who will ultimately lose out.


Who can forget these clever Chinese men who ran up US$1.25 million worth of calls in the UAE before being apprehended? They're an extreme example, but the reality is that in a heavily restricted, very expensive market, people will be attracted to piracy. Just look at P2P software, music and film piracy.


But when products start becoming affordable and accessible, such as with iTunes' music store, pirates evolve into paid customers. Skype itself isn't free if you want to call international landlines, but it's cheap and convenient enough that people are happy to pay those charges.


A failed ban


By trying to ban VoIP, Middle East telcos such as the UAE's Etisalat have effectively cut themselves out of the game. There are already tens of thousands of people using Skype and similar applications in the UAE alone. Skype.com is blocked, but people download the installer in the freezones. They get it from general software download sites. They get it via P2P. They get friends and family to email it to them. They get it on their laptop while overseas.


Despite the ban, the application works, because once installed, Skype is almost impossible to block. It uses encrypted tunnels, file transfers and instant messaging sessions, all of which are undetectable without filtering. AP Connections CTO Art Reisman set up a computer lab experiment to try and detect Skype traffic whizzing between two PCs. His analysis, according to an interview with Zdnet: "When examining the stream I failed to see any human discernible call set up, so without prior knowledge of a call being made I could never be certain if what I was seeing was a Skype call."


Despite promising to make VoIP legal since 2004, there's no real sign of voice telephony on the UAE horizon. Some predict a "ruling is expected" Q1 2007, but who really knows?


A futile block


The UAE has been so determined to protect the vast amounts of money that it earns from its overpriced telephony system that it doesn't just block Skype, it has removed the address from its DNS servers. People trying to access the page don't even get the regular: "This site has been blocked..."; instead a Network Error message appears. Google Skype blocked and the very first links refer to the block in the UAE.


Efonica, a VoIP company actually based in the UAE, is also blocked. So is the 100 million subscriber Vonage, as well as Net2phone, Webphone, DialPad, Babble, Go2Call, GizmoProject, IConnectHere, Lingo, MutualPhone, Netzero, Nikotel, Packet8, QuantumVoice, SipPhone, SunRocket, TeleSip, TerraCall, VoicePulse, and doubtless myriad others.


But plenty remain unblocked. MindSpring isn't yet blocked, nor is Jajah, VoipCheap, Wengo, BestNetCall, Glophone, StanaPhone, GnomeMeeting/Ekiga, Linphone, NetTelephone, STASoft, Adwell, Ageet or Yate (at least as of Monday 14th August 2006, when this article was published). Downloads.com lists 126 entries under "Web Phones". Google lists millions of pages for "net to phone calls", all of which have dozens of different ads for providers down the side.


Driving businesses away


Quite apart from being impossible to fully block, the ban on VoIP is foolish on so many levels. As well as losing Etisalat a share of the internet telephony pie, it's actively driving businesses away. Telco execs, such as British Telecom's Olivier Campenon, openly admit that there are international companies deciding not to set up in the UAE because of sky-high expensive and restricted communications costs.


It is difficult in cultures that are used to restrictiveness and social oppression to come to terms with an open, uncontrollable phenomenon like the internet. But there is no going back. The internet - and its users - will win every battle, circumvent every block, break every wall that governments, telcos and ISPs put up. The only answer is to embrace the net, and take advantage of the money that people are prepared to pay. And they are prepared to pay for VoIP, so trying to block it is just driving customers into the arms of other providers.









I, Jeb, will go so far as to say that if ANYONE can not or will not deal with the breakneck pace of technological progress, that I feel extremely sorry for you, because there is no place for you in our increasingly technological world. You will soon be utterly out of luck. You MUST keep up with EVERYTHING in the technological world every day, 24/7/365 as long as you wish to go on living, because it will not slow down and wait for your sorry azz. You will be left far behind and no one anywhere will care, including myself. You will be deemed to be an utter waste of bandwidth forever. You will be wasting my time, you will be wasting your employers time. You will be an utter failure and not worth the time or resources to try and educate.






One thing that I can't understand, is the continuing phenomenon of stupid people who continue in their foolish pursuit of doctoring pictures. I guess they are so dumb and brainless that they actually believe with all their heart that they can succeed in fooling everybody with their foolish handiworks.


Pictures that lie



Smoking out photo hoaxes with software







Dell to recall 4 million batteries - Digg




Dell to recall 4 million batteries



Dell laptop called 'flamethrower'



Photos of a laptop explosion



Dell laptop goes up in smoke



Dell laptop became a flamethrower



Dell's blog premiere met by tough crowd



The Blogosphere definately DOES NOT like Dell Hell




Dell hooks up PC customers with online support




Dell's exploding computer and other image problems




Direct2Dell Blog



Dell looking into exploding laptop report

ITS 'BOUT TIME, DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Dell Starts Corporate Blog, But Fails to Address Critical Issues



Dell’s human




Where's Michael Dell?




Technorati search: dell one2one




Dell Blog: We Want to Get Real

(Damn!!! I almost DIED, I laughed so hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)





Dell Tech Support Sucks










You know, I was thinkin' of buying a dell lap top but now, between the exploding batteries and the hellish dell service, I can't for the life of me figure out whether I'm more frackin' scared to go buy a dell that could potentially explode right in my lap, or whether I am more scared to go take a domestic flight in this country.


You live in these tough times, you gotta make tough choices. :axesmiley:



Dell Issues Laptop Battery Recall



Dell's Exploding Laptop Autopsy



Laptop Explodes at Japanese Conference



Google Sends Legal Threats to Media Organizations



Skin Sensing Table Saw



Man on a Mission




Iran's President Launches Blog



Iran's president launches weblog

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has joined a burgeoning international community - by starting his own weblog.




15 Websites That Changed the World



An 'Ethical Hacker' On Protecting Your Identity




Windows Mobile Security Software Fails the Test




Pirate Party Launches High-Capacity Darknet



J.K. Rowling earns $230 per minute



Everything You Wanted to Know About Getting a Job in Silicon Valley



Surprising telescope observations shake up galactic formation theories



T-Mobile's Trial Balloon: Home Cellphone Routers



Hackers Exploit Windows 'MS06-040' Security Vulnerability



Logitech launches wireless Skype phone



Google's Secret Lab: [ eval.google.com ]



Apple iPods 60GB, 120GB Seagate Hard Drive



18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work



UFO - Cylinder Chased by Soviet MIG-21 Accelerates - Google Video



CNN Reports on "Self-Watering" Peeing Tree



18 Ways to Stay Focused at Work



Advertisers Trace Paths Users Leave on Internet



What's The Greatest Software Ever Written?



Hot Dogs May Cause Genetic Mutations



Hot Dogs May Cause Genetic Mutations



Make that a burger, fries and a tank full of grease



NASA Discovers Dark Matter!



New version of Blogger launches



Blogger in beta



Create a Google Account for a new Blogger Blog



U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution




















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Airport sellers: Find the silver lining

Lugging that bottle of duty-free Blue Label on the plane is out of the question. Send it to your customers instead.



Trying to Pick Up the Pieces in Beirut

With the cease-fire holding, at least for now, residents of the Lebanese capital return to survey the damage and salvage what's left




Rallying on Fed hopes

Major gauges jump on bets that low-key inflation report means central bank won't have to restart interest rate-hike campaign soon.



Home prices in deep freeze

Second quarter numbers are in for more than 150 markets. Overall growth is down; more markets show declines. Plus: Where the strength still is.



Rules require three states to spend more in classrooms



Cop: Israelis employed 240 call girls



Greenfield: For GOP, terrorism issue no longer a sure thing



When will these senators finally learn to keep their traps SHUT???!!!

Why on earth do we put up with these loose cannons anyway? This is one of the reasons that America has lost so damn much respect in the World.


Off-hand remark by senator causes flap


RICHMOND, Virginia (AP) -- A volunteer of Indian descent working for Democrat Jim Webb's U.S. Senate campaign said Monday he felt insulted when Sen. George Allen called him a name that sounded like "Macaca" during a rally in western Virginia.


S.R. Sidarth, 20, spent last week following Allen's "listening tour" and filming the appearances for the Webb campaign, which distributed a video clip of Friday's appearance to reporters.


"This fellow over here with the yellow shirt -- Macaca or whatever his name is -- he's with my opponent," Allen said. "He's following us around everywhere."








Trial begins in brutal New Year's slayings



Microsoft: Create your own video game




Something worse than snake bite



Metal gets a makeover





Why am I not even surprised concerning FEMA? FEMA is the EPITOME of EXCUSES. When its time to take the rap, FEMA always has an EXCUSE. Now they have a key that opens waaay too many relief trailers housing hurricane victims! FEMA's "security" measures stink to high HELL! I'd say even dell hell's customer service is better than FEMA's sorry excuse for "security"! Thank providence FEMA's not in charge of Airline Security LOL!!!!


FEMA: Trailer locks a security risk


Concern raised after one key opens too many doors (GIVE ME A FRACKIN' BREAK HERE FEMA!!!!)


NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana (CNN) -- As many as 110,000 trailers housing hurricane victims on the U.S. Gulf Coast may need additional locks after the discovery that one key can be used to open many of the temporary homes, the Federal Emergency Management Agency said.


FEMA has had no reports of trailer break-ins because of the duplicate locks, agency spokesman Aaron Walker said Monday.


But as a precaution FEMA workers will add a second lock to the homes and increase security at trailer group sites.









Greenfield: For GOP, terrorism issue no longer a sure thing



Terror plot brings sense of déjà vu



Key oil port concerned about security



Brutal Arkansas heat stalls Clinton birthday bash







NASA's Monumental F*ck Up: NASA can't find the original recordings of the FIRST MOON LANDING!!! That's Just Great!!


'One small step for man,' 700-box tape loss for NASA


Original recordings of Apollo moon missions are missing


WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The U.S. government has misplaced the original recording of the first moon landing, including astronaut Neil Armstrong's famous "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind," a NASA spokesman said on Monday.


Armstrong's famous space walk, seen by millions of viewers on July 20, 1969, is among transmissions that NASA has failed to turn up in a year of searching, spokesman Grey Hautaloma said.


"We haven't seen them for quite a while. We've been looking for over a year and they haven't turned up," Hautaloma said.








'Explosion of diversity' sweeps U.S., census shows



Dead candidate remains on ballot









Now we find out that the X-Ray machines employed at our airport security checkpoints aren't up to the job of DETECTING EXPLOSIVES HIDDEN IN SHOES???!!!! That's terrible news! It's gonna be a LOOOOOOONG time before I ever fly again!!! What the hell are they using our tax dollars for anyway?!!! Researching Toilets??!!!


Report: X-ray machines don't detect explosives in shoes


WASHINGTON (AP) -- The government's new order that all airline passengers put their shoes through X-ray machines won't help screeners find a liquid or gel that can be used as a bomb.


The machines are unable to detect explosives, according to a Homeland Security report on aviation screening recently obtained by The Associated Press.


The Transportation Security Administration ordered the shoe-scanning requirement as it fine-tunes new security procedures.








Face to face with a smiling abductor

Hostage: The Jill Carroll story, Part 2



Part 2 : A spy with a homing device - CS Monitor



Fun With SSRN Law School Rankings



Pushing, or Perhaps Ripping, the Arbitration Envelope



Street Level Bureaucrats And The Revival Of Rehabilitation



Ain't Them People Funny!



The Oldest Law School



Flickr Map GeoCoding Bookmarklet



Hello from the Smilin' Grandpa



Centrify marries Unix and MS Active Directory



No problems



Blog Free Submission



Changing Home page from HTML to PHP - Redirect question



OpenOffice May Have Six Flaws



Forno On Failing Security



EFF Calls For AOL Investigation



Worms AIM At Microsoft Flaw



Bots Attacking Microsoft Flaw



What Is XLink?



Employee Engagement And The Bottom Line



Interview With PRWeb CEO David McInnis



Pros And Cons Of Organic Search



What Can Organic Search Marketing Do For You?



Sprint To Launch 4G WiMAX Network



The Long Neck



Centrify Boosts Unix Access To Active Directory



Glitches Surface In Google Checkout



On The Sublimity Of Searching AOL



Go Jam With Google Code



Google Launching A Beta Blogger



Google Says Googling Is Inappropriate



Google Maps Out A Coupon Path



The :60 second sales pitch



Do you handle your life like your e-mail?



Flying some not-so-friendly skies



Code Red: An Opportunity for the Airports to Improve Customer Service?



Reinventing the media interview



Is your energy drink keeping you up at night?



Various Paths to Success



Accidental Tech Entrepreneurs Turn Their Hobbies Into Livelihoods



How to Create Feeds for Sites That Don't Have Any



Private Blogger Blogs Not So Secret



Marketers: Think Like a VC



links for 2006-08-15



Second Life Hype vs. Reality



Second Life



SecondLife Population Statistics



Google Trends: "second life"



Verified Accounts and Trust Metrics - Part 1



Windows Live Writer



Queens Hall Studio, making things happen in Halton



A better way to organize photos?



Correction: Sun expands open-source Java plan



Correction: AMD unleashes next-generation Opteron chips



Update aims for a friendlier Blogger



Call centers ramp up VoIP



Google plays catch-up with Blogger



British arrest another suspect in plot



Breast implants save woman's life?



This is some excellent news.

Barbaro walks outside his stall



Mystery 9/11 rescuer reveals himself













Thanks for selling us out, AO Hell!!! Thanks but NO Thanks!!


EFF Calls For AOL Investigation


The Electronic Frontier Foundation asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate AOL over its ill-considered release of search data from over 650,000 users.


Although usernames in the AOL search data released on its Research site were replaced with unique user ID numbers, it could be a trivial task to associate that information to one of a limited group of people, or even a single name.


That has the EFF furious about the release of information taking place. The EFF said in a statement the release of this data violated AOL's privacy policy and the Federal Trade Commission Act. They want the FTC to look into the situation that put three months' of search data online.




AOL Forks Itself, Leaks User Search Data


AOL's public relations nightmare just turned into a night terror. On the heels of months and months of bad news, AOL Research flubbed on a scale so massive that New Coke rears its head back and laughs. Hundreds of thousands of users' formerly private search queries were made public.


The company may want to distribute hardhats to its employees as lawsuits and boycotts come flying towards them. Though it was Google search data, which Google refused to release to the DOJ earlier, it is specific to AOL users.


Adam D'Angelo of California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) seems to be the first to chronicle AOL's release of 650,000 randomly selected user logs containing 20 million search queries conducted between March and May of this year.




Selling Out The AOL User


The New York Times was the first to capitalize on AOL's colossal blunder, publishing an account of a woman in Georgia who acknowledged she was User 4417749. You should be prepared for more of the same in the coming weeks as media outlets everywhere exploit what should never have become public.


If you haven't heard yet, AOL admitted to the "screw up" after AOL Research released the search logs of over 650,000 AOL users, discovered over the weekend, replacing user names with unique ID numbers.


AOL pulled the downloadable file much too late to prevent its spread all over the Internet, as websites pop up allowing the voyeuristic peek into the minds of those users. Detractors immediately decried the release as a blatant privacy violation, noting the ease with which a person could connect the information in the data to specific users.





White House Seeks Google Records


A scenario long feared by privacy advocates over Google's voluminous storage of millions of pieces of information on user searches arose as Department of Justice lawyers asked a federal court to compel Google's cooperation with their requests.


The federal government has been trying to revive the Child Online Protection Act, struck down by the Supreme Court in 2004, and wants information from Google's databases as DOJ lawyers prepare for a return to federal court in Pennsylvania to defend COPA's constitutionality. Mercury News reported on the filing against Google in US District Court in San Jose.


Google has not complied with a year-old subpoena that asked for "one million random Web addresses and records of all Google searches from any one-week period." Google refused the request, citing privacy concerns and the exposure of Google trade secrets in fulfilling the request.






A Face Is Exposed for AOL Searcher No. 4417749



Buried in a list of 20 million Web search queries collected by AOL and recently released on the Internet is user No. 4417749. The number was assigned by the company to protect the searcher’s anonymity, but it was not much of a shield.

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Erik S. Lesser for The New York Times


Thelma Arnold's identity was betrayed by AOL records of her Web searches, like ones for her dog, Dudley, who clearly has a problem.


Graphic: What Revealing Search Data Reveals


No. 4417749 conducted hundreds of searches over a three-month period on topics ranging from “numb fingers” to “60 single men” to “dog that urinates on everything.”


And search by search, click by click, the identity of AOL user No. 4417749 became easier to discern. There are queries for “landscapers in Lilburn, Ga,” several people with the last name Arnold and “homes sold in shadow lake subdivision gwinnett county georgia.”






AOL Admits To Search Data 'Screw Up'


After the potentially personally identifying search logs of over 650,000 AOL users were published by AOL Research this weekend, AOL issued an apology and a vow to investigate the matter.


The blogosphere lit up with concerns of privacy violations, calls for boycotts, mentions of class-action lawsuits all while e-marketers rejoiced over the "gold mine" of information revealed in the release. AOL called the release "a mistake."


"This was a screw up, and we're angry and upset about it," spokesperson Andrew Weinstein told WebProNews. "It was an innocent enough attempt to reach out to the academic community with new research tools, but it was obviously not appropriately vetted, and if it had been, it would have been stopped in an instant."







On The Sublimity Of Searching AOL


A week into news about AOL's ginormous data dump and investigators have yet to tire of mining the minds of AOL users. As mirror sites spring up to face server overload as a product of morbid curiosity, the tales, well, inferences mostly, become darker and darker.


The New York Times' investigative and amoral finish as the first to unearth the identity of an AOL user was quaint - a lonely old Southern belle and a dog that makes no distinction between tree and furniture.


Silicon Valley fence post Valleywag, with tags reading "YOUR PRIVACY IS AN ILLUSION," devoted a large portion of news coverage to finding the creepiest AOL users as they were discovered. Suddenly it moves from quaint to what the…?.






Paranoia In The Age Of AOL


Most were comfortable, if only slightly so, with giving their personal information to Web companies. There was trust implied, and a willingness to give a little to get a little. Thanks to AOL, that could soon be the Internet of old. Heebie-jeebies abound as the public reconsiders what online marketers know about them.


