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Angry Former Employee Shoots Owner

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Angry Former Employee Shoots Owner

THIS IS RAW SURVEILLANCE VIDEO AND A 911 CALL -- The amazing surveillance video shows a security guard literally running for his life. The robbery happened last year, but a recently settled lawsuit has brought his inactions to light. The shooter, Ahmed Abouslam, had just been fired when he came in with his gun drawn. He forgot to load the weapon and left the store. Thats when the security guard called 911, but struggled to tell the operator where he was. Then things got worse. After the gunman went outside, the armed guard didn't lock the door and, now with a loaded weapon, Abouslam returned to finish the job. With the gunman, who's now in jail, chasing the owner, the guard, Junior Jean, ran out. Not only did the security guard leave the store, he came out to the dumpster and actually climbed inside. That inaction led the owner, who was shot once, to file a suit against Allied Protection Services, who admits embarrassment. Eyewitness News contacted Jean on the phone and went by his apartment. He didn't want to talk about what happened. (05/24/07)







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