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LISA is the only game in town


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Lisa in the north Atlantic

11:44 a.m. ET ET Sat.,Oct.2,2004


Tim Ballisty, Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



There is only one named system in the Atlantic, and that is Hurricane Lisa well ensconced in the north Atlantic. Yesterday afternoon, Lisa was upgraded and became the 8th hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic Basin Hurricane Season. However, it was only a brief flirtation with hurricane status as it was quickly downgraded to a tropical storm late Friday night. But early this morning, it was once again upgraded to hurricane status. Lisa is quickly heading to the northeast as it gets picked up by a shearing upper-level low and moves over colder sea surface temperatures. Soon it will be entirely extratropical.


Meanwhile, a tropical wave in conjunction with an upper-level disturbance is firing up numerous showers and storms in the west-central Caribbean. Some development is possible over the next few days as a more favorable upper-level environment is forecast to build over the disturbance. We'll monitor the tropical disturbance as it heads for the western Caribbean and possibly into the Bay of Campeche by early next week. In the short term, this tropical activity will likely spell flooding rains for the Cayman Islands and parts of northern and central Cuba during the day on Saturday.

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