Yes, they're watching you.


It's sensible to assume there is a disconnect in the collective unconscious when it comes to the public nature of the Internet. People understand they can hardly expect privacy, even just outside their homes, running to the car in boxer shorts. The paparazzi remind celebrities every day that outside is public.


But the Internet is used inside the home, in the dining room or office, navigated by private thoughts and intentions. It's harder to imagine that you've digitized yourself for the Matrix, and have stepped outside your home while seated in your computer chair.





Amazon database would put shoppers' intimate details on the line



Amazon.com is developing a system to gather and keep massive amounts of intimate information about its millions of shoppers, including their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and income.


The database, which would combine information disclosed voluntarily by customers with facts gleaned from public databases, conceivably would give Amazon a larger or more detailed profile of its customers than any other retailer.


The Seattle-based company, with 59 million active customers, said it has no immediate plan to implement such a program. Its ability to do so emerged in a detailed patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, disclosed Thursday.















Beauty Blogs Get Downright Fugly Over Alledged Astroturfing!!

This is serious, serious High Drama for all you 'As The Internet Turns' fans!



Pierce Mattie PR is spamming beauty blogs


If you think that spamming blog comments is how a good PR firm does its business, you could not be more mistaken. Your methods are transparent, tired, and very bad business.


Please stop posing as thrilled customers of your clients' products and making phony comments on this blog - and any others which you may have identified as worthy targets of your fraud.


To our fellow beauty bloggers, you might want to ban the IP address - and anyone calling themselves "BellAmore" - from commenting on your sites.


To Pierce Mattie clients: You are with a company which practices dishonestly and fraudulently with those you wish to purchase your products. How do you feel about that? What should your potential customers think about that?





Beauty Blogs Get Ugly


Drama! Pierce Mattie management instructed its employees to post comments anonymously on client/industry-related blogs.


Pierce Mattie got caught.


Pierce Mattie diligently posted its lengthy response noting a junior publicist made the error. This merely fanned the flames between Pierce Mattie's Steve Hultgren and Jack and Hill's Jackie Danicki.


Their heated exchange across several blogs could bring coComment to its knees. Perhaps they should take it offline and have a sit down?


We're seeing a lot of young, well-intended employees and interns get companies that should know better into online trouble. Since it's Friday, and I'm feeling charitable, I will accept this phenomena at face value.






Another PR Firm Gets in Hot Water Over Astroturfing


Jackie Danicki writes in that Pierce Mattie PR is getting up in her grill by allegedly spamming beauty blogs. They are purportedly astroturfing, posing as customers of their clients' products and leaving phony comments on her blog and others. Jackie has tracked the IP addresses for the firm. This comes on the heels of some similar shenanigans over at DCI.


This is a good time to talk about the work that Keith Jackson (the Aussie PR guy, not Mr. "Whoa Nellie") and others are doing to stop this kind of nonsense. They have launched an initiative to put an end to astroturfing.


This is becoming a really important issue for the PR community. A small number of black hats are going to give the folks who are engaging bloggers the right way to get an unfair black eye. I urge everyone in the PR community to read and pass along the information that's on the New PR Wiki. This is certainly something we will do at Edelman and I am sure other leading firms are doing the same.





PR Firm Responds in Astroturfing Allegations


Pierce Mattie PR responds to the allegations that they are astroturfing on fashion blogs by posting a lengthy comment on my original post. They explain that it is not the firm's policy to spam blogs. However they do acknowledge some recent missteps on their part in using anonymous screen names.





Google Blog Search: "Pierce Mattie"





Another Technorati search turns up more Beauty Blogs Ugliness (Ugh!!)





Pierce Mattie PR blog spam update


Shortly after I posted about the blog spam from Pierce Mattie PR, had two emails from Pierce Mattie, the CEO of the company, asking me to call him. As I'm away from my London base and travelling in California for business right now (without a cell phone), and as I received his email while I was getting ready to head to a tech function last night, it was really bad timing for me to be trying to call anyone. And - not to put too fine a point on it - I like to get my excuses from people in writing. I have my reasons, which I think should be obvious to our (very smart) readers.


I also had an email from Michael Rogers, VP of Price Mattie Public Relations, which read:


While I understand your position, could you have at least contacted us and gotten the real story about this before you lambasted us on your site? This is not what you think and it is not the policy of Pierce Mattie PR to "spam" blogs.


As I later found out - not from anyone at Pierce Mattie, but from another blogger who spoke to them - it was actually exactly what I thought: A Pierce Mattie employee was spamming blogs with fraudulent comments. No need for the quotation marks around the word spam, Mr Rogers, as that - by your own CEO's admission - is indeed what your employee was doing.






Beauty Blogger Jackie Danicki Cries "PMS!" Pierce Mattie Spams?! Our Response To The Lady On The Soapbox




Dear Beauty & Fashion Bloggers,


Pierce Mattie PR has worked hard over the last five years to develop unique expertise in beauty, fashion and jewelry communications. We have long recognized the importance and potential of new media, and in 2002 we were one of the first PR firms in our media beat category to launch a blog and begin blogging. We have the highest respect for bloggers and their work, and we treat bloggers with the same attention and respect we have for editors from top print publications.


Last night, Jackie Danicki posted on her blog, Jack & Hill, a piece about Pierce Mattie PR “spamming” other blogs. Please be assured that it is not the policy of Pierce Mattie PR to “spam” blogs (or spam anyone else, for that matter). However, although we were taken aback by Jackie’s ill-informed post, we want to acknowledge some recent missteps on our part that may have led to a misunderstanding about the matter.


A bit of history first. From 2002 to 2004, only two people at Pierce Mattie PR – Pierce and I – were permitted to post on the Pierce Mattie PR blog. By 2005, however, we took note of the increasing importance of blogging to the public relations industry and began encouraging all of our brand advocates to submit blog posts. This eventually turned into a requirement that each brand advocate submit at least one blog entry per week. The project has been unequivocally successful: brand advocates are pushed to think creatively and they take pride in their submissions, and our increased profile has been great for the firm and our clients. Although our firm’s policy requires blog entries to be approved before they are posted, we encourage our brand advocates to push the envelope with their posts and we give them a large degree of freedom and license.





PR Firm Responds in Astroturfing Allegations


Story Tags: Blogging


Excerpt: Pierce Mattie PR responds to the allegations that they are astroturfing on fashion blogs by posting a lengthy comment on my original post. They explain that it is not the firm's policy to spam blogs. However they do acknowledge some...






































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Welcome to more Dell Hell. As evidenced by these blog entries, the profound depths to which Dell Hell's service has sunk to are absolutely INCOMPREHENSIBLE. I really don't think Dell is ever gonna get out of Customer Service Hell. They have REALLY MESSED UP BAD. The entire Blogosphere is buzzing about this Dell Hell phenomenon, and it is not a good buzz for Dell at all. It's downright HELLISH!!!


Dell may face multiple lawsuits from angry Chinese customers


Dell Inc, the world's leading personal computer maker, could be hit with multiple lawsuits in China for alleged false advertising of its popular laptop computers, state press reported yesterday.


A Shanghai court is reviewing fraud allegations from 19 Chinese customers who say Dell's laptops are installed with lower quality chips than the one's the US computer assembler advertises, the China Daily said.


The claimants say that Dell installed the Inter T2300E chip, or computer processing unit (CPU), rather than the more expensive T2300 identified on the company's order forms.





What The Fook is with Dell Technical Support?!


I'm on hold waiting to speak with a Dell Tech Support representative, presumably in India. The Dell 2405FPW UltraSharp Flat Panel LCD Montior I recently purchased (using our corporate discount at work) arrived in a broken state.


When powered on, the video display is horribly distorted. I should be seeing the on screen display (before I hook up any video sources) but instead I see what looks like a single line of pixels stretched vertically to the point that they consume the entire display. Attaching a real video source (VGA or DVI) fails to rectify the problem.


So I found the on-line Dell 2405FPW manual and confirmed that I've attempted all the troubleshooting ideas they've published. No help there. It's still messed up.






Dell offering refunds to China customers who sued (WHATEVER, Dell!!!)


SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 11 (Reuters) - Dell Inc. (DELL.O: Quote, Profile, Research), the world's largest personal computer maker, is offering refunds to customers in China who sued the company saying their laptops had different microprocessors than advertised.


Dell, the No. 2 PC maker in China after Lenovo Group Ltd. (0992.HK: Quote, Profile, Research), was sued by 19 people on Tuesday in Xiamen in the eastern province of Fujian, China Daily reported on its Web site on Friday. In July, a case was brought in Shanghai.


Both filings allege that customers were sold Dell laptops with Intel Corp. (INTC.O: Quote, Profile, Research) processors that have fewer features than the advertised models they believed they were buying, China Daily reported.





New Information on the Battery Recall (Whoop De Do!! >axesmiley< )


I just talked to Dell SVP Alex Gruzen who posted on Direct2Dell earlier and is head of our Mobile Products Group.


He is hunkered down with his team working through all the issues around the battery recall (which we initiated based on six confirmed instances in the U.S. in which notebooks overheated or caught fire).


His team offered some new information: About 14 percent of the batteries provided to Dell customers between April 2004 and July 21, 2006, are affected. Dell is recalling approximately 4.1 million batteries during the period compared to 24. 9 million batteries that we actually shipped during that same time.


I wanted to ask Alex about some of the points in The New York Times article since a lot of bloggers are linking to it.





Dell Details on Notebook Battery Recall


Dell announced a recall today of lithium-ion batteries sold in many of our notebook computers over the past two years. You may have seen the recent New York Times story or have seen other details in the blogosphere. As the leader of the mobile business for Dell, I wanted to share my thoughts on this recall.


Lithium-ion is a proven technology which has been widely used in our industry for over ten years. These batteries are not just for notebook computers – they are found in many electronic products including cell phones and music players. For more information on lithium-ion safety, you can visit the Portable Rechargeable Battery Association.


I don’t mind telling you this recall follows an extensive investigation, but the decision to err on the side of safety was never in doubt. My team and I come to work in Austin and around the world every day so we can put great products in the hands of our customers. There were very few incidents to go on here, and it would have been easy to justify them as anomalies. However, we’re not willing to do that, because in everything that we do, it is absolutely about safety first.





Thanks for the memory, Dell


I wrote the other day about my great experience with Dell. I mentioned how impressed I was with their service re my recent order for a memory upgrade.

As I mentioned in that post, delivery of the order was delayed with the revised delivery date of August 4. So my expectation was set based on Dell’s timely communication with me on the progress of my order.

So when the doorbell rang late yesterday afternoon, I was surprised to see the DHL guy with a package from Dell containing my order - two Kingston 512-meg memory modules.


Great nevertheless! Now I can pump up my PC’s memory to 2 gigs sooner than my revised expectation.

Upgrading memory in a Dell Dimension XPS Gen5 desktop computer is a straightforward procedure. Extremely well and clearly explained in the owner’s manual. I’ve done this kind of thing on desktop and laptop computers many times before so it presents no issues or concerns, especially when you purchase the memory upgrade directly from the manufacturer of your PC.


So last night I installed the upgrade.

Actually, not quite.

I followed the instructions to the letter, installed the memory, closed up the PC, reconnected everything and switched it on, paying close attention to the little diagnostic lights behind the panel on the front of the computer.

Oh dear, lights 1 and 3 stayed lit and I see this on my screen:

System halted! Mixing ECC and non-ECC DIMMs is not supported on this platform.






The age of customerism and producerism


Forget consumerism. We’re not just consumers anymore, as Doc Searls has taught me well. We are customers with our money in our fists, spending it wisely and joining together to spend it more wisely. And we are producers who can compete with the companies that thought of us as mere consumers.


So nevermind caveat emptor. This is the age of caveat venditor — let the vendor beware — and caveat creator.


But too many of the the venditors and the creators don’t realize it. Witness this open letter to me from Amanda Chapel, a PR person calling herself the Strumpette, who is desperately trying to fend off the ratty masses now known as empowered customers at her clients’ gates. She is emblematic of old one-way companies and of the PR people who tried to protect these companies from their customers with a shield of spin.





Battery Recall



Dear Dell Customer,


Dell has identified a potential issue associated with certain batteries sold with Dell Latitude™, Inspiron™, XPS™ and Dell Precision Mobile Workstation™ notebook computers. In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and other regulatory agencies, Dell is voluntarily recalling certain Dell-branded batteries with cells manufactured by Sony and offering free replacements for these batteries. Under rare conditions, it is possible for these batteries to overheat, which could pose a risk of fire.


Potentially affected batteries were sold with the following models of Dell notebook computers or separately as secondary batteries:


* Latitude: D410, D500, D505, D510, D520, D600, D610, D620, D800, D810

* Inspiron: 500M, 510M, 600M, 700M, 710M, 6000, 6400, 8500, 8600, 9100, 9200, 9300, 9400, E1505, E1705

* Precision: M20, M60, M70, M90

* XPS: XPS, XPS Gen2, XPS M170, XPS M1710


In addition, these batteries may have also been provided in response to service calls. The batteries were shipped to customers between April 1, 2004 and July 18, 2006. The words "DELL" and "Made in Japan" or "Made in China" or "Battery cell made in Japan, Assembled in China" are printed on the back of the batteries. If your battery does not reflect one of these markings it is not part of this recall, and you may exit the site.






Sony May Share Costs of Dell's Recall of PC Batteries (Update5)


Aug. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Sony Corp., the world's second- largest maker of consumer electronics, expects to share the costs with Dell Inc. for a recall of 4.1 million notebook computer batteries that may burst into flames.


The biggest withdrawal of consumer electronics products ordered by U.S. regulators will probably impose ``some kind of burden,'' said Yoshikazu Ochiai, a Tokyo-based spokesman for Sony, which makes the batteries. The devices were used in Latitude, Inspiron and Precision laptops sold from April 2004 until last month, said Jess Blackburn, a Dell spokesman.


The recall of the batteries, made in Japan and assembled in China by Sony workers, may be a setback for a company that is forecasting sales of personal computers, cameras and televisions to drive earnings growth this year. It is another blow for Dell, following the slowest sales growth in four years and complaints from consumers about its telephone waiting times for service.





Dell recalls 4m laptop batteries


The world's largest manufacturer of personal computers, Dell, is to recall 4.1 million of its notebook computer batteries because of a fire risk.

Most batteries are in computers sold in the US but more than 1 million are thought to be elsewhere.


Dell says it knows of six instances since December when the batteries, made by Sony, overheated or caught fire.

The US body responsible for consumer safety says it is the biggest recall of electrical products in its history.




Dell's Embarrassment Grows: Another Laptop Fire


Dell is looking straight down the barrel of a Public Relations disaster as another set of images featuring flaming laptops hits the Internet.


Okay, no pictures of actually laptop explosions this time, but a poster on the high profile Forum On Tom's Hardware has a comprehensive set of pics detailing the aftermath of yet another Dell notebook meltdown.


The news of an exploding Dell laptop caught on camera at a conference in Japan less than a month ago has barely died down and now another Dell notebook battery has burst into flames.





Dude, your Dell just freaking blew up!!! - Tom's Hardware Forumz


As I sit here typing I'm reminded of what happened at roughly 4 p.m. Central Standard time at my office (about an hour ago); especially since my hands still smell like 'fire extinguisher'. While specifying instrumentation tag names on a flow drawing my attention is turned towards the haze building up on the other side of the engineering area. I started hearing some distant prattle about “fire”, “hmmm... what could this possibly be?” I think to myself. Upon further investigation I've come to the conclusion that someone's Dell laptop just freakin blew up and started a cozy little desktop fire!!!


Since I’m not in the mood for S’mores... "Oh, this is priceless" I think to myself; as I turn straight back to my desk where, from within my back-pack, I whip out my 7.2MP digital camera.


One of our IT guys put out the flames (yes, I said flames) and thusly covered the entire area with fire extinguisher ‘material’. The battery burned its way straight through the laptop creating the beautiful hole with which is so beautifully depicted in the picture. The fire department showed up. The police department showed up. The entire lower floor was allowed to leave early and as we stood there in front of the building we simply couldn’t resist... we jokingly called the engineer a terrorist as he was being asked a few questions by the friendly officer.





Google search on 'dell laptop fire'

Customers all over the World are pissed off about their laptops exploding.





Plenty of Blogs are weighing in on the Dell Hell Battery Recall

Search on 'dell batteries recall'






I feel PROFOUNDLY SORRY for all those poor Dell Investors.

Dell Investor Webcasts

Q2 FY07 Earnings Conference Call

Event will occur on Thursday, August 17, 2006 at 4:00pm CT

To access the broadcast you will need the following:


* A minimum of 28.8 Kbps Internet connection

* Real PlayerExternal link or Windows Media PlayerExternal link


Listen to Q2 FY07 Earnings Call Webcast using the links below:

Listen to Q2 FY07 Earnings Call Webcast in Windows Media or Real PlayerExternal link





Dell’s Reputation Tipping Point


All sorts of opinions are flying around about Dell's recall of over four million laptop computer batteries announced Monday.


A quick scan of blog posts in Technorati show some people saying it's the largest product recall in consumer electronics history. Others say Dell has issued a recall for the computers themselves (no, it's just the batteries).


Many posts I see make reference to the recent cases where Dell laptops have burst into flames, events that clearly triggered the recall announcement.


It's worth mentioning that the batteries are manufactured by Sony not by Dell. But will anyone make any differentiation in relation to that? It's doubtful. As far as most people will care, it's a Dell computer battery. So on the face of it, it's Dell's issue not Sony's, although Bloomberg reports that Sony may share the costs of Dell's recall.










I'm gonna need to keep an eye on the b5 network, it looks great!


b5 is getting down to business


Business blogging, that is. Jeremy has put out the call for bloggers for b5's new Business channel and you might even find yours truly doing another b5 blog in that channel. Why try b5? Well, I've been doing it for a few months now and first they are a great group of people. Second they take the hard stuff out of blogging (that is taking care of the architecture). And well you can earn money. Yeah, that's a nice touch.




