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James Bowles' Yahoo 360 Blog is a MUST-READ!!


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J.B. has got some really intriguing information concerning German engineering on the French Coast during WWII.

It reads like something straight out of the Philadelphia Experiment II !


Entry for Oct. 13, 2007 - earthquake and El Nino



I did not read the entire article, but I did find this bit rather intriguing.....


One question remains - how can an electrical event influence an El Nino? Interestingly, the answer is suggested in an article by Janet Raloff, titled, "Managing water pollutants in soil with electric currents," (ref. Note 2).


Quoting: During World War II, the German Navy sought to garage some U- boats along a stretch of French coastline. But first it had to drain small portions of the wetlands long enough to sink the concrete footings needed to support the submarine pens.


According to intelligence reports acquired later by the U.S. Navy, the Germans did this by sinking metal rods into the soil and applying small electric currents to them. The currents effectively drove water out of the area where footings were to be laid, explains electrical engineer Stuart A. Hoenig of the University of Arizona in Tucson.


So the final answer (understanding now that electric currents can move water) lays in determining exactly how electrical currents entering the ocean creates an El Nino, if (perhaps) not all the ocean currents world wide!









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