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Saddam Gets Punched


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Saddam Gets Punched




(Wednesday November 16, 2005 at 9:59 pm)


Saddam Gets Courtjacked after talking trash about two Shia Imams.


“Saddam insulted Imam Hussein and his brother Imam Abbas provoking two of the court’s clerks,” al-Iraqiya said.


“They attacked the tyrant and punched him several times,” the station said.


Not much to say about this except two things:


1) It’s funny to know he got punched by two Shia he would rather have had liquidated, and

2) Keep stuff like this up, and we’ll have a mis-trial…or an international community refusing to accept the sovereignty and validity of the court Saddam is being tried in, which will only hearten the Saddamites among the nihilists in Iraq.





he deserves that and more, everything he can get!!

judy stewart | 11.17.05 - 10:44 am | #


Gravatar Saddam Hussein is a hero, fighting back against the illegal al-Sadr kangaroo courts which have been operating in Iraq since 1921, dispensing lashes for CD's they don't like and stonings for bizzarre reasons. Saddam was right to fight these usurpers.


This "court" is an arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. This is what W imposed and don't forget it!! This occupation government is worse - far worse - than the one we overthrew. I don't suppose you've heard of the Woof (excuse me) Wolf Brigade? No? Is you head in the sand? Haven't heard of the murder of two of Saddam's lawyers either, have you?

Michael C. Emmert | 11.17.05 - 12:07 pm | #


Gravatar Michael C Emmert


Certainly, as you state, this current government is not "worse - far worse" than the Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein.


Let's see what Saddam is charged with:


Intentionally killing civilians using chemical weapons in Halabja, north of Iraq.

Intentionally killing civilians without trial

Intentionally killing Barazanis in 1983

Intentionally killing men of religion

Intentionally killing civilians in al-Anfal operations against Kurds in northern Iraq

Intentionally killing civilians in the south of Iraq in 1991

Invasion of Kuwait




yes I know two of his lawyers were killed. I also know he had previously fired all but one of them. As one might guess, the lawyers represnting a man so hated as Saddam could be a target. your UNSUPPORTED claim that Saddam is being tried by an arm of the Iranians is without evience at all, Michael.

As for Saddam's refusal to accept the prehistoric interpreation of Islam in Iraq during his rule...good for Saddam. He did something right. but you become an apologist for a mass murderer and a genocidal maniac when you try to excuse decades of evil with the fact that he didn't let militant islam flourish.


If the US military were to violently crush all Islamic fundamentalism in Iraq, such as Sadr and his pals, such as al-Sistani, would you then support the occupation???



Quickrob | Homepage | 11.17.05 - 12:20 pm | #


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