Homely Scientist is part of the b5 network.




b5media - the blogger's blogging network









Matt Cutts Warns About SEO Friendship Claims




Google Checkout Faces Glitches




Even Google Employees Enjoy Free Pizza




AOL Acquires Userplane




Google Launching New Blogger Features



Interesting Blogger Error - Geek Sleuths Wanted



Podcasters Explore Revenue Stream



Interactive Ads Need Standards



New Yahoo Link numbers, made visible



Transparent backround for a div?



Yahoo Site-Explorer in Flash, (and Korean)



Trying Out Pinger






Finally (Almost): AllPeers






Apple, Microsoft Try Social Software Model



Eyespot partners with Blip.tv, Veoh to provide online video editing






eyespot.com forums



Google Local adding coupons



How To Respond To The Google AdWords Changes



Tour starts in 8 days.



Marketing Bullseye 6: Piggybacking



On the Scene at Linux World Expo



Trolltech Woos Developers with 'Open' Linux Phone



YouTube's Growing Competition



Slackware 11.0 Almost Done



Astronomers Make Important Dark Matter Discovery




NASA Announces Dark Matter Discovery



TLA Job Board: Web Developer Needed



ABC Don't know how to search for terror



google [lower case]




Jason Wolfe Retires from DirectResponse




Be extremely Paranoid. Be VERY, VERY AFRAID, Cuz more and more agencies are storing data all about YOU!! Just Get Over It Already, Cuz It's On The Increase!!!


If Amazon Know Who You Are, Start Getting Worried.


Following a link in The Register , I arrived at this story in SeattlePi.Com . Basically Amazon have filed for a patent on a particular way of gathering extra user data, to add to that which they hold themselves. The Patent Application details how it could compile data from customers to create a profile of products that a person might want to buy. It is difficult to see how much further this goes than the information Amazon holds on their users already.


It would appear that they are mining various other public data bases, and adding to what they hold from their own site. Such a database would include the gender, date of birth, interests, occupation, education, income level, residence, race and ethnicity of customers for Amazon's "gift clustering" program.




Amazon database would put shoppers' intimate details on the line


Amazon.com is developing a system to gather and keep massive amounts of intimate information about its millions of shoppers, including their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and income.


The database, which would combine information disclosed voluntarily by customers with facts gleaned from public databases, conceivably would give Amazon a larger or more detailed profile of its customers than any other retailer.


The Seattle-based company, with 59 million active customers, said it has no immediate plan to implement such a program. Its ability to do so emerged in a detailed patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, disclosed Thursday.





Amazon 'plans world's biggest personal data stash'


And tries to patent it too


Amazon.com is investing in IP to create the largest database of personal information ever gathered by an online retailer, according to a report in its local paper.


The database would, the Seattle Post Intelligencer suggests, mingle information on sexual orientation and race, as well as purchasing habits. And to prove it's serious, the newspaper reports, it's patenting the idea.


Patent application 20060178946 ("Providing gift clustering functionality to assist a user in ordering multiple items for a recipient") was filed last December and published last week, although it has yet to be granted.












Seo Blackhat Starting Exclusive Forums




SEO Black Hat Forums




Feedgit RSS Search Results



Google Does Porn?




Looking Deeper into Yahoo! Search Builder



Top 6 Reasons Why Group Writing Project at ProBlogger is a Success



Lists - Group Writing Project




MySpace Growth Beats Google - Time to Act






Weeell......Lookieee Heere, Lookie Here, Now the TSA Claims That Shoe X-Rays CAN Detect Bombs AFTER ALL.........................


TSA says shoe X-rays can detect bombs


WASHINGTON - The government sought to assure airline travelers Tuesday that X-raying shoes at security checkpoints was a reliable way of detecting improvised bombs, a claim contradicted by a Department of Homeland Security study.


"Screening shoes by X-ray is an effective method of identifying any type of anomaly, including explosives," Transportation Security Administration chief Kip Hawley said at a news conference at Washington's Reagan National Airport.


A study by the Homeland Security Department, obtained by The Associated Press, states that X-ray images "do not provide the information necessary to effect detection of explosives."









There are always stupid people in the world who think they can fool everyone else by doctoring pictures by using Photoshop. They may fool some people, but they will find out the hard way, that it's EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to fool the Blogosphere.


Bloggers Bash Bogus Photos


Various coverage of how bloggers exposed fake "news" photos on Reuters:


Washington Post:

Blogger Takes Aim At News Media and Makes a Direct Hit


Charles Johnson could tell there was something wrong with the news photo the minute he saw it. Something about the three plumes of black smoke rising over the buildings -- smoke just doesn't curl that way, pirouetting in unison. It was, he wrote Saturday, "blatant evidence of manipulation."


He was right on target.


The Reuters photo showing the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike on Beirut was doctored. The British-based news service acknowledged as much Sunday, withdrawing that picture and another doctored image, of an Israeli jet, that were taken by freelance photographer Adnan Hajj. The agency subsequently severed its ties with the Lebanese photographer and purged its files of his work.


The exposure of the doctored airstrike photo was a coup for Johnson and his four-year-old political blog, Little Green Footballs. Make that a second coup, of sorts.






Health experts look to new weapons to battle AIDS



New suspect held in British plane plot






This dude paid three million dollars for the wiki.com domain name. What a FRACKIN' WASTE. HE'S a waste of bandwidth too. His "wiki" is a SORRY EXCUSE for a wiki. What a LAUGH.



Wiki.com lands a software partner, says for $3 mill domain is a deal



Wiki.com partners with MindTouch, says $3m domain is a deal










US begins issuing e-passports



US begins issuing e-passports





Optimizing your blog for search engines



Optimizing your blog for search engines




10 Ways to Make Your Digital Photos Last Forever



10 Ways to Make Your Digital Photos Last Forever







Hurricane Mitch










































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The joy of tax-free retirement income

New rules will soon allow many more retirement savers to have a Roth IRA. My advice is go for it.



Dobbs: It's good to be a superpower



Teen wins court battle to stop chemo



Flight diverted to Boston over passenger disturbance



Antarctica: Stunning vistas, wildlife draw more tourists



Kidnappers demand tears on cue for hostage video

Hostage: The Jill Carroll story, Part 3



As the Airports Struggle to Adjust

Traffic has held up surprisingly well since last week's stepped-up security. But the strains are showing at airports like London's Heathrow



Who Really Won the War?

Analysis: Everyone is claiming victory. But there's a lot more left of Hizballah's fighting ability than Israel and the U.S. had hoped. And the cease-fire may just be a temporary time-out



Ethanol could leave the world hungry

One tankful of the latest craze in alternative energy could feed one person for a year, Lester Brown tells Fortune.



Builders hit the brakes

Latest reading of housing starts, permits shows more of a slowdown than expected as builders continue pull back in once hot sector of economy.



No grapes at Connecticut fruit winery



Report: Blue whale ancestor was no gentle giant



Proposal would increase planets from 9 to 12



Access to new HIV prevention methods lacking



Too high a price for life?

Expensive new treatments extend survival, create tough decisions



Killer wants 45 relatives to watch his execution



State attorney general resigns over ethics violation



Google: Free Wi-Fi for our hometown



Newly released 9/11 tapes show chaos, courage



'This wasn't a job for him, it was his life'



Senator denies remark was racist



Mexican cartel leader captured at sea



Israel says its troops could stay in Lebanon for months



African bishops warn priests against witchcraft




Let me get this straight: There is a HIGH LEVEL OF ALERT at BRITISH AIRPORTS, yet a 12 year old CHILD is able to board a PLANE even though he has NO PASSPORT, TICKET, OR A BOARDING PASS?!!!! Well I sure feel a lot safer!!! British airport security: GET YOUR HEAD OUTA YOUR AZZ!!! GET WITH THE FRACKIN' PROGRAM!!!!


Boy, 12, evades security clampdown


LONDON, England -- Despite a high level of alert at British airports, a 12-year-old boy managed to board a plane at Gatwick without a passport, ticket or boarding pass.


The incident has raised concerns over security procedures in the wake of an alleged plot to blow up planes on trans-Atlantic flight.


The boy was detected on Monday by a member of the Monarch Airlines cabin crew only after he was seated and had been given a drink and a snack.









Man held in death of JonBenet Ramsey



Comcast Cohen-cidence? I Think Not



Yahoo Extends Answers To The API



Live From Mountain View, It's Google WiFi!



Online Oddities: Fact Or Fiction Edition



Link Popularity On The New Web



101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006



Over 125 (Legitimate) Link Building Strategies



Paranoia In The Age Of AOL



Google Analytics Is Really Open



Hybrid future?



Oil Future(s)



Google Analytics Open to All



Google Analytics Blog



Pitch Me by iDisk Week



links for 2006-08-16



Wikimapia Community Documents One Million Places



Make Your Own Web 2.0 Logo



A better way to organize photos?



Map Search gadget for the homepage



More ways to connect and share with Google Talk



Magazine style, online at last



Feds renew contract with Net oversight body



Tate quits Rambus amid stock options probe



Sun releases new UltraSparc design details



Sun begins Sparc phase of server overhaul



Missile attack: don't worry, keep talking



Town sued over strict immigration law



Mission impossible: rob a cash machine



Cyclists beware: inflamed bladders ahead



Man drinks potion for good luck: doesn't get any



A Savvy Investment for a Tough Market



Facebook requests developer friends with new API



TechCrunch Party Tickets on eBay



Yahoo! Answers launches API



Blaze Away with Trailfire



Trailfire: Yet ANOTHER Social Bookmarking network!!



Annotating Your Web with Stickis



Stickis (Another Social Bookmarking site)






Outfoxed Blog



Webmail.us relaunches enterprise webmail with ajax and more



Marketing Bullseye 7: 12 Steps to use Metrics to Get In the Heart of Your Business



VMware Announces UVAC Winners



ICANN's Contract Renewed



New Explosive Detection Tech



SQL Pocket Guide, Second Edition



Kids with Cell Phones, How Young is Too Young?



Mobile phones for children: Do we want them?



Mobile phone fears for owners, aged five



Google Launches Thrust into Mobile Photo Search



AOL Digs for Gold



With shovels, AOL looks for retribution





Links Links Link



Blogger upgraded



Wholesale Cart Adoption or Bad Icon Push?



Google Analytics Available to the Public



Lucky Lucky Mountain View



No RSS Feed? No Problem - FeedTier to the Rescue






Summer of Reading - Link building 101



Sexiest SEO and Marketing Websites



Street Level Bureaucrats And The Revival Of Rehabilitation



The Oldest Law School



Our Long Tail



NewsFlash: Westlaw is Fallible!



If It Can't Be Sold, It's Worthless



Flickr Map GeoCoding Bookmarklet






FreeCSScart Forums



AdSense Sites, ClickFraud etc... etc...



Word Press Duplicate Content Issue and Fix



Markets and how your website can open them (14 Pages!!!)



Google Says "googling" Is Inappropriate



Police Policy On Encryption Creates Controversy



Microsoft Patch For IE Causes Crashes



The “Consumer Guide For Online Security”



Windows Live OneCare Grabs Second Place (already!)



Windows Live Safety Scanner Now Under OneCare Umbrella



RIAA Ends Suit Against Deceased Man



Interview With PRWeb CEO David McInnis



Windows Live Writer From Microsoft





Functionalism And Web Analytics: The Basics



Semphonics Resources: White papers



Functionalism And Web Analytics



101 Ways To Build Link Popularity




Backup / Restoration Of Files For Disaster Recovery






Google Launches Free WiFi In Mountain View



Linux Pinfo




White Paper Predicts Success For NFC



Firms Not Maximizing Knowledge Mgmt.



Microsoft support is pretty darn good



Come on, Will's hotter than Matt!



Could Acquisition of Neven Vision Help Google Monetize Video and Images?



No More Waiting for Google Analytics Accounts




Adwords Optimizer Offers Automated Tinkering



AdWords Optimizer Cuts Down Your AdWords Tweaking Time by 75%





Google Launches Free WiFi in Mountain View



101 Ways to Build Link Popularity



PowerPointification of military briefings



Interactive Ads Need Standards



Advertisers Could Open Sports Archives



Google Puts Coupons on the Map





Connors Team | Mike Levin




HitTail Feasts on Leftover Keywords



A New Way to Track Which Search Engine Phrases Hit Your Blog









AOL Turns to Gold Digging


AOL might literally be digging for gold to get back at a spammer. The company is reportedly considering tearing up the yards of relatives of Davis Wolfgang Hawke to find gold bars that the spammer supposedly bought out of his ill-gotten gains.


AOL won a judgment for $13 million against Hawke for spamming its customers, but he skipped town. Now AOL wants to look for buried treasure in the homes of his family members.


It is ironic that AOL should search for gold from a spammer after releasing what has been calling a "goldmine" of personal information about its customers.






New Yahoo Link numbers, made visible



Yahoo Site-Explorer in Flash, (and Korean)




Suspect in foiled airliner plot freed



Small victories feature at AIDS conference












The Expert Mind



The Expert Mind

Studies of the mental processes of chess grandmasters have revealed clues to how people become experts in other fields as well




Voyager 1 Passes 100 AU from the Sun



Voyager 1: 'The Spacecraft That Could' Hits New Milestone






Is Your Laptop At Risk While Traveling?


"Here's an interesting story on DesignNews.com With last week's announcement that the British government thwarted an alleged terrorist attack planned for flights from the U.K. to the U.S., news that travelers are required to check their laptops as baggage on some flights has raised a new level of panic as they try to figure out the best way to protect their laptops."






You Can Claim Your Busted PC at Carousel #2


Last week’s announcement that the British government had thwarted an alleged terrorist attack planned for flights from the U.K. to the U.S. was disconcerting enough. But the news that travelers would be required to check their laptops as baggage on some flights raised a new level of panic for Road Warriors everywhere as they tried to figure out the best way to protect their Apple Notebooks and pricey Sony VIOs.


Geek Chic


“We had a flurry of phone calls from travelers in Europe asking where they could buy our laptop cases. Some were even calling directly from Heathrow wondering if we sold the cases there at the airport,” says David Sebens, VP of sales and marketing at ZERO Halliburton.


The Salt Lake City-based company makes a line of high-end aluminum laptop cases with a shock-absorbent polyurethane foam interior. More closely resembling a portable bomb shelter than a briefcase, the bag also has an aura of geek chic that makes it popular among the techie crowd. The company, which sells thousands of the cases each year, says it has seen a spike in demand in the past week.








Antarctica: Stunning vistas, wildlife draw more tourists






TERABYTE Hard Drives Before The End Of 2006!!!



Terabyte hard drives before the end of 2006? - Digg





Terabyte hard drives before the end of 2006?


Happy birthday, hard drive! On September 13, the hard drive as we know it will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Magnetic storage has come a long way from the days of the old IBM RAMAC in 1956, which weighed in at roughly a ton and only held 5MB - across fifty 24" platters. Now, the VP of Hitachi is talking about crossing the 1TB barrier before 2006 ends, and all that fits in 3.5" of space.


For reference, the initial RAMAC storage held that 5MB in a cube nearly 2 meters per side. We're now talking 200,000x the storage in under 1,000th of the volume. That's a long way, and it keeps growing - the hard drive roughly doubles its data capacity every two years now, on an almost linear movement.


It's that type of predictable swing that has Hitachi's VP, Bill Healy, thinking we'll hit the 1TB mark. Seagate is already offering a 750GB drive, so a terabyte is certainly conceivable.






Terabyte drive to debut later this year


If there's a storage fanatic in your family, a perfect gift could be coming for her or him toward the end of the year: 1-terabyte hard drives.

Desktop hard drives holding 1 terabyte, or 1,000 gigabytes, of storage will likely be announced in 2006, said Bill Healy, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing at Hitachi Global Storage Technologies. These drives, which will have a 3.5-inch diameter, are expected to be incorporated into PCs and home servers. Healy wouldn’t say what companies would announce first. Sources at Seagate, however, said Seagate plans to come out with 1TB 3.5-inch drives by late 2006 or early 2007.


It's not that big of a stretch for some hard drive makers. Hitachi already sells a 500GB drive, while rival Seagate Technology started shipping a 750GB drive to desktop makers in April. Seagate also sells a home storage device with two 500GB drives to make up 1 terabyte. Drive density effectively doubles every two years and increases steadily over the two-year period; hence, a terabyte drive is on the horizon, Healy said.


Granted, few people really need 1 terabyte of storage. But it sounds cool--sort of like you could be running a ballistic missile tracking site in your den. Besides, humans continue to show that they can come up with ways to gobble up hard drive space. High-definition video is expected to greatly expand the need for storage.








































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Google: No plans for nationwide Wi-Fi service




Google Says It Has No Plans for National Wi-Fi Service






EarthLink loses fiber line sharing case




EarthLink loses fiber line sharing case





These days anything can be weapon: Knex semi-automatic



Knex semi-automatic




Spyware's Growing Arsenal




Spyware's Growing Arsenal

Purveyors of malware are increasingly harnessing the popularity of social networks and Web video to infect PCs



The Plot To Hijack Your Computer

They watch you surf the Web. They plague you with pop-up ads. Then they cripple your hard drive





Eat These Specific Foods To Raise Your Metabolism and Help Burn Body Fat



Thermogenic Foods





One of the most amazing game engines in existence! Project offset!









We Have Met the Enemy in the War On Terror. . . and He Is Us




We Have Met the Enemy in the War On Terror. . . and He Is Us






Would a hair-gel bomb actually work?



On the implausibility of the explosives plot





Why Leaves Change Color




Why Leaves Change Color






60 Puppies Die in Massive Trailer Fire




60 Puppies Die in Mass. Trailer Fire






CSS Frames




CSS Frames






AOL just can't stop giving us Hell: Now they have been publicly BUSTED for SPAMMING DIGG!!!


AOL busted for spamming DIGG





AOL busted for "spamming" Digg?


This sounds a lot like Astroturfing...


AOL has now been publicly called out for gaming on Digg (some people use the term "spamming", but that's not quite it). In case you haven't read the past post, we think Weblogs Inc (part of AOL) post their own stories on Digg, then dozens of other staffers Digg their stories. While this cannot be 100% confirmed, it certainly looks to be the case.


