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The below is Met Tech's sig as of June 20 2008 over at WeenieTown.





"If a man therefore purge himself from his account numbers, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master's use, prepared unto every good work." Met Tech 2:21, 1978 1/2



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Jak488 listed some incredible snow pics on EUSWX. They sure get snow early on in the season and also very late in the season (by northern VA standards).


Most are pics of Bozeman, Montana, except for the last several which are of Banff, Alberta:



Morning of October 6th; first accumulating snowfall of the 2007-08 winter



Bozeman's Bridger mountains in mid-November



Downtown Bozeman on a frigid December afternoon



Christmas morning after a heavy Christmas Eve snowfall



Mid-January after ten inches of unforecasted snow blanketed the area



Mid-Jan again, after another several inches fell along with extremely high winds, hence the drifts



The driveway



Late January white-out



White-out again



Looking towards Bozeman's Spanish Peaks of the Gallatin Range, early Feb



Beautiful mid-April morning



Mid-April again, with the Bridgers in the clouds



Snow on my birthday!!! April 25



Lake Louise, mid-May



Lake Louise again, still frozen



Hector Lake along Banff's Icefields Parkway (the most beautiful road on earth IMO)



Further up the Icefields Parkway



Near the Columbia Icefield in southern Jasper National Park










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RoyW at EUSWX posted some truly amazing snow related links:


Amazing snow/drifting photos from Kansas



Pretty awesome photos from KS. These are from the Pratt and Mullinville areas in the west central part of the state. My hometown has some interesting CNN ireport footage; they got roughly 15-18 inches, an incredible amount for a part of the state where 12+ snows aren't common. Heck, even getting 10 was rare growing up. Pratt and Mullinville are further west and experience that more often. However, they received 24-28 inches or so, which is a lot anywhere in KS, record-setting. I am sad I couldn't be there anymore to see it, but kind of glad I am not shoveling this mess...


This image won't post, but it is awesome because the snow almost covers lawn furniture...:













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Come on man! We love 70s cranking, ice sliding, pile walking, drift shoveling snow obsessed Jeb!!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :wub::wub::wub::wub::wub: :snowman: :snowman: :snowman: :snowman: :snowman: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Well you got 70s cranking, ice sliding, pile walking, drift shoveling snow obsessed Jeb back again for sure (and then some LOL!). The Winter Olympics aren't going to help either. So many things ongoing at the same time PLUS this unbelievable 500 year block pattern.


I know it truly marks me as a hopeless weenie case just to be saying this, but I hope that southern storm tracks a bit north of NE overnight and we wake up to 4 inches and steady snow. I'm greedy as all heck. We don't get blocking like this every year. I'd be the same if I visited Jay Peak in Vermont too. I'd be hungry for EVERY snowstorm. I'd want 3 feet so I could dig snow to my heart's content.


Also I hope that arctic clipper tracks south of us, slows down and goes all-out with 1.3 inches qpf with crazy 30-1 snow to water ratios so we pick up 39 inches!! In this 500 year blocking pattern ANYTHING AT ALL is possible!! Tip mentioned on the SNE thread that the AO is so negative that it is pushing the envelope of what is possible in Earth's atmosphere, that there are so many negative polar indices that they (the SNE'ers) will need to wait five weeks for anything to change!!!!!!!!!!! He said this pattern is so profound that there has been nothing like it since before technology settled on this continent!! He mentioned that this blocking is forcing a microclimate along the Eastern Coast that will persist for a YEAR!!! MAYBE THIS WILL BECOME SEMIPERMANENT!!! Maybe this is what the 'Hide the Decline' bullshyte was trying to cover up!! I hope so!!! I have always wanted to experience the Little Ice Age lol.


This pattern is so great and there is SO MUCH SNOW in Dale City that I am nearly in tears with happiness and gratitude! Some of the streets in my city have four foot snow berms along the sides of the roads! The Central Ridge on the southside of Potomac Mills Mall has HUGE TALL plowed piles!!! The snowpack here is so deep that I am actually having trouble jebwalking in it and am being forced to walk in the streets. Parking in the subdivisions is a major disastah; people are too lazy to shovel a small cramped niche form their cars so they just park 'em right in the street!! This is what I enjoy and why I want another 2-3 feet of snow!! Another thing I absolutely adore is the fact that so many lanes on the major thoroughfares are blocked by huge snow berms! It develops a whole new meaning to Blocking lol! It's so fun to drive those streets!! The same goes for the subdivisions!! I want even more snow so bad! I love this winter! This winter is the winter of our dreams, the season when not only will your best snow weenie dreams come gloriously and wonderfully true, but be fulfilled beyond your wildest imaginings, often just when you least expect it!!


YEAH Old man winter!! BRING IT!! We'll show SNE how to deal with REAL Snow LOL!!






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