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Alright folks, I've just GOT to 'fess up here:


I am mad obsessed with BLOGS!!!!!


Why on earth would I EVER develop an entire FORUM devoted to the BLOGOSPHERE?


Because I am head-over-heels in love with BLOGS, that's why. Did I mention that I love the Internet too?


So I have developed and opened this new forum, THE BLOGOSPHERE, at 650pm November 3 2005.


It is simply MIND-BOGGLING what can be done with these modern version 2.1 IPB forums!!!


You can set up subforums of subforums!! Woooooo---Hoooooo!!!


Let's see, THE BLOGOSPHERE is the sub forum of the Computers forum, which just happens to be a main, top-level forum within the Computers/Information Technology Category of the growing ScienceWeather community.


Wow, that's a mouthful. It's kind of mindbending too.



Enjoy THE BLOGOSPHERE forum. Talk about Blogs, post your URLs to all your Blogs, and just go plain stir-crazy in there discussing the Blogs you love so much!!

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