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Guest Teomaderm

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Guest Teomaderm

Doctor I have one question about Tramadol?

I recently started taking Tramadol, and today, my doctor increased my doses tramadol 50mg to 6 pills tramadol drug a day, so I took more than I usually used to. Well, my arms and legs keep twitching and spasming oddly prescription tramadol, and it's really worrying me. Could this be a side effect of the Tramadol? And if so, is it serious or anything or ultram normal? And where I can tramadol buy

The maximum dose of tramadol is 400mg daily, ( tablets comes in 50mg, 150mg, 200mg online tramadol). Any doses higher purchase tramadol than this can cause what is term seratonin syndrome ( tramdol increase seratonin order tramadol online in ur body, too much is called seratonin syndrome generic ultram ).

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