Ironically, the company's CEO Jason Calacanis has rules against this exact tactic on Netscape (which is his rip-off of Digg).


There was a big discussion in this thread:



The story has also been covered here:




Now, we have more potential evidence. We've located what appears to be at least 25 WIN blogger accounts. Digger 'netscapeblows' decided to conduct an experiment and add the the bloggers to his Friends list. On one story, all 14 Diggs were by apparent WIN staff.


Could this be a coincidence? Maybe if it happened just twice. But we've seen this pattern over and over again. And if all these people are "just friends," why are 90%+ of their submissions (not dugg posts -- submissions) all from the same network?


Something is fishy.




AOL is going straight to hell, in a handbasket. It's just one nauseating problem after another with AOHell.


See also:









How to Get More Comments On Your Blog


Recently I got a question from my reader, Sheilah Vance, about how to elicit more comments from visitors on your blog. Reader comments are important because they 'count' as refreshed content with the SE robots who are always crawling the web.


These are the very same robots who determine your placement in the Google and Yahoo SE listings, so lots of fresh content and action are important.


My reader, Sheilah Vance, wrote:


"…I started my blog, Elevation, about a month ago. I try to post at least once a week. Last week, I just got my first posts from readers. They were wonderful, but I wondered how to get more posts …"


I've got a few suggestions here, Sheilah.


1. Blog more often. Only once per week means that folks won't find enough fresh content to keep on coming back, so you won't fulfill the first critical blog requirement - lots of fresh content. If you don't feed the maw, you won't reap the many rewards. And your blog will be less engaging for readers. They want to feel they're in an evolving relationship with you.


















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Want advice on how to stay outa trouble in a foreign country? Just don't go there in the first place Duh!!!


12 tips to stay safe while abroad on business

Travelers to far-flung places around the globe face multiple threats. Here's how to cope when crisis strikes.


(Business 2.0 Magazine) -- From Indonesia to Iraq, developing countries can mean big new markets. But foreign locales can also be risky - as in physical danger. Whether it's a mugging, flu outbreak, anti-American backlash, or military coup, business travelers tend to be unprepared when a sudden crisis hits. The reason: They're so busy jetting from country to country and meeting to meeting that they don't pay enough attention to their immediate surroundings.


So what to do in the face of an unforeseen threat? We've culled the best advice on handling sticky situations from dozens of security experts, consultants, and travelers who've been through the unexpected and persevered.





1) Prepare. Terrorism gets the headlines, but petty crime is still the No. 1 travel risk facing foreigners - especially Rolex-wearing American executives. Since hotel room safes are easy to crack, lock your valuables in the main hotel safe instead. You should carry minimal cash, a copy of your ID, and a USB fob containing key documents. Leave the obtrusive laptop behind.


2) Don't be an easy mark. You're choice prey if you're out in public tapping on your BlackBerry or reading a map, so answer e-mail and memorize your route before heading out. Be alert and confident, and keep your hands free to protect yourself.


3) Outsmart the baddies. Robert Young Pelton, author of The World's Most Dangerous Places, keeps a decoy wallet with small bills and old credit cards in a back pocket, and a slim billfold with spending money in his front pocket. He then stores additional cash and other valuables in a hidden pocket sewn into his clothing. Pelton hopes the thief falls for the first, feels brilliant for finding the second, and never considers the third.



Disease outbreak/pandemic


4) Protect yourself. The SARS and avian flu scares are chilling reminders that the threat of a fatal pandemic is real. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests stocking a kit with a digital thermometer and an alcohol-based sanitizer to kill germs. Add to that a small bottle of bleach: One drop in 8 ounces of water makes it potable. Stock up on antiviral meds before you leave home, and wash your hands obsessively.


5) Get help. If you have suspicious symptoms, get to a hospital immediately. Firms like Accenture (Charts) and Archer Daniels Midland (Charts) use iJet, one of a handful of services that recommend specific hospitals or ambulance companies and provide critical updates to traveling workers caught in a health scare.


6) Get out. If you're healthy, it's time to split. On the way to the airport, call your airline to secure a seat. Brace yourself for delays as travelers are screened for signs of illness. If you can't get a flight out, try calling the U.S. embassy for help with arrangements. Just don't expect to share its supply of Tamiflu.






7) Keep a low profile. Kidnappings worldwide have tripled in the past 20 years, with Americans as prime targets, and anti-American sentiment is rampant. Dining at the local McDonald's (Charts) is obviously a big no-no - but so is wearing a polo shirt or carrying a laptop case emblazoned with your company's name. Katherine Parramore, a travel security consultant, always sits in the passenger seat of hired cars: "If you sit in the back, you look like what you are - somebody important enough to be driven."


8) Mix it up. If you're staying for more than a few days, assume that somebody has noticed and is watching. Keep your anonymity by doing business away from your hotel, leave at a different time each day, and vary your route to and from meetings. Dan Mulvenna, a security consultant in Washington, D.C., changes hotels at least once every five or six days.


9) Know the risks. The nature of kidnappings varies by country. Some are politically motivated, some purely financial. In places like Iraq or the southern Philippines, where jihadists are active and your life is at risk, you should do everything you can to escape your attackers. But keep in mind that most kidnappings are about money and that nine out of 10 abductees eventually go free. Once you're nabbed, it's best to just stay put.



Military coup/civil unrest


10) Get inside. This threat isn't about you as an American; it's about being at the wrong place at the wrong time. When a revolt starts, head for cover in the nearest Western hotel. "The last thing these people want to do is kill a large group of foreigners and invite international outrage," says Robin Bhatty, a former energy consultant who's lived through coups in Azerbaijan and a war in Guatemala. Share a stiff drink with your compatriots.


11) Reach out. It's always a good idea to contact the U.S. embassy or consulate in a crisis; just don't waste your time dialing the main switchboard. You can get direct numbers for its 24-hour security office and regional security officer. They'll be the ones calling the shots at this point.


12) Sit tight. Whether it's a coup or civil unrest, you're probably not going anywhere anytime soon. Landline phone service may be cut and airports closed. Cell phones should work; if not, try to find a Western journalist with a satellite phone so you can call home and the embassy. Always keep an extra $100 and a cheap watch as small bribes in case the food supply runs short or you need to catch a ride once the airport reopens.






Become a 'chicken entrepreneur'



No, you won't have to work on a farm or do a funny dance. It just means starting your own business on the side while keeping your day job.


NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- Always dreamed of starting your own business but too chicken to quit your day job?


Don't worry, that's not such a bad thing; in fact, you may already be on the right track to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Over 50 percent of small businesses fail in the first year and 95 percent fail within the first five years, according to the Small Business Association. So it may be wise to hold on to your day job until your side business not only launches, but really takes off.


5 deadly mistakes when starting a business



Ditching the daily grind - 5 who did it



The JonBenet Suspect: A Loner's Life in Thailand

Neighbors in his shabby Bangkok apartment building recall a regular Internet customer who "always seemed in a bad mood"



Exclusive: A Kashmiri Tie to the Terror Plot

A key suspect in the foiled airline bombing plan who was arrested in Pakistan has links to one of India's most wanted terrorists



Merck found negligent in Vioxx case

Drugmaker misrepresented pain killer, jury says.



Pension reform: Boon for 401(k)s

The reform President Bush signed into law could mean increased worker savings. But it won't stop the move away from pensions.



Teacher quality mandate remains big challenge for states



Parents should involve kids in back-to-school shopping



No grapes at Connecticut fruit winery



Access to new HIV prevention methods lacking



Too high a price for life?



NASA sets shuttle Atlantis launch date



Probe captures gas bursts from Mars's ice cap



Cartel leader goes fishing, gets caught



Bill Murray: 'I tell people I'm retired'



J.Lo and ex want tell-all fight out of court



S. Korea wants musical clothes



$100 laptops to debut with Thai kids



Sharon 'stable' after new lung infection



No explosives found at Seattle port



48 marathons in 47 days -- and still going



What really matters about JonBenet's case



Passenger describes dramatic events on diverted flight



Britney: Pregnancy No. 2 'just kind of happened'



Merck found negligent in Vioxx case

Drugmaker misrepresented pain killer, jury says



Girl, 10, dies after collapsing at amusement park



Judge delays jail sentence for football



Terror plot suspects stay detained

New laws allow suspects to be in custody without being charged



Suspect confesses to killing JonBenet Ramsey



Statement from JonBenet Ramsey's father



Georgia native, 41, in eye of storm



CIA contractor guilty of Afghan detainee abuse



President Bush signs new pension bill



Judge nixes warrantless surveillance



Brown Says FirstGov Does Heckuva Job



WebProNews Hits The Opera



CORRECTION: Mozilla Did Not 'Abuse' Oats



Del.icio.us Samples Ads, Thumbnails



AOL To Dig For Spam King's Gold





AOL To Dig For Spam King's Gold


AOL's now in the mining business. Seeking to recoup losses from a notorious spammer, the company believes gold and platinum bars belonging to spam king Davis Wolfgang Hawke are buried in parents Massachusetts yard. And they want that gold. Yarr.


The odd news comes the same week AOL announced $20 million in sponsorships for its upcoming online reality show "Gold Rush," where contestants navigate around the country looking for over $2 million in hidden treasure, payable in, you guessed it: gold.


AOL's own gold rush comes on the heels of an attempt collect on a $12.8 million judgment against convicted spammer Hawke, who has disappeared. Hawke, a reported white supremacist who made $600,000 per week spamming AOL inboxes with ads for loans, adult material, jewelry, and pharmaceuticals, spent much of his cash on gold and platinum bars, to make it harder to seize his assets.










Google Analytics Is Really Open





Okay, so now exactly WHO will be the worldwide leader in sports?



Brand Naming: ABC Sports to become known as ESPN on ABC



Who's the marketer in a small business?



Who Wears the Marketing Hat In Your Business?



Sole Proprietors Struggle to Generate New Business



Web 2.0 meets Retail 2.0



JupiterResearch Reports The Influence of Consumer-Created Content is Dramatically Affecting Online Businesses



John Jantsch has been called the World's Most Practical Small Business Expert for consistently delivering real-world, proven small business marketing ideas and strategies.










Google's Neven Buy Prods Conspiracy Theories




Not So Private Conversations-Bush & Blair





Bush/Blair convo EXPOSED!!! They were so frackin' CLUELESS, that they didn't even realize there was a microphone ON in the room where they were runnin' their mouths JEEZE!



Bush & Blair Raw & Uncut - Adam Boulton Weblog


A fascinating conversation between Tony Blair and George Bush has been caught by the microphones at the G8, when the two men didn't think they were being overheard. It tells us a lot about the relationship between the two men, about the US-UK special relationship and the two men's views on the Middle East. Here's a transcript as best as we can make out.


Bush: Yo Blair How are you doing?

Blair: I'm just...

Bush: You're leaving?

Blair: No, no, no not yet. On this trade thingy...[inaudible]

Bush: yeah I told that to the man

Blair: Are you planning to say that here or not?

Bush: If you want me to

Blair: Well, it's just that if the discussion arises...

Bush: I just want some movement.

Blair: Yeah

Bush: Yesterday we didn't see much movement

Blair: No, no, it may be that it's not, it maybe that it's impossible

Bush: I am prepared to say it

Blair: But it's just I think what we need to be an opposition

Bush: Who is introducing the trade

Blair: Angela

Bush: Tell her to call 'em

Blair: Yes

Bush: Tell her to put him on them on the spot.Thanks for the sweaters it's awfully thoughtful of you

Blair: It's a pleasure

Bush: I know you picked it out yourself

Blair: Oh, absoultely, in fact I knitted it myself

BUSH: "Right . . . What about Kofi? That seems odd. I don't like the sequence of it. His attitude is basically ceasefire and everything else happens."


BLAIR: "I think the thing that is really difficult is you can't stop this unless you get this international presence agreed." . . .

Bush: Yeah

Blair: I don't know what you guys have talked about but as I say I am perfectly happy to try and see what the lie of the land is but you need that done quickly because otherwise it will spiral

Bush: I think Condi is going to go pretty soon

Blair: But that's that's that's all that matters. But if you, you see it will take some time to get that together

Bush: Yeah, yeah

Blair: But at least it gives people...

Bush: It's a process, I agree. I told her your offer to...

Blair: Well...it's only if I mean... you know. If she's got a..., or if she needs the ground prepared as it were... Because obviously if she goes out, she's got to succeed, if it were, whereas I can go out and just talk

Bush: You see, the ... thing is what they need to do is to get Syria, to get Hezbollah to stop doing this shit and it's over

Blair: [inaudible]

Bush: [inaudible]

Blair: Syria

Bush: Why?

Blair: Because I think this is all part of the same thing

Bush: Yeah.

Blair: What does he think? He thinks if Lebanon turns out fine, if we get a solution in Israel and Palestine, Iraq goes in the right way...

Bush: Yeah, yeah, he is sweet

Blair: He is honey. And that's what the whole thing is about. It's the same with Iraq

Bush: I felt like telling Kofi to call, to get on the phone to Bashad [bashir Assad] and make something happen

Blair: Yeah

Bush: [inaudible]


Bush: We are not blaming the Lebanese government

Blair: Is this...? (at this point Blair taps the microphone in front of him and the sound is cut.)


Thanks to Adam Cottam, Julia Alasheyeva, James Rubin and Barny Green for help compiling this.












Airport 'Bomb' Alert


A West Virginia airport terminal has been evacuated after two bottles tested positive for possible liquid explosives.


A bomb-sniffing dog reacted to the containers in a woman's carry-on luggage.


A screener noticed the bottle as the passenger, of Pakistani origin, prepared to board a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina.


Airport director Larry Salyers said security screeners detected material in the containers indicating "it very well could be a bomb".


They have been taken by robot to a remote area for further analysis.


Tri-State Airport Authority president Jim Booton said the woman had been detained for questioning.


Commercial flights were temporarily suspended and about 100 passengers and airport employees were ordered to leave the terminal.


At least one flight was diverted to Charleston's Yeager Airport 60 miles away.


The FBI is investigating.










Daily Discussion: BP's bloody nose


AdPulp does a good job cueing up what I think will be one of the biggest PR fiascos of the next few years. BP's recent oil spill in Alaska could quite possibly derail tens of millions of dollars in advertising spent to position the company as eco-friendly.


It's an oil company, folks. C'mon.

How quickly can BP recover and will their environmental faux pas degrade the similar work produced for Shell and other oil companies?

Only time will tell - but I think the consumer's length of memory will be directly proportional to the annual increase in gas prices. As long as there is perceived pain at the pump, consumers will want to take it out on someone and oil companies that dump oil in Alaska and shut down domestic oil supplies will be ripe for the flogging.




BP Loses Its Green Coating




Behind the spin, the oil giants are more dangerous than ever


For a company that claims to have moved "beyond petroleum", BP has managed to spill an awful lot of it on to the tundra in Alaska. Last week, after the news was leaked to journalists, it admitted to investors that it is facing criminal charges for allowing 270,000 gallons of crude oil to seep across one of the world's most sensitive habitats. The incident was so serious that some of its staff could be sent to prison.


Had this been Exxon, the epitome of sneering corporate brutality, the news would have surprised no one. But BP's rebranding, like Shell's, has been so effective that you could be forgiven for believing that it had become an environmental pressure group. These companies have used the vast profits from their petroleum business to create the impression that they are abandoning it.


Shell's adverts feature photos of its technologists in open-necked shirts and showing perfect teeth (which proves they can't be real greens). They tell stories of their brave experiments with wind power, hydrogen, biofuels and natural gas. The chairman of Shell UK was one of the 14 signatories to a letter sent by businesses to Tony Blair a week ago, calling for the government to exercise "bold leadership on domestic climate change policy" in order to speed "the transition to a low-carbon economy".





Small oil spill for US is giant headache for BP


The latest leak in Alaska, although small, has brought a big response by the oil giant, indicative of its deeper problems in America, writes Tracey Boles

ALASKA was the scene of the biggest oil spill in American history. When the oil tanker Exxon Valdez struck a reef in Prince William Sound in 1989, the stricken vessel spewed out 11m gallons of crude oil on the coast. Some 250,000 sea birds were killed and the local fishing industry was devastated.


The latest Alaskan oil spill, at just five barrels of oil, was tiny in comparison. But the 200-gallon leak at Prudhoe Bay last week has had big consequences for the British oil giant BP.


The emergency shutdown of the largest oilfield in North America, which accounts for about 8% of total US oil production, sent the price of crude soaring to a new peak. It was also the latest blow for BP’s troubled American operations, which have lurched from one crisis to another in recent months.









Black and White is the new Color




Design Trends: Black and White







Del.icio.us Gets Contextual Ads, New Home Page



Del.icio.us can Digg It! Can YOU Digg It??




Targeting Through Tagvertising


The following is also my April column for iMedia Connection...


Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0... Already?


As you read this, millions of individuals are working under their own volition to create a new Dewey Decimal System for the internet. In the process -- perhaps without even realizing it -- they are laying the groundwork for a new contextual online advertising paradigm called "Tagvertising."


The consumer phenomenon is called “tagging” or “folksonomies” (short for folks and taxonomy). Tagging is powerful because consumers are creating an organizational structure for online content. Folksonomies not only enable people to file away content under tags, but more importantly also share it with others by filing it under a global taxonomy that they created.


Here’s how tagging works. Using sites such as http://del.icio.us/ - a bookmark sharing site - and http://www.flickr.com/ - a photo sharing site - consumers are collaboratively categorizing online content under certain keywords, or tags. For example, an individual can post photographs of their iPod on Flickr and file it under the tag "iPod." These images are now not only visible under the individual user’s iPod tag but also under the broader community iPod tag:

( http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/ipod ) that displays all images consumers are generating and filing under the keyword. As of this writing, Flickr has more than 3,500 photos that are labeled "iPod."


