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MY EUSWX SIG 2009-2010


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Yep it's that time again. My sig on EUSWX is ALREADY WAAAAAY OUTTA CONTROL!!!!





Time to start Archiving it. Got some nice links in there too.





As of 945pm Christmas Night:



The HM Blizzard of Dec 18-19 2009....... 24 inches of snow 7 days of snow cover (a)

Climategate: hide the decline – codified Renewable Energy Portal

I am worried that the OMG is negative, the LOL is through the roof, and the WTF is neutral. That's never good for cold winters. JamieO

Forget about the movies, you just cant beat US live news for drama and emotion.

Its like playing a slot machine every day, you never know when you are going to get lucky. Organizing Low

IF that PV/Arctic Block doesn't budge for a while, we're going to keep locking and loading. I can't think of a better snow/cold pattern for the east. NVAWeather

Once we get the arctic air in here this place is going to be a mad house. VortMax

Indeed and I doubt we will get a dry pattern.... Ripe and Ready, Lock and Load. Showtime. Chris L

The glorious sound of snowplows rolling down the street will be heard all over SNE tonight and tomorrow...it's beginning to look like a lot like Christmas, and weenies are flying everywhere. Enjoy every minute of it guys. DS2434

What a great storm this was. If it was a racehorse, I'd put it out to stud. wedgehead

All it needs is a box and some wrapping paper and it qualifies as THE gift for a MA snow weenie who thought he had everything on 12/19. mitchnick

Here's one winter weather forecasting presentation. Besides what is in it, snow forecasting also is understanding patterns. usedtobe

Bring on Winter 2009-2010: 90 inches of snow on the season at DCA ! Can YOU dig it?!

Zeus for Mod

December 5 2009....... 3 inches snow (10am-7pm, from coastal) 4 days of snow cover (a) (b}

Updated at 932pm Dec 25 2009.















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