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Posts concerning this catastrophe may be made in many other forums besides this one but this is now the MAIN Katrina Aftermath forum here at ScienceWeather.


I opened this forum at 5pm on August 31 2005.


I will be posting numerous Katrina-related news article links in this forum. Everyone else is encouraged to as well. Talk about the unfolding disaster. Vent if you need to.




As of 1020pm on September 20 2005 this forum will be concerned with ALL tropical cyclone disaster aftermaths during the 2005 Season. Let's hope to God that there are no more hurricane disasters this year, Katrina is enough for the next 100 years at least.



2nd EDIT, 243pm Oct 15 2005:


Today I have altered the name of this forum, from KATRINA/RITA AFTERMATH, to 2005 HURRICANE SEASON forums.

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