Tagging is catching on because it is a natural complement to search. Type the word “blogs” into Google and it can’t tell if you are searching for information about how to launch a blog, how to read blogs, et cetera. But using del.icio.us you can bookmark this page ( http://del.icio.us/tag/blogs+marketing ) or subscribe to its RSS feed. Then, everyday you will find the latest interesting links consumers are finding and sharing about blog marketing. Now imagine you run a blog marketing consultancy and you want to advertise to users who follow these tags. This is what’s we’ll see this year as tagvertising takes hold.


Already, large and small sites alike are getting on to the folksonomy train. They are rolling out tag-like structures to help users more easily locate content that’s relevant to them. For example, The Guardian, a U.K. newspaper, last week added tags to its news blog. Metafilter, a popular community weblog that anyone can contribute to, also recently incorporated free-form keywords that writers can use to categorize their posts. The larger news sites, particularly CNET, may not be far behind.


Of course the big search engines have tagging on their radar as well. Yahoo recently purchased Flickr. Furl, another bookmark sharing site, was absorbed by LookSmart.

Ask Jeeves now has tagging: ( http://blog.searchenginewatch.com/blog/050411-101518 ). And Amazon invested in a site called 43 Things ( http://www.43things.com/ ) that lets people tag-based build wish lists. They might even be the silver bullet search engines need to deliver truly personalized search results. When this happens folksonomies and tagvertising will usher in the next great advancement in contextual advertising.


Here are a few ways in which tagging will create new opportunities for marketers. Some are applicable today while others are on the horizon in the near future:


* Although tags are far from perfect (they generate a lot of false/positives), marketers should nevertheless be using them to keep your finger on the pulse of the American public. Start subscribing to RSS feeds to monitor how consumers are tagging information related to your product, service, company or space. These are living focus groups that are available for free, 24/7.

* Folksonomy sites can be also be carefully used to unleash viral marketing campaigns - with a caveat. Marketers should be transparent in who they are, why they are posting the link/photos and avoid spamming the services

* As tagging grows and the search engines begin adding this feature to their sites, Google and Overture will allow advertisers to buy keywords across certain tags. Watch for this later this year.

* Last but not least, one or more entrepreneurs will launch a tagvertising network that facilitates a keyword buy across all sites that use folksonomies.





















------------------------------------------ -----

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Look out Web Surfers! TAGVERTISING FOLKSONOMIES are Catching On and Gaining Serious Traction!!!


Ask Jeeves Enhances MyJeeves; Tagging Option Added


Ask Jeeves has just released an upgrade to their MyJeeves personalized search tool that Ask.com launched last September.


New for MyJeeves users are several enhancements including:


+ An option to add your own "tags" to any item. To do this, save an image or web page and then click the "modify" link next to the entry on your MyJeeves "Save Results" pages. You'll then find a box labeled "tags" to add your metadata.


+ My Jeeves integration into the Ask Jeeves Toolbar. In other words, save any web page without having first find it from an AJ web results page. Big improvement!


+ Save images into My Jeeves from any web page (right-click) or directly from an AJ Image Search results page.





Top Podcasts Picked



Meet the Moneycasters




Blogger Patches Feed Privacy Hole



Online Video Zeitgeist Debuts



It's Roo-Bell, Not Roo-Bull :-)



What Am I Chatting



More ways to connect and share with Google Talk






Stardate 0817.06 - GoogleBlog


Starbase 24 Commander's personal log.

I find myself looking forward to my upcoming trip to Earth, specifically Las Vegas...


Did you ever realize that among many other things, Star Trek predicted blogs? Think about it -- all those "Captain's log" and "personal log" entries that Kirk would make. He was definitely a blogger. And of course the communicator-inspired cell phone design. And the crew was constantly asking the ship's computer for information...sort of like Google.


Of course, Scotty and Spock, the engineer and the scientist, certainly were childhood inspirations to many Googlers. Now we've (somewhat) grown up, and often work on things that seem right out of the show: Being able to ask a computer to research a topic and present relevant results. ( http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=s...G=Google+Search ) . Putting maps, both human-drawn and photos taken from space, on a personal communicator ( http://www.google.com/gmm/tour.html ) (OK, cell phone). Creating 3-D structures and objects ( http://tinyurl.com/qe4qt ) and putting them in a shared warehouse for everyone to use (we're still working on making them into solid holograms for a Holodeck). And I'm convinced we've got replicators that restock the snacks in our micro-kitchens.


So it all stands to reason that we're hosting a booth at the 5th annual Official Star Trek Convention ( http://www.creationent.com/cal/stlv.htm ) (which celebrates 40 years of the whole enterprise) in Las Vegas. It starts today and runs through Sunday. If you're at the con, please stop by for demos of some of our latest product releases, including a few new ones, often with a particular sci-fi spin. We're also looking for applicants ( http://www.google.com/jobs/ ) to "Google Academy," so please speak up if you'd like to work here. After all -- today is a good day to code ( http://www.google.com/trekfan ).









Deal of the day: Nike-iPod sport kit shipped for $29




Federal judge orders halt to NSA spy program



Apple's new server



LinuxWorld Revs Up



Google, slayer of Web 2.0 start-ups



The King is dead, long live The King...



Ancient, decrepit brothel arouses debate in China



UK firefighters suspended for tumble dryer stunt



Footage of the incident can be viewed at:


Family faces eviction for loud night prayers






Woman faces charges in flight scare


BOSTON - A woman on a trans-Atlantic flight diverted to Boston for security concerns passed several notes to crew members, urinated on the cabin floor and made comments the crew believed were references to al-Qaida and the Sept. 11 attacks, according to an affidavit filed Thursday.


Catherine C. Mayo, 59, of Braintree, Vt., was to appear in federal court later Thursday on a charge of interfering with a flight crew after disrupting United 923 as it flew from London to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday.


The flight, with 182 passengers and 12 crew members, landed safely with the escort of two F-15s after the pilot declared an emergency on board.


The scare came just a week after London authorities said they foiled a terror plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights. Federal officials quickly determined there were no indications of terrorism ties.


According to an affidavit by

FBI Special Agent Daniel Choldin filed in U.S. District Court in Boston, flight attendants noticed Mayo about 90 minutes into the flight because she was pushing against the aircraft bulkhead. When the attendant told her to return to her seat, Mayo said she wanted to speak to an air marshal and made statements about knowing that people wanted to see what was in her bag.


FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz confirmed Thursday that authorities found a screwdriver and an unspecified number of cigarette lighters in her bag, items which are banned under new security regulations. Marcinkiewicz also confirmed that matches were found Mayo's bag.


She also had a bottle of water, which did not appear to be supplied by the flight crew. It wasn't clear how the items made it through airport security.


Since a foiled terror plot surfaced in London last week, airports have tightened security in both the United Kingdom and the U.S. Liquids and gels have been banned from carry-on luggage, and even tighter restrictions are in place in Britain. The terror plot apparently involved using such liquids to make and detonate bombs aboard planes.


Later during the flight, according to the affidavit, Mayo asked a flight attendant: "Is this a training flight for United Flight 93?" The flight attendant didn't know if she made a mistake because the flight was actually Flight 923, or if she was referring to Flight 93, the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on Sept. 11.


During that time, she was "biting her fingers, rubbing her feet and in a constant state of movement. She appeared very agitated," the affidavit said.


She wrote in a note and said to flight attendants that she had been in a country illegally, and later said she had photographs of Pakistan.


"She stated that the photographs would be awful, and she indicated that they related to the people that she had been with in the mountains of Pakistan," the affidavit said.


Her U.S. passport indicated that on Aug. 15 she had left Pakistan and entered the United Kingdom, according to the affidavit. As many as 17 people have been arrested in Pakistan in connection with the London terror plot.


Flight attendants summoned the captain, who spoke to Mayo. During the conversation, she made reference to there being "six steps to building some unspecified thing."


"She made reference to being with people associated with two words. She stated that she could not say what the two words were because the last time that she had said the two words she had been kicked off of a flight in the United Arab Emirates," according to the affidavit.


The captain and purser both believed that she was referring to al-Qaida, Choldin wrote.


About 35 minutes later, when she tried to go to the bathroom, the flight attendants directed her to a different lavatory. Instead, she pulled down her pants and urinated on the floor, Choldin wrote in the affidavit, which was based on his interviews and those of other federal officials.


At that point, the captain ordered her restrained. Two male passengers helped a flight attendant tackle Mayo and restrain her in plastic cuffs. She remained seated in the galley area of plane until the flight landed, according to the affidavit.


The outburst on the flight — just a week after London authorities said they foiled a terror plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights — prompted a massive security scare.


Gov. Mitt Romney said the woman was claustrophobic and became so upset she had to be restrained, and passengers said Mayo appeared to have emotional problems.


"She was in a frenzy," passenger Martin Drinkwater of London told The Boston Globe. "She then pulled her trousers and knickers down and squatted on the floor."


Antony Nash, 31, of San Diego, said he grew nervous watching the muttering woman seated near him, as she paced and made too many trips to the bathroom. The pilot did not make a general announcement to passengers of what was happening.


"I noticed F-15s next to the plane. I said, 'Oh my God.' And then we saw the emergency vehicles," Nash said.


Terror scares garner particular attention in Boston because of Logan's history. Members of al-Qaida hijacked two planes from Logan on Sept. 11, 2001, and flew them into the World Trade Center towers in New York.


Logan airport also was where an American Airlines Paris-Miami flight was diverted in 2001 when Richard Reid, the so-called shoe bomber, tried to blow up the plane. He was thwarted by attendants and passengers after he tried to light a fuse leading to the concealed plastic explosives in his sneakers. He is now serving a life prison sentence.












Full Coverage: JonBenet Ramsey




America's Priciest Dorms





Father-in-law of cyclist Landis commits suicide in San Diego



JonBenet Ramsey D.A.: More work needed



Ever get tired of memes?



In Memoriam



Car Accident Pender Island



KK+ on the CBC!



Could Acquisition of Neven Vision Help Google Monetize Video and Images?



Adwords Optimizer Offers Automated Tinkering



Google Launches Free WiFi in Mountain View



101 Ways to Build Link Popularity



101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006



The slideshow...



AOL Turns to Gold Digging




You’ve got gold - AOL goes digging


America Online is prepared to take a backhoe to a Medfield couple’s yard in a search for as much as $500,000 in hidden gold and platinum bars it believes may have been buried there by the family’s neo-Nazi son who made millions off of Internet spam scams.

AOL, the giant Internet provider, said it’s only trying to collect ill-gotten assets from Davis Wolfgang Hawke, a former Westwood High School student turned neo-Nazi cyber con artist.

An “option” is indeed to possibly dig up lawns in search of booty, AOL spokesman Nicholas Graham said.


While it wants to avoid a search of Hawke’s parents’ Medfield property and his grandparents’ Westwood home, AOL is determined to recover a $13 million settlement that it was awarded last year by a federal court in a civil lawsuit against Hawke and his spammer cohorts.

“We have reason to believe (gold) is hidden” in Massachusetts, said Graham, emphasizing AOL plans to give recovered assets back to its scammed subscribers.










AOL Buying, Is a Social Net Next?



Marketing of Cookies Half-Baked




WAA Wants to Clear Cookies' Bad Rep



Salvaging a Poorly Developed Website, What's the best option?



Breadcrumb Question: Is Your Final Link Live?



Div Errors? In Firefox



Transparent backround for an iframe



Need help for three-tiered blog, In over my head, please advise!



Startups Given The Floor At Digital Hollywood



Thanks, Sponsors



Google Talk Updates, AOL Interop



Hear About PopSugar Yet?






Yahoo! Photos to leave beta today



http://new.photos.yahoo.com/ or http://photos.yahoo.com/


The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Resource



Affiliate Programs



Six Days to go.



Another Linux PDA to Challenge the Nokia 770



IBM Derides OpenSolaris as Not-So-Open



Why Google's New Products Need Not Succeed



Korea's Online Aggression a Taste of the Future?





In South Korea, online rumors can hit hard


Kim Myong Jae's estranged girlfriend was found dead in her room in Seoul on April 22 last year, six days after she poisoned herself.


Two weeks later, Kim, a 30-year-old accountant, found that he had been transformed into the No. 1 hate figure of South Korea's Internet community, a victim of a growing problem in a country that boasts the world's highest rate of broadband use.


First, death threats and vicious text messages flooded his cellphone. Meanwhile, spreading fast through blogs and Web portals were rumors that Kim had jilted his girlfriend after forcing her to abort his baby, that he had assaulted her and her mother, and that his abuse had finally driven her to suicide.


"By the time I found out the source of this outrage, it was too late. My name, address, photographs, telephone numbers were all over the Internet," Kim said. "Tens of thousands of people were busy sharing my identity and discussing how to punish me. My name was the most-searched phrase at portals." News reports and portals confirmed that his name was at the top of such lists.


The allegations against Kim were first posted on his former girlfriend's home page after her death and quickly spread in various versions. Kim vehemently denies the allegations, and the police later said they could not substantiate them.


But Web users took the matter into their own hands. They bombarded Kim's employer, the food and beverage company Doosan, with so many calls demanding that it fire Kim or face a boycott that Kim quit. Anonymous hate mail swamped the Web site of Kookmin University, where Kim attended evening classes, forcing him to drop out.


"I couldn't believe what was happening to me was real," he said. "My family had to move to a new house. I was afraid to dine out or use public transportation. I had to live like a fugitive."


In South Korea, which has one of the world's most developed Internet communities, the problem known as "cyberviolence" has reached frightening proportions, officials say.


Complaints filed with the government's Korea Internet Safety Commission more than doubled to 42,643 last year from 18,031 in 2003. Women have reported sexual harassment. A 16-year- old schoolgirl accused of informing on an abusive teacher ran away after her photos and insults were splashed on her school Web site. A singer struggled with rumors that she was a man. Twist Kim, a singer and comedian, had a nervous breakdown after pornographic Web sites proliferated under his name, as if he had created them, causing television stations to spurn him.


In most countries, Internet users oppose government attempts to censor the Internet. In South Korea, however, in both government-funded and private surveys, a majority of people support official intervention to check unbridled freedom of speech on the Internet.


A poll taken in November showed that nearly one of 10 South Koreans from 13 to 65 said they had experienced cyberviolence.


The problem in South Korea may presage what will happen in other countries, according to the authorities, who have begun cracking down on the problem.


"In the past few years, the Internet has grown in South Korea explosively," said Kim Sung Ho, secretary general at Kinternet, a lobby of domestic portals. "The Internet community has developed faster and stronger in South Korea than elsewhere. So we are struggling with its side effects earlier than other nations."


Since last year, dozens of people have been indicted on charges of criminal contempt or slander for writing or spreading malicious online insults about victims like Kim Myong Jae. They face fines of as much as 2 million won, or $2,067.


This month, the National Assembly will debate a bill that would require the nation's 30 major Internet portals and newspaper Web sites to confirm the identities of visitors before allowing them to use bulletin boards, the main channel of cyberviolence.


"The idea is to make people feel more responsible for what they are posting on the Net," said Oh Sang Kyoon, a director at the Ministry of Information and Communications. "Victims cannot live a normal life. They quit jobs and run away from society. They even flee the country. It's like lynching victims in a 'people's court on the Web.'"


Some critics question whether such a law would solve the problem. Cyberviolence, they say, has been increasing even though most of the country's major Web sites are already applying the policy.


"This is violating privacy in the name of protecting it," said Oh Byoung Il, director general at jinbo.net, a civic group. "It discourages anonymous whistle- blowers. It impedes the free flow of communication, the soul of the Internet."


Official interference will also discriminate in favor of foreign portals like Google, said Kim of Kinternet. For instance, when users search for "sex" in a South Korean portal, they must first prove they are adults by supplying personal data - a requirement that does not apply to the Korean-language Google, which operates with an overseas server.


But Kim Myong Jae condemned the portals as willing accomplices in online mob attacks. While painfully slow to respond to victims' complaints, Kim said, the portals - the largest of which, naver.com, attracts 15 million users a day - highlight real-time lists of the most- clicked-on news, thus helping spread sensational, and often libelous, items.


Kim said he had filed suit against the nation's top four portals: Naver, Daum, Yahoo! Korea and Nate.


And portals say they are now screening their contents more vigorously. "Rather than being an arena for sound debate, the Web bulletin boards have to some extent become a place for verbal defecation," said Choi Soo Yeon, a naver.com spokeswoman. "We have 300 monitors who work round the clock to delete abusive and defamatory language." But ultimately, the portals say, the users who post on the Web should be responsible for content.


South Korea saw an explosion of Internet users as the country emerged from decades of military rule, and citizens jumped on the new technology as a way of expressing long-suppressed views. About 33 million South Koreans - out of a population of 48 million - use the Internet, most of them with broadband connections. And many of them are not shy about their feelings.


News articles on portals or newspaper Web sites often are accompanied by feedback sections, where readers comments. Some news articles attract thousands of entries, ranging from thoughtful comments to raving obscenities. When suspicions first emerged last year that the cloning expert Hwang Woo Suk had faked his groundbreaking work, few dared to speak in public against the man lionized as a hero. Scientists, who unveiled evidence of fabrication through anonymous postings, brought about Hwang's downfall.


One of the most famous victims of online mob rule was the so-called "dog- poop girl." A cellphone photograph of a girl who failed to clean up after her dog in a subway car was posted on the Internet. For weeks, people pursued her relentlessly; the girl reportedly dropped out of school as a result.


To Kim Myong Jae, it was familiar. "Two months after I became the target, I visited a plaza near my old company. I dressed differently. Still a person reported my appearance on the Web, how I looked and how that person felt sick to see me," Kim said. "It's a handicap I may have to carry for a long time."









Judge Rules NSA Wiretapping Unconstitutional



Aaron & Andy List 101 Link Building Methods.




Buying Links at TLA... The Movie!



101 Ways To Keep Aaron Wall & Andy Hagans busy!



20 FREE Text Link Ads T Shirts!



ASP.NET Now Supported



Wholesale Cart Adoption or Bad Icon Push?



Google's Free WiFI launches early



is it an exploit or not ...after all if it walks like etc..



