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Content issues


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I discovered this article today:


A little sleuthing unmasks writer of Wikipedia prank

Wikipedia Prank





When is a splog a splog?



Blog Content Theft

Blog Content Theft


A false Wikipedia 'biography'



Growing pains for Wikipedia


Wikipedia link


Adam Curry gets podbusted

Adam Curry link




These articles have effectively caused me to halt my posting of news stories and to delete all the others. Because of my Web interests in the future, I am going to have to be very careful about what I do on the Web from now on.


Yep I really do not want to post news stories anymore on the Web. I did not get into trouble, but I did get quite scared. I am getting pretty deep into web retail and online stores. Thankfully my messageboards are so boring that no one ever reads them lol. Thank God for that.

1018pm Dec 11 2005.


For example today I am posting links.


Dec 12 2005


Man Apologizes After Fake Wikipedia Post






Bloggers don’t need SEO, are you out of your mind?



Ethical issue of using Blog as a CMS



Building Inbound Links for Free, Part 1



Canadian Ice Storm in 1998 - About

Canadian Ice


The Ice Storm of 1998

Ice Storm of 1998






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