Summer of Reading - Link building 101



No RSS Feed? No Problem - FeedTier to the Rescue



Sexiest SEO and Marketing Websites



Google Suggest API - Where did it Come From



Privacy, Information, and Technology



Law Review Submissions, Final August Version



Lateral Moves by Law School Faculty 2006



Flash Gets Live Video Encoding Application



Earn money from affiliate program is very easy.






Could you review my site?



Windows Live Safety Scanner Now Under OneCare Umbrella






ConsumerReports Creates 5,500 Viruses


A host of critics assailed the online home of Consumer Reports for creating thousands of new viruses to test a dozen popular antivirus programs.


McAfee's Igor Muttik posted his concerns about the Consumer Reports testing. The magazine's website described what they perceived as a need for this type of assessment:


We hadn't seen any independent evaluation of antivirus software that measured how well products battle both known and new viruses, so we set out to fill that gap.


We tested a comprehensive selection of antivirus software for consumers in ways that accurately reflect real-world conditions, enlisting the help of consultants at Independent Security Evaluators (ISE), a computer-security consulting firm.


Together, we ran the 12 popular products in our Ratings through a grueling, custom-designed obstacle course.


That obstacle course consisted of "5,500 new virus variants derived from six categories of known viruses, the kind you'd most likely encounter in real life."






Our unique antivirus testing: How we did it







Shall we all write viruses to find the best antivirus?












































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Dell Customer Support Implodes


Dell's notorious customer support operation seems set to implode under the weight of millions of complaints following the huge 'exploding battery' recall. The phones are overloaded most of the time. Once you are in the queue there is a good chance that you will be disconnected and have to go through the whole thing again.





Dell customer support implodes

Assault and battery


DELL'S notorious customer support operation seems set to implode under the weight of millions of complaints following the huge 'exploding battery' recall.


To be fair, Dell has known that its customer support arm was the weak point in its operation and was spending millions making it better.


Unfortunately it could not have predicted what the impact of the recall of more than 4.1 million batteries could do its already ailing system.


Dell’s response has been to set up a hotline, in a bid to drive the battery callers away from its already beleagured customer support teams. However the average waiting time, listening to classical music, to get to a human is now 30 minutes.


That is if you get through. The phones are overloaded most of the time. Once you are in the queue there is a good chance that you will be disconnected and have to go through the whole thing again.


A spokesperson for Dell has admitted to Business Week that there are long telephone delays, saying the company had already received 90,000 orders for new batteries. She suggested using the Dell battery programme site ( https://www.dellbatteryprogram.com/ ) for a faster service.









Buzz Aldrin - UFO spotted on Apollo 11, never mentioned for public's sake



Apollo 11 'UFO' - Buzz Aldrin




Oceans of Garbage: World's Largest Dump is a Texas-Sized Patch of Water



Oceans of Garbage





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Explosives Linked to London Plot Found - The Blotter


A suitcase containing the powerful homemade high explosive HMTD and other bomb making components was found cached in the woods near High Wycombe, London, according to sources close to the London airline plot investigation.


ABC News has learned it is one of several discoveries in recent days near the area where several of the suspects lived. Sources say other discoveries include the precursor chemicals to making this explosive, which can be made from easily purchased materials used in cooking, camping and a variety of household products. Authorities are intensely looking for other buried caches of bomb making materials which they suspect are going to be found in the woods.


The explosive found in the suitcase is HMTD, which is very easy to detonate through heat, shock or friction. It is often used in blasting caps and other primary charges -- that is the smaller charges used to detonate larger charges -- such as a commercially made plastic explosive. In this case, however, it is currently believed to be an explosive used as a main charge.









Lieberman Blogged Down in Connecticut

Ned Lamont Credits 'Netroots' Activists for Aiding Primary Win


There are any number of reasons why Sen. Joe Lieberman got slaughtered like a Paschal Lamb on Tuesday night in his primary battle to hold on to his Senate seat, losing to anti-war multimillionaire Ned Lamont, 52 percent to 48 percent.


Chief among them: the former Democratic vice presidential nominee's support for the extremely unpopular war in Iraq.


At Lamont headquarters Tuesday night, crowds chanted "Bring them home!," a reference to U.S. troops.


An anti-incumbency mood is also sweeping the nation. Private polls indicate that more than 90 percent of Connecticut Democrats feel the United States is on the "wrong track" — a staggeringly high number.


In addition, Lamont, worth several hundred million dollars, was able to give his own campaign at least $4 million.


There is also no question that bloggers — those online diarists simultaneously celebrated as a bold, new generation of citizen activists and derided as nasty socially challenged scribblers on a virtual bathroom wall — played a major role as well.








Changes in Our Solar System: Is Trouble Coming? Hawking Answers



Aug. 16, 2006 — For the first time in recent memory, the universe is under scrutiny and the solar system we all learned in grade school may be turned upside down.


Astronomers are now reassessing what makes a planet a planet, so curiosity about our existence in this solar system is peaking.


Could the human race go extinct?


According to Stephen Hawking, one of the world's leading theoretical physicists, the possibility of our extinction should be a wake-up call to us all.


Hawking sat down with ABC News to give his perspective on the devastation our civilization could face in the next century.


Here are a few excerpts from Hawking's conversation with Elizabeth Vargas.



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Attorney: Woman arrested for flight disturbance 'barely lucid'


BOSTON, Massachusetts (AP) -- A woman on a trans-Atlantic flight diverted to Boston for security concerns passed several notes to crew members, urinated on the cabin floor and made comments the crew believed were references to al-Qaeda and the September 11 attacks, according to an affidavit filed Thursday.


Catherine C. Mayo, 59, of Braintree, Vermont, appeared in federal court Thursday on a charge of interfering with a flight crew on United 923 as it flew from London to Washington, D.C., Wednesday.


She was dressed in a Rolling Stones T-shirt and socks without shoes for the hearing and was ordered held pending a detention and probable cause hearing next Thursday.


Her attorney, federal public defender Page Kelley, said Mayo was "just barely lucid" when they spoke. "She's got some very serious mental health problems."


Mayo's son, Josh, 31, described his mother as a peace activist and said she had been in Pakistan since March. She traveled there often since making a pen pal prior to September 11, 2001, he said. The pen pal hasn't been allowed to visit the U.S., he added.


"I guess she just had a bit of a bad time on the plane, and everybody's a little paranoid," the son said. (Watch how jitters make for unfriendly skies -- 2:07)


The scare aboard United 923 came just a week after London authorities said they foiled a terror plot to blow up trans-Atlantic flights. As many as 17 people have been arrested in Pakistan in connection with the London terror plot, but federal officials have said they have no indications that Mayo had any links to terrorism.

Banned items


Mayo does have clear connections to Pakistan. The Daily Times of Pakistan has published columns she has written, including one on March 18, 2003, in which she criticized President Bush.


"The folk songs of the 1960s will never be written again because of President George Bush," she wrote. "He has hampered the liberties of my country in the name of September 11. Songs now can only talk of patriotism they cannot mention peace."


Mayo's passport indicates she left Pakistan and entered the United Kingdom on Tuesday, according to the affidavit by FBI Special Agent Daniel Choldin filed in U.S. District Court in Boston.


In the affidavit, Choldin says flight attendants noticed Mayo about 90 minutes into the flight because she was pushing against the aircraft bulkhead. When the attendant told her to return to her seat, Mayo said she wanted to speak to an air marshal and made statements about knowing that people wanted to see what was in her bag.


FBI spokeswoman Gail Marcinkiewicz confirmed Thursday that authorities found a screwdriver and an unspecified number of cigarette lighters in her bag, items which are banned under new security regulations. Marcinkiewicz also confirmed that matches were found in Mayo's bag.


She also had a bottle of water, which did not appear to be supplied by the flight crew. It wasn't clear how the items made it through airport security, which has been significantly tightened since the terror plot arrests.


Later during the flight, according to the affidavit, Mayo asked a flight attendant: "Is this a training flight for United Flight 93?" The flight attendant didn't know if she made a mistake because the flight was actually Flight 923, or if she was referring to Flight 93, the hijacked plane that crashed in Pennsylvania on September 11.


She was "biting her fingers, rubbing her feet and in a constant state of movement. She appeared very agitated," the affidavit said.


She also wrote in a note and said to flight attendants that she had been in a country illegally, and later said she had photographs of Pakistan.


"She stated that the photographs would be awful, and she indicated that they related to the people that she had been with in the mountains of Pakistan," the affidavit said.


Flight attendants summoned the captain, who spoke to Mayo. During the conversation, she made reference to there being "six steps to building some unspecified thing."


"She made reference to being with people associated with two words. She stated that she could not say what the two words were because the last time that she had said the two words she had been kicked off of a flight in the United Arab Emirates," according to the affidavit.


The captain and purser both believed that she was referring to al Qaeda, Choldin wrote.

'She was in a frenzy'


About 35 minutes later, when she tried to go to the bathroom, the flight attendants directed her to a different lavatory. Instead, she pulled down her pants and urinated on the floor, Choldin wrote in the affidavit, which was based on his interviews and those of other federal officials.


At that point, the captain ordered her restrained. Two male passengers helped a flight attendant tackle Mayo and restrain her in plastic cuffs.


The flight, with 182 passengers, landed safely at Logan Airport with the escort of two F-15 fighter jets.


Gov. Mitt Romney said later that the woman was claustrophobic and became so upset that she had to be restrained. Passengers said she appeared to have emotional problems.


"She was in a frenzy," passenger Martin Drinkwater of London, England, told The Boston Globe. "She then pulled her trousers and knickers down and squatted on the floor."


Antony Nash, 31, of San Diego, California, said he grew nervous watching the muttering woman seated near him, as she paced and made too many trips to the bathroom. The pilot did not make a general announcement to passengers of what was happening.


"I noticed F-15s next to the plane. I said, 'Oh my God.' And then we saw the emergency vehicles," Nash said.







Greenfield: Running against Wal-Mart

Does the big-box retailer deserve to be a political target?



'Sixth Sense' star faces jail time



Death leap father 'murder charge'



Report: UK bomb suitcase found





Ecuador volcano destroys villages


BANOS, Ecuador (AP) -- Showers of incandescent rock and lava from a volcanic eruption in Ecuador's Andes mountains destroyed nearby villages, killing at least one resident and sending thousands fleeing.


Ecuadorean officials said they feared the death toll from the eruption of the Tungurahua volcano could rise because 60 people remained missing Thursday after the eruption smothered houses, damaged access roads and blocked the flow of three rivers.


Volcanic ash rained down about 230 kilometers (140 miles) to the west after Tungurahua's 5,023-meter-high (16,575-foot-high) crater filled with magma and then exploded overnight.


The volcano was still unleashing a blast of gas and ash Thursday that reached as high as 8 kilometers (5 miles) into the sky.


"Does God do this in other places or does this only happen here?" said Hortensia Chicaiza as she desperately searched for food for her livestock in ash-laden vegetation near the town of Queros, 20 kilometers (12 miles) northwest of the volcano.


At least a dozen villages on the volcano's western slopes were seriously damaged or destroyed.


"This is an indescribable catastrophe," said Juan Salazar, mayor of Penipe, one of the villages. "The houses have collapsed. The rocks that fell caused injuries and burns."


In the village of Palitagua, roofs were pocked and perforated by flaming rocks, and there was heavy damage to the villages of Bilbao and Penipe.


Three other villages -- Chilibu, Choglontuz and Palitagua -- "no longer exist -- everything is wiped out," Salazar said.


Televised images showed just the tops of electricity poles jutting out from the smoldering pyroclastic flow that smothered 107 homes in the village of Juibe Grande, on the volcano's northwest slope. Authorities said that village's 600 residents escaped in time.


They were less sure about the many holdouts who refused to answer evacuation orders Wednesday in three hamlets high on the slopes of the volcano, which is some 135 kilometers (85 miles) south of the capital of Quito.


The pyroclastic flow -- superheated material that shoots down the sides of volcanoes like a fiery avalanche at up to 300 kph (190 mph) -- damaged roads and blocked the Patate, Puela and Chambo rivers.


That forced the shutdown of the Agoyan hydroelectric plant about six kilometers (four miles) from the volcano, denying power to all or part of four jungle provinces in Ecuador, already in a serious energy crunch due to a prolonged drought.


A doctor said about 50 people from Penipe were treated for burns caused by "pyroclastic flows and incandescent rocks that burned them as they tried to flee."


He said they also were injured by superheated vapor. "It was a scene of chaos, a Dantesque situation," Dr. Hernan Ayala told Ecuador's Channel 4 from a medical center in Riobamba, where many of the victims were taken. "There are six whom we consider the most grave, one of them with burns over 85 percent of the body."


The ash cloud reached almost all the way from the Andes to the Pacific, forcing flights between Quito and Ecuador's largest city of Guayaquil to be suspended due to poor visibility, said Quito's airport chief, Rene Estrella.


Ecuador's Civil Defense said about 4,500 people were able to escape the rivers of fire -- a horrific sight to villagers in the middle of the frigid Andean night.


Rescuers recovered the body of a 50-year-old man in Penipe and four others were believed trapped under the rubble.


"There are 60 other people who are on the high flanks of the volcano whom we could not get to this morning," Salazar said.


Along villages and towns that were not evacuated, people organized to try to clear roads of the ash that swirled in clouds with every passing vehicle.


"We're buried in ash between five and 10 centimeters (two and four inches) thick," said Manuel Caizabanda, mayor of Pelileo, 18 kilometers (11 miles) northwest of the volcano. "There is nothing left of our agriculture. We ask for help, support for the people and the large and small livestock."


President Alfredo Palacio said the government had released US$2 million (euro1.55 million) to help people displaced by the eruption.


Col. Robert Rodriguez, deputy director of Ecuador's Civil Defense, said more than half the residents of Banos -- a popular tourist city of 18,000 at the northeast foot of the volcano -- had evacuated, many fleeing before dawn as the ash rained down.


By daylight, Banos was covered in a thick brown soup, its houses, cars and roads smothered, its trees ripped bare.


Banos resident Gabriela Gonzalez went out at dawn with a cloth bag to collect pieces of volcanic rock that had rained down.


"Later we will sell these to these same gringo" tourists, she said.


After remaining dormant for eight decades, Tungurahua rumbled back to life in 1999 and has been active ever since.


About 3,700 people were ordered to evacuate the volcano's slopes in July after a sharp spike in the eruptive force, but many later returned.


Geophysics Institute Director Hugo Yepes said this eruption intensified over a 19-hour period before ending sometime between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. local time (0700-0800 GMT) on Thursday.


While the volcano appeared to be in "state of total calm," he added that the prospect of more destructive eruptions could not be ruled out.








Death upheld for doomsday chemist



Ford slashes production

Automaker to have 10 plants idled for significant periods during the rest of the year as it cuts fourth quarter output 21% from year-ago levels.



British plane diverted to Italy after bomb scare



Questions swirl around Karr's admissions

Prosecutor: 'Much more work' remains in JonBenet Ramsey case




Some questions for JonBenet investigators





Hey Anderson Cooper, why don't you get your Blog with the program and provide Permalinks like all the other Cyber Journalists in the Blogosphere?


I research hundreds if not thousands of blogs each day. Most blogs provide Permalinks. For those of you who are intellectually challenged, allow me to lead you by the hand: A Permalink is a link that can be clicked which will point to an individual entry on any given blog. I am rather irked and upset that the Anderson Cooper 360 Blog does not appear to have Permalinks that deep link to each of the blog's news stories. Why is this, Anderson Cooper??? YOU ARE A CYBER JOURNALIST. COME CLEAN.


I am utterly frackin' OUTRAGED, that I am FORCED to link only to the main page of the Anderson Cooper 360 Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anderson Cooper 360 Blog



























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Ramsey suspect awaits expulsion to U.S.



Are Your Reading My Other Blogs?



Small Business Branding, by Yaro Starak



Blog Traffic School Pre-Launch Blog, by Yaro Starak



Check Out These Business Blogs




Dell to use AMD Chips in Desktop PCs



Dell adds AMD chips to desktop PC line



The FBI Software Upgrade That Wasn't



The FBI's Upgrade That Wasn't

$170 Million Bought an Unusable Computer System


As far as Zalmai Azmi was concerned, the FBI's technological revolution was only weeks away.


It was late 2003, and a contractor, Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC), had spent months writing 730,000 lines of computer code for the Virtual Case File (VCF), a networked system for tracking criminal cases that was designed to replace the bureau's antiquated paper files and, finally, shove J. Edgar Hoover's FBI into the 21st century.


Zalmai Azmi, the FBI's top technology officer, discovered widespread flaws in promised software.


Five years after 9/11, the FBI has spent millions of dollars on computer software that never worked properly and is still burdened with one of the government's most outdated computer systems.


It appeared to work beautifully. Until Azmi, now the FBI's technology chief, asked about the error rate.


Software problem reports, or SPRs, numbered in the hundreds, Azmi recalled in an interview. The problems were multiplying as engineers continued to run tests. Scores of basic functions had yet to be analyzed.





Apple Denies Wi-Fi Flaw, Researchers Confirm




Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms


Yesterday's ruling on the NSA warrantless wiretapping program could mean that businesses that assisted in the program are in for some serious legal problems.




Wiretap Ruling Threatens Telecoms


Businesses accused of helping the Bush Administration eavesdrop on customers could be in for a legal bruising.


Telecommunications and Internet companies accused of working with the Bush Administration's domestic eavesdropping program could be in for more legal headaches, after a federal judge ruled Thursday that the warrantless wiretaps violated the constitution.


U.S. District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit dealt a major blow to the White House in a 43-page opinion that said President George W. Bush exceeded his authority and that the program violated the First and Fourth Amendments protecting free speech and privacy. She ordered the National Security Agency to immediately halt a secret program that monitors telephone calls and e-mails of Americans that are in contact with suspected terrorists.


FUTURE FIGHT. The federal government plans to appeal the case, which appears headed for the Supreme Court. The American Civil Liberties Union, which brought the suit against the NSA, agreed to temporarily allow the wiretapping program to continue, while the Justice Dept. prepares to fight the court's decision at a hearing scheduled for Sept. 7.


U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he was disappointed and that he and the administration "respectfully disagree" with the ruling, saying the program has been extremely effective and important to national security.








Sony UK Refused P2P Software Patent



ASP.NET Now Supported



The Death Of Reciprocal Links



How to build your directory of networked sites



Google - Another Bad Data Push?



Illegal NSA Spying Program to End



Federal judge orders halt to NSA spy program



Levi's Thinks Google Checkout is Pure Pants



Report : Net censorship 'morally unacceptable'



Warning: Do Not Use Google Sitemaps!!



Google Suggest API - Where did it Come From



Writely Finally Goes Public



How a Best Posts Page Will Increase Your Blog Subscribers



Ranking 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space



Which Search Blogs Am I Most Likely To Read In More Detail?





Experimentation and Off Topic Posts



Top 11 Reasons SEO is Better Than PPC



Top 10 Reasons PPC is better than SEO



Lateral Moves by Law School Faculty 2006



NSA Surveillance and the First Amendment



The First Amendment as Criminal Procedure





Now Playing in a Bankruptcy Court Near You



Law Review Articles Citing Blogs



Skillz and Influence



Whatever Else It Is, It Is Poorly Written





Screen Resolution and Page Layout



Optimize Web pages for 1024x768, but use a liquid layout that stretches well for any resolution, from 800x600 to 1280x1024.






Yahoo! rejected?



phpBB and security



CountryName Domains going cheap ___ iMalaysia.org



Another Google Crawl issue



Business is everything - Everything is business



Miko67 - Business Directory



Software Providers Annoy Bug Hunters



Flaw finders to software makers: It's payback time



Bug hunters, software firms in uneasy alliance



Microsoft investigates another IE flaw report
















The VPN That Wouldn't



Cisco: PIX Flaw Remains Unconfirmed



Sophos Warns Of Bogus Berlusconi Email



Judge Rules Wiretapping Prog. Unconstitutional



Judge nixes warrantless surveillance



Tibetan Exiles Hit With DDoS



Another Lesson On Corporate Blogging



DVD And TV Info Added To Ask.com



A Tip On Evangelizing Your Blog



The 120 Day Wonder: How to Evangelize a Blog



Google Code Jam 2006 Registration Is Now Open



Grassroots Innovation



Up next: 'YouTube' of video games?




New Encoding Application Released For Flash




Convert RSS Feeds To Dynamic HTML Web Pages


Many webmasters have realized the benefit of using RSS to dynamically update websites. This means that the website content automatically changes when the RSS feed is updated.


This allows for webmasters to serve dynamic content or a mixture of static and dynamic content on their website.




Often, publishers, interested in expanding their base, will allow other webmasters to republish the contents of an RSS feed. Content providers that allow for syndication, receive additional exposure, and the webmasters serving the content, will generally see web traffic increase as a result of the new content. RSS feeds can be syndicated or displayed using a variety of different methods. Depending on the web host, server configuration, and the intent of the publishers, a variety of different syndication tools exist.


In most cases, providers convert RSS feeds to HTML in order to display the feeds contents. The following are some of the more popular methods to convert RSS feeds as web based content.


Hosted Services


The easiest of solution is not server dependent, a third party host displays the contents of the feed. The downside to using a hosted service is that you are relying on a third party. If the third party's website has problems, your content will not be displayed. Additionally, webmasters often cannot customize the way the contents are displayed on hosted servers and there is no real search engine benefit to third party hosting.






PeopleSoft CRM Targets Comm & Financial



Adobe PHP SDK Takes An Update



Mystery Site Is "Not For Noobs"



Katie Couric To Be Broadcast And Webcast



Beta Blogger Becoming Better



Beta Update!





EFF Says To Search Responsibly


After calling privacy reform legislation and for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to investigate AOL's Data Valdez, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has issued a set of guidelines for keeping you private search history private.


The EFF posted the guidelines on their website, a laundry lists of do's and don'ts that remind the reader that the only surefire way to remain private on the Internet is to not go on the Internet. But that won't do at all, will it?


Guidelines include refraining from searching with queries containing personally identifying information (which will put a damper on your ego-surfing), shunning your ISP's search engine, avoiding personalized search accounts, and refusing cookies.






How To Keep Your Search History Private - EFF.Org






Conspiracy Theories And AOL



Google Insiders Deflate The Stock



Truth in advertising




Finding journalists who blog




Pitching Tips: Reaching Journalists through Blogs



My San Antonio: Their list of Blogs




How to build traffic to your web site


Blogger James Woods provides ten tips for building web site traffic. His Online Marketing for Dummies blog is filled with helpful articles for small and home-based businesses, but the general rules and guidelines presented in his "Top 10" articles work for almost any-sized business.


Oh yeah, and those tips:


1. Write simple, "how to" articles.

2. Provide viral, desktop applications that build brand recognition.

3. Find and link to related web sites (remember to ask for reciprocal links).

4. Be sure to have a bookmark link on all of your pages.

5. Build and distribute your own e-Zine.

6. Create and distribute "how to" ebooks from your web site.

7. Become a regular poster to online forums that will give your site greater visibility.

8. Be sure to include your site's url in all of your off-line marketing materials.

9. Burn your best programs and information on CD/DVD and distribute to interested parties.

10. Syndicate your site's content using RSS feeds and blogs.





Something's gotta give



Online Ad Growth Won't Make up for Lost Print Revenue



HotTopics: Deadline With Destiny: Newspaper Industry Faces $20 Billion Gap




AKQA's bus ad campaign is going places



Designing a universal user interest profile to deliver better content and advertising



Oil Future(s)



Oil - right



Utilities ?



Notable Quote



Online Video Zeitgeist Debuts




10 Things Every Company Should Monitor



10 things you should be monitoring - Pronet Advertising



10 things you should be monitoring (and a few more from me)





links for 2006-08-18





Washington Post Launches Blogroll Ad Network




CHECK THIS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


xFruits Teaches Your Feeds New Tricks









Two starved to death in epic sea voyage


MEXICO CITY (Reuters) - Three Mexicans who survived for nine months as their small fishing boat drifted across the Pacific Ocean tossed two other men overboard after they died of starvation during the journey, officials said on Thursday.


The three were rescued last week by a trawler more than 5,000 miles from Mexico's Pacific Coast fishing village of San Blas, where they left for what was supposed to be a routine shark fishing trip last November.


Stranded on the high seas for nine months, they stayed alive by eating raw birds and fish and drinking rain water, but the government said on Thursday that two other men perished during the ordeal and were thrown overboard.





Woman accused of heroin-soaked panties



Know when to wear 'em, know when to bare 'em...





Letter threatens to blow up Taj Mahal


LUCKNOW, India - Soldiers were on 24-hour guard at the Taj Mahal after officials received a letter threatening to blow up the monument, officials said Friday.


Authorities were investigating a handwritten letter received Thursday — purportedly sent by an al-Qaida supporter — that said the terrorist group planned blasts at the 17th century monument, which drew nearly 2.5 million tourists last year.


"Police are verifying the source of the letter," said Ashok Kumar, a senior government official in Uttar Pradesh state where the Taj Mahal is located. "The letter could be false but we cannot afford to be complacent. We are not taking any chances and have enhanced security at the Taj."






10 great health foods: Best bets for eating well




Ramsey suspect awaits expulsion to U.S.




What Should Your Company Monitor?





Google Beams-up Star Trek Geeks





Google boldly goes for Trekkies


San Francisco - Google duplicated the helm of the fictional Starship Enterprise and embarked on a mission in Las Vegas to recruit engineers, at a gathering on Thursday of Star Trek devotees.


More than 10 000 fans of the Star Trek franchise that began with a television series debut in September of 1966 were expected by organisers to make pilgrimages to the official annual convention at the Las Vegas Hilton.


Google Earth chief technologist Michael Jones, who quipped that his job was to make certain Google's mapping service was "the warp drive of computer graphics", commanded a booth modelled after the Enterprise bridge.


"You sit in the captain's chair and the main screen is Google Earth," Jones said. "It is cool. People go to their house, China, Singapore, The Netherlands...it has been fun."


Google deemed the convention a prime place to search for talent because the fans tend to be tech-savvy, passionate, and in tune with the show's theme of expanding the boundaries of human accomplishment, according to Jones.


"It is the spirit of getting to a distant planet, solving a problem and coming home - making the universe a smaller place," Jones said.


Jones, 46, spoke of watching Star Trek as a child and being inspired by the "tricorders" characters "beamed" onto strange planets would use to quickly learn its composition, atmosphere and life forms.


"It was the notion that you could be smart about something you couldn't quite see, but was around the corner," Jones said.


'We are people with passion'


"Through Google Earth, when you land at your Paris hotel you can see the Champs de Lysee and things to do. You get a sense of the planet."


Attending the convention was also depicted by Google as an opportunity to let people meet some of the humans behind the globally renowned internet search engine.


"It is good for us to get out and let people see that we are not insufferably arrogant or unapproachably brilliant," Jones said. "We are people with passion."


The Google clan felt a kindred spirit with Star Trek fans that unabashedly demonstrated devotion by dressing up as favourite characters, stocking up on mementos, and seeking autographs from actors.


In a lighthearted blog entry, Google technical writer Tom Galloway referred to the television show's Captain James T Kirk as an early blogger due to the "captain's log" he narrated in episodes.


The crew's flip-open communicators could be seen as predecessors to popular cellphone models, according to Galloway.


"And the crew was constantly asking the ship's computer for information...sort of like Google," Galloway wrote.


"Scotty and Spock, the engineer and the scientist, certainly were childhood inspirations to many Googlers. Now we've (somewhat) grown up, and often work on things that seem right out of the show."






Google Attracting Major Shareholders



Lee Odden Gets a Facelift?



Washington Post Joins Paid Text Link Business



Marketing of Cookies Half-Baked




Click Fraud Has No Single Answer



Waging War Against Click Fraud




Red Hot Chili Peppers Get Social Philanthropy



Dooce On Stupid Pet Tricks



Google AdSense Got Game



Google Pro Creates AdSense Game for Budding Entrepreneurs



The End of Static Pages!



Salvaging a Poorly Developed Website, What's the best option?



I am a Novice and I plan to make a website soon, ..need help




Create an API for any site with Dapper



Dapper: Blotter (Blog Plotter)






Roundup: The VC Carwash, Popsugar, Khosla's latest, Facebook opens, Decentral.TV, Blotter






Picture of Zune Device on CrunchGear



More Microsoft Zune Details




Google’s Writely released; will another sector be squashed?



Ready To Party?







Alright I am gonna parse this TechCrunch article so that it will be easy and effortless for everyone to cut and paste the article and its associated links.


Google’s Writely released; will another sector be squashed?


Online ajax-rich word processor Writely ( http://www.writely.com/ ) began accepting new accounts today ( http://writely.blogspot.com/2006/08/writel...s-now-open.html ) after closing registration when the company was acquired by Google in March ( http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/03/09/write...le-acquisition/ ) A number of startups who used to compete with Writely will now have to challenge Google.


Writely’s acquisition fueled talk of a Google Office suite of services, a vision made more real by the subsequent launch of Google Spreadsheets ( http://www.techcrunch.com/tag/Google-Spreadsheets/ ) and Google Calender ( http://www.techcrunch.com/tag/Google-Calendar/ ). A Google Drive ( http://www.techcrunch.com/tag/Google-Drive/ ) for online storage has long been rumored to be just around the corner and analysts at Gartner ( http://www.gartner.com/ ) have predicted that a Google PowerPoint type service will be released some time this year. (Gartner references Thumbstacks [ http://thumbstacks.com/ ], see also Zoho Show [ http://zohoshow.com/login.sas ] and our coverage [ http://www.techcrunch.com/tag/Thumbstacks/ ] of both [ http://www.techcrunch.com/tag/Zoho/ ].)


Writely is collaboration friendly, can import Word documents, save to PDF, OpenOffice, Rich Text Format and zip. The system autosaves your documents every 10 seconds and offers online storage. Google Accounts will soon be used for signing in. Writely works on Mozilla based browsers and IE only.


Writely got the best review in a recent CNet round-up ( http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-9239_7-662747...?tag=cnetfd.ld3 ) that goes into detail on its features and compares it to Zoho Writer ( http://www.zohowriter.com/login.sas ) [ our coverage: ( http://www.techcrunch.com/tag/Zoho_Writer/ ) ], Think Free Online ( http://www.thinkfree.com/common/main.tfo ) and Glide Write ( http://glidedigital.com/ ). Other tools in this class include Rallypoint ( http://www.techcrunch.com/2005/12/08/rally...-word-solution/ ) and WriteBoard ( http://www.techcrunch.com/2005/10/02/write...ature-upgrades/ ).


Now that Writely is publicly available in the Google suite, do these other vendors stand a chance? They certainly may, but yesterday’s surrender from calendar company Kiko ( http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/08/16/ajax-...elete-accounts/ ) - with a nod to Google Calendar - certainly makes you wonder.

























































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More on the way..


JonBenet suspect awaits extradition



Bomb note on plane was 'false alarm'




The Thalamus - The Kernel in Your Mind



Your Brain Boots Up Like a Computer




Consumer Reports Creates Viruses to Test Software







Boeing Scraps In-flight Internet Access



Boeing exits in-flight broadband




15" PowerBook at 1920 x 1200 (WUXGA) screen resolution





iTank: The Most Secure iPod Case Ever!





Learn how to build an Ajax RSS reader





In terror war, phone sales raise alarm






“Programming PIC Microcontrollers in BASIC” — online, free ebook





Create an API for any site with Dapper




Skype + Outlook = Skylook!





Consumer Reports: The Cost of Spam




The Cost of Spam







Irish Man Invents Free Energy Device - Prove Him Wrong.



Steorn’s Free Energy Technology Challenge





Police abuse in Miami. Cop says, "F@$K YOU PUT IT ON YOUR WEBSITE"


Police dressed in all black, fire on peaceful protesters not doing anything. They are not harassing or getting anybody riled up. They get shot gunned with rubber bullets in the face, blood gushes, and the police laugh, cheer and act likes it's a football game. Turn up the volume it is not very loud. Enjoy the police state! It will get worse!



Woman shot with rubber bullets at a protest in Miami VIDEO






Can Govt Make You Look Like A Terrorist? You Bet! Look at this graphic




Drug-resistant skin infection spreading



Drug-resistant skin infection spreading




Reaction: White House Vows To Fight For Wiretaps




Top 10 Stupid Things that Smart IT Pros Still Do



Peter Coffee's Top 10 Stupid Things that Smart IT Pros Still Do





Couple to AOL: Stop searching for spammer's gold



Couple to AOL: Stop searching for spammer's gold



Bush: US deficit will be halved ahead of 2009 goal



Bush blasts court ruling on surveillance



JonBenet's mom almost met with suspect






List of songs about weather



Welcome to MusicBrainz!



MusicBrainz Blog



MusicBrainz Wiki




U.S. Evangelicals Speak Out on Climate Change





Vacubomb project




Phishers Luring People With Fake Charity Sites


Charity scams are nothing new. I seem to recall a story a long time ago about a fake Salvation Army Santa stealing money from generous people.


It should come as no shock that similar crimes are happening on the internet, exploiting charitable generosity. It's a sad world.


Take for example a 20-year-old man who was recently busted in connection to a phishing site claiming to be a Hurricane Katrina charity. Sophos has the story on this:





Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide


Every single day, someone, somewhere is discussing something important to your business. Your brand, your executives, your competitors, your industry. Are they hyping-up your company, building buzz for your products? Or, are they criticizing your service, complaining to others about your new product launch?

A great brand can take months, if not years, and millions of dollars to build. It should be the thing you hold most precious.

It can be destroyed in hours by a blogger upset with your company.

A new product launch could take hundreds of TV commercials, dozens of newspaper ads, and an expensive ad agency.

It can also spread like a virus with the praise of just one customer, at one message board.

A company can dominate market share, throttle competition and hold the #1 brand in the world.

It can also crash in months if it fails to listen to what its customers want.




























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The Wiretapping Decision: Legal Blow or Political Boon?

A federal rules deals another setback to President Bush's war powers. Now comes the maneuvering




John Mark Karr's Strange Life as a Teacher

He moved from country to country and school to school, winding up in Thailand, where expatriate instructors have a special cachet



Stocks pull off a win



Pumping the fear factor out of oil

As more production comes online over the next few years, prices may ease by as much as $20 a barrel.




Nova Scotia: Fish, fog and ferries



Voodoo killer gets 28 years in prison



Police: Neighbor's severed head in suspect's car




Chinese domain name sells for $160,000





The Flier's Conundrum: What Can I Carry?



The Flier's Conundrum: What Can I Carry?


The rules were toughened, then eased, and many are still confused. A guide to what you can and can't take onboard — for now


A week after the aborted terror plot to smuggle liquid explosives aboard planes flying from London to the U.S., the air travel system is still trying to adapt. Some of the most draconian restrictions have been eased, but there's still a lot of confusion over what the rules are. With the end-of-summer travel peak approaching, TIME.com sorts through the latest rules on what you can and can't bring onboard your flight.


What liquids exactly can I carry on my flight?


If it splashes, bubbles or squeezes out of a tube, you can't take it on board. There are a few exceptions outlined on the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) website (www.tsa.gov). Those traveling with a baby or a toddler can carry small amounts of baby formula and breast milk — only as much as you need for your trip. Gel- and liquid-filled teethers are also allowed as well as canned, jarred and processed baby food.


Liquid medicines are also allowed. Liquid prescription medicine, if the name on the bottle matches the name on the traveler's ticket, and up to 5 oz. liquid or gel low-blood-sugar medications can be carried onto the plane. In an adjustment to the earlier restrictions, TSA also allows up to 4 oz. of "essential" non-prescription liquid medications.


Ewww! Do I really have to taste the breast milk?


No. Despite media reports to the contrary, no one has to taste breast milk. "You or your baby or toddler will not be asked to test or taste breast milk or formula," says TSA's website. "Our security officers will not test or taste formula or breast milk."


What about my lipstick and compact? Are they considered liquid?


Deciding if your Juicy Tube is a gel or a solid is up to whoever is tending the screening line when you walk through. The TSA website says "some solid or powdered cosmetics are permitted past the checkpoint; however, this is left to the discretion of the security officer." But if you don't want to risk losing it, put it in your checked luggage.


What do the security people do with all the liquids they confiscate?


They chuck them. "TSA-confiscated items are discarded in the same way we discard other prohibited items," says TSA spokeswoman Ellen Howe. If you get to the airport and suddenly realize you forgot to take your favorite face cream out of your purse, look around the screening area; some airports have a U.S. Mail drop box that allows you to send prohibited items to your destination and pay with a credit card or cash.


What about all that perfume I bought at the duty-free shop?


The days of walking onto an airplane with duty-free bags sloshing with Champagne and cologne are over. You can travel with liquids bought in the airport duty-free shops only if the items are delivered directly onto the aircraft. You can't carry them on yourself. But there's a catch. If you're changing planes after your international flight, those items have to be put into your checked baggage for the remaining U.S legs of your trip. So, on flights to the U.S. from Canada and the Bahamas where your checked luggage is often sent directly to your connecting flight, you run the risk of having those duty-free purchases confiscated before boarding your next flight.


What kind of carry-on luggage are you allowed to have?


Two. Same as before. On domestic flights in the U.S. you're allowed two carry-ons of the appropriate size. But clean out your purse. TSA is asking passengers to pack better and reduce clutter. This speeds up the screening process and allows security agents to more easily identify suspicious anomalies.


Can you bring a laptop onboard?


Yes. You still have to take your laptop out of your bag to go through the X-ray machine, but you can still take it on the plane. Same goes for iPods, cell phones and Game Boys.





FDA approves viruses as food additive


FDA approves viruses as food additive


Bacteriophages meant to kill harmful bacteria on lunch meats


WASHINGTON (AP) -- A mix of bacteria-killing viruses can be safely sprayed on cold cuts, hot dogs and sausages to combat common microbes that kill hundreds of people a year, federal health officials said Friday in granting the first-ever approval of viruses as a food additive.


The combination of six viruses is designed to be sprayed on ready-to-eat meat and poultry products, including sliced ham and turkey, said John Vazzana, president and chief executive officer of manufacturer Intralytix Inc.


The special viruses, called bacteriophages, are meant to kill strains of the Listeria monocytogenes bacterium, the Food and Drug Administration said in declaring it safe to use on ready-to-eat meats prior to their packaging.


The viruses are the first to win FDA approval for use as a food additive, said Andrew Zajac, of the regulatory agency's office of food additive safety.


The bacterium the viruses target can cause a serious infection called listeriosis, primarily in pregnant women, newborns and adults with weakened immune systems. In the United States, an estimated 2,500 people become seriously ill with listeriosis each year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of those, 500 die.


Luncheon meats are particularly vulnerable to Listeria since once purchased they typically aren't cooked or reheated, which can kill harmful bacteria like Listeria, Zajac said.


The preparation of bacteriophages -- the name is Greek for "bacteria-eater" -- attacks only strains of the Listeria bacterium and not human or plant cells, the FDA said.


"As long as it used in accordance with the regulations, we have concluded it's safe," Zajac said. People normally come into contact with phages through food, water and the environment, and they are found in our digestive tracts, the FDA said.


Consumers won't be aware that meat and poultry products have been treated with the spray, Zajac added. The Department of Agriculture will regulate the actual use of the product.


The viruses are grown in a preparation of the very bacteria they kill, and then purified. The FDA had concerns that the virus preparation potentially could contain toxic residues associated with the bacteria. However, testing did not reveal the presence of such residues, which in small quantities likely wouldn't cause health problems anyway, the FDA said.


"The FDA is applying one of the toughest food-safety standards which they have to find this is safe," said Caroline Smith DeWaal, director of food safety for the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group. "They couldn't approve this product if they had questions about its safety."


Intralytix, based in Baltimore, first petitioned the FDA in 2002 to allow the viruses to be used as a food additive. It has since licensed the product to a multinational company, which intends to market it worldwide, said Intralytix president Vazzana. He declined to name the company but said he expected it to announce its plans within weeks or months.


Intralytix also plans to seek FDA approval for another bacteriophage product to kill E. coli bacteria on beef before it is ground, Vazzana said.


Scientists have long studied bacteriophages as a bacteria-fighting alternative to antibiotics.






Judge's ruling divides 'big football town'



Activist holed up in church, agents not going in


CHICAGO, Illinois (AP) -- Immigration enforcement officers do not plan to enter a church where a single mother sought sanctuary rather than submit to deportation to Mexico, a government official said Friday.


But Elvira Arellano, 31, and her supporters say only a stay of deportation will ensure that she and her 7-year-old son, an American citizen, are not forcibly removed from the Adalberto United Methodist Church.


"The situation doesn't change," Arellano said in Spanish.


Arellano has been living in the church since Tuesday, when she was supposed to surrender to authorities for deportation.


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials had said they would apprehend Arellano at a time and place "of their choosing" and that nothing prevented them from going into the church.


But on Friday, a government official close to the case said immigration agents have decided against entering the church to remove Arellano.


The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because it is against ICE policy to discuss operational matters, said the Arellano case carries "no more priority than any of the other 500,000 fugitives nationally."


Arellano will be apprehended "at an appropriate time and place," the official said.


Arellano said she was unconvinced that immigration officials would not try to apprehend her at the church, where supporters kept a watchful eye on the flow of traffic at the front door.


"Until I have something in writing that says they are giving me an extension so that I can stay in the country with my son, for me there is no security," she said.


Arellano was deported shortly after illegally crossing into the United States in 1997. She returned within days. She was arrested in 2002 and convicted of working under a false Social Security number.


She has since become a vocal proponent for immigration reform and is president of United Latino Family, a group that lobbies for families that could be split by deportation.





JonBenet suspect to return to U.S. on Sunday






Recent blog posts from CNET News.com (including Blogma)







Planetary debate has bloggers' heads spinning - Blogma



What makes a planet? --Michael E. Brown, California Institute of Technology

The IAU has proposed a definition which would add hundreds of new planets to our solar system!

From the time of the announcement of the discovery of 2003 UB313 in late July 2005, the "planetary" status of 2003 UB313 and of Pluto have been in limbo. The International Astronomical Union (IAU), the group charged with classifying objects in space, has just released a proposed definition and will hold a vote on this proposal on August 24th. If you want to read about the IAU proposal, immediately jump to 4 below!






Son sues over Katrina wheelchair death




UK Gov't Spreads PR via YouTube



Feds Invade Second Life



NOAA Comes to Second Life



Yahoo! Open Sources Its Ad Campaign



links for 2006-08-19




Adobe PHP SDK Takes An Update



How To Create A Local IIS Web Site



How To Create A Remote IIS Web Site



Jill Whalen Interviewed At SES San Jose




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The 22 Immutable Laws of Blogging


Ripping off a starting point from Buzz Canuck, who gave us the 22 Immutable Laws of Word of Mouth Marketing, originally derived from Ries & Trout:


1. First Impressions Always Stick

2. Half Baked Ideas Are Better Than No Ideas

3. Big Voices, Small Minds

4. Good Ideas, Badly Presented

5. Catch Phrases Imply Wisdom

6. Intellectual Plagiarism Is Rarely Called Out

7. The Ends Justify The Means

8. Building An Audience: Political Theory Versus Fashion Commentary

9. The SlipStreaming to Notoriety By Commenting Strategy

10. Lost Alliances: Disappointment, Disillusionment, Betrayal and Retribution

11. Google Juice Bests All Comers

12. If I Blog, I Must Podcast

13. Pig-Headed Contrarians Stand Out

14. Setting Up An Intellectual Straw Man

15. Sympathy Drives Traffic

16. Go Big Or Go Home

17. Flying By the Seat Of Your Pants

18. The Sisyphus Corollary: Down Doesn’t Mean Out!

19. Another Day, Another Lame-Ass Idea To Float

20. Opposition By The MSM Validates Me

21. One Comment Is A Fad; Three Trackbacks Is A Trend

22. When In Doubt, Join A Blog Network






The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing


These are the chapter heading from The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing, by Ries & Trout, Harper Business.


1. It is better to be first than it is to be better.

2. If you can't be first in a category, set up a new category you can be first in.

3. It is better to be first in the mind than to be first in the marketplace.

4. Marketing is not a battle of products, it's a battle of perceptions.

5. The most powerful concept in marketing is owning a word in the prospect's mind.

6. Two companies cannot own the same word in the prospect's mind.

7. The strategy to use depends on which rung you occupy on the ladder.

8. In the long run, every market becomes a two horse race.

9. If you are shooting for second place, your strategy is determined by the leader.

10. Over time, a category will divide and become two or more categories.

11. Marketing effects take place over an extended period of time.

12. There is an irresistible pressure to extend the equity of the brand.

13. You have to give up something to get something.

14. For every attribute, there is an opposite, effective attribute.

15. When you admit a negative, the prospect will give you a positive.

16. In each situation, only one move will produce substantial results.

17. Unless you write your competitor's plans, you can't predict the future.

18. Success often leads to arrogance, and arrogance to failure.

19. Failure is to be expected and accepted.

20. The situation is often the opposite of the way it appears in the press.

21. Successful programs are not built on fads, they're built on trends.

22. Without adequate funding, an idea won't get off the ground.








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Burning Man, all mashed up






A green voyage around the globe


reporter's notebook SAN FRANCISCO--It was a June winter night on the sea off New Zealand's Manukau coast, and Peter Bethune was starting to walk up the wall of his high-tech powerboat as it succumbed to a 40-foot wave.


Two men in Bethune's crew were seasick on a hemp floor in the galley next to sacks of organic potatoes and life preservers. Bethune struggled to hang on to the steering wheel after 12 hours at the helm in stormy weather. He thought the boat was going to flip, and it was close.



"The wave picked the boat up sideways. It was f***ing scary," said Bethune, 41, a New Zealand native.


Bethune was here Thursday in touristy Fisherman's Wharf, where he retold stories of testing a one-of-a-kind, biodiesel-powered boat in rough seas. The 10-ton powerboat, called Earthrace, is specially designed with a needle nose to pierce through waves, instead of rising or undulating over them. The cabin stays dry thanks to three, 24-foot-tall hulls, making the vessel look like a Batmobile on water.


In June, Bethune managed to drive Earthrace through the middle of 40-foot waves barreling through Cook's Straight, which is also near New Zealand. But the storms near Manukau had the lightweight boat catching air.


"I've been the most scared in my life in the last two months," Bethune said during a tour of his speedboat.


Earthrace was docked in San Francisco as the main attraction of the Earthrace Project, a six-month, 30-city tour to promote renewable fuels that will culminate with an around-the-world speedboat race in March 2007. The wave-piercing powerboat, called a trimaran, is fueled solely by biodiesel, a so-called green energy source made from plant and animal fats.


Bethune, his crew and Earthrace's sponsors hope that breaking the world powerboat record of 75 days to circumnavigate the globe will raise awareness for biodiesel as a viable alternative to oil. Biodiesel has lower emissions, a smaller environmental "footprint" and "less reliance on dodgy parts of the world," Bethune said.


But this powerboat takes a lot of biodiesel. It holds as much as 3,000 gallons of biodiesel, enough to double the weight of the vessel. One refueling lasts awhile, however: It can travel from Vancouver to Acapulco, Mexico, on two full diesel engines tanks.


"I've been the most scared in my life in the last two months."

--Peter Bethune


Bethune started his career as an oil exploration engineer, but he "swung over from the dark side," as he said, after researching a paper on renewable energy for his MBA in 2002. "In the oil industry, everyone knows that the reserves are getting smaller and smaller. Biofuels will come in and play a role in the transition from total dependence on fossil fuels," said Bethune.


As he got interested in renewable energy, he found himself drawn to powerboating, and had an urge to break the world record, as he tells it. Bethune began researching wave-piercing designs, which can travel at higher speeds than traditional speedboats by cutting through walls of water. That's when he took out a second mortgage on his New Zealand home for $750,000 and started talking to sponsors for Earthrace.


In all, it's taken $3 million in sponsorships and loans to get Earthrace this far.


The Earthrace crew started from New Zealand in July and has visited Samoa, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle and Hawaii, where biodiesel is the cheapest anywhere in the world at $2.50 per gallon, according to Bethune. (Biodiesel is typically equivalent to the price of diesel, but the fuel needs to go through a processing plant before it's ready for consumption.) From San Francisco, Earthrace will go on to Panama, several ports on the East Coast, and New Orleans.


The boat itself was designed by Craig Loomis Design Group and built by Calibre Boats, a purveyor of high-tech custom yachts. About 78 feet in length, the boat is constructed largely of a lightweight carbon composite, which is typically used in military aircraft, and Kevlar. It's also green.


The boat's lower-deck floor is made of hemp, a durable industrial fiber that's renewable and can withstand small impacts. Because hemp is the root of the plant Cannabis, the floor is green. The crew also uses organic compounds to keep barnacles off the bottom of the boat, in order to avoid using common waxy chemicals that leach out into the water. Using organic means, however, the Earthrace crew must clean the bottom of the boat once a month.


Bethune's been living on the boat for the last couple of months with three other crew members in tight quarters. The lower deck technically sleeps eight, but there are only six bunk beds that line the inside walls of the front of the boat.


Externally, the powerboat is silver with black symbols painted on its body. The boat's hulls are shaped like horns, and on those horns there are symbols meant to represent positive and negative influences on the environment. A warrior symbol in the shape of a spear, called a Taiaha, is also painted on the nose of the boat, signifying strength and power.


Facing waves any higher than 40 feet, Earthrace's going to need it.






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Google's share of U.S. search market dips in July




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Microsoft hires security industry veteran




Education tech chief quits




A streaming headache for IT bosses




US scientists look to develop speedier chips


Scientists at a US university are working on a new kind of transistor that could lead to computer chips with speeds in terahertz – thousands of times faster than existing desktop computer chips.


he University of Rochester has secured a £0.6m grant from the US National Science Foundation to develop a prototype of its new design, dubbed the Ballistic Deflection Transistor.


Conventional transistors work by starting and stopping the flow of electrons through the chip. But the Ballistic Deflection Transistor instead bounces electrons into their chosen trajectories – a method that uses less energy.


A chip built this way would use very little power, create very little heat, and be highly resistant to the “noise” inherent in electronic systems, as well as achieving high speeds, the researchers say.


The university team also believes new ballistic chips would be easy to manufacture with current technologies.











Phishers Luring People With Fake Charity Sites


Charity scams are nothing new. I seem to recall a story a long time ago about a fake Salvation Army Santa stealing money from generous people.


It should come as no shock that similar crimes are happening on the internet, exploiting charitable generosity. It's a sad world.


Take for example a 20-year-old man who was recently busted in connection to a phishing site claiming to be a Hurricane Katrina charity. Sophos has the story on this:


Jovany Desir of Miami, Florida, has been accused by a federal grand jury in in Western Pennsylvania of creating a bogus American Red Cross website, as well as phony banking, auction and online payment sites, in an attempt to steal names, addresses, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, Personal Identification Numbers and other information.


According to prosecutors, 20-year-old Desir packaged the websites into phishing kits and sold them for approximately $150 each to other potential scammers. Bogus websites said to have been created by Desir between July and October 2005 included ones associated with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, eBay, PayPal, and two Canadian financial organizations - Banque Nationale and Desjardins Credit Union. Prosecutors claim that the fake Banque Nationale website was visited 8500 times by users apparently hunting for the real site.


Sophos has a screenshot of the guilty site at their web site.







Miami man accused of creating Hurricane Katrina phishing website

20-year-old alleged to have sold bogus websites to identity thieves


Experts at SophosLabs™, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis centers, have reminded computer users of the dangers of identity theft as a 20-year-old man is charged in relation to a phishing website which claimed to collect money for victims of Hurricane Katrina.


Jovany Desir of Miami, Florida, has been accused by a federal grand jury in in Western Pennsylvania of creating a bogus American Red Cross website, as well as phony banking, auction and online payment sites, in an attempt to steal names, addresses, credit card numbers, bank account numbers, passwords, Personal Identification Numbers and other information.


According to prosecutors, 20-year-old Desir packaged the websites into phishing kits and sold them for approximately $150 each to other potential scammers. Bogus websites said to have been created by Desir between July and October 2005 included ones associated with Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, PNC Bank in Pittsburgh, eBay, PayPal, and two Canadian financial organizations - Banque Nationale and Desjardins Credit Union. Prosecutors claim that the fake Banque Nationale website was visited 8500 times by users apparently hunting for the real site.


In September 2005, Sophos reported about a bogus website which posed as part of the American Red Cross' Hurricane Katrina relief efforts.


"Internet scammers have no qualms on feeding on other people's misery in their pursuit of money," said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. "It's claimed that 56 different people downloaded Jovany Desir's Hurricane Katrina phishing kit, presumably with the intention of conning good samaritans out of money. Everyone needs to be on their guard against identity theft and remain alert to the latest internet threats. This isn't the first time that criminals have taken advantage of a natural disaster, and sadly it won't be the last."


Sophos experts have revealed that Hurricane Katrina was not the first disaster to have caught the eye of cybercriminals. Earlier this year, the FBI warned that scammers were preying on internet users touched by the mining accident in Sago, West Virginia. In January 2005, the VBSun worm was spread via email posing as a plea for money to help victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami.


Sophos recommends companies protect themselves with a consolidated solution which can defend businesses from the threats of spam, spyware and viruses.

About Sophos


Sophos is a world leader in integrated threat management solutions, protecting against known and unknown malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted applications, spam and policy abuse for business, education and government. Sophos's reliably engineered, easy-to-operate products protect more than 35 million users in more than 150 countries. Through 20 years' experience and a global network of threat analysis centers, the company responds rapidly to emerging threats - no matter how complex - and achieves the highest levels of customer satisfaction in the industry.





RSS and Atom information feeds



Sophos PhishAlert Service



Simple steps to avoid being phished



Over 75% of all phishing emails target PayPal and eBay users



Online fraudsters phish for American Red Cross donators, Sophos reports









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