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EUSWX Threads associated with NYD snowstorm




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Not really a cold December



Severe hail criteria to change in 2010. Effective January 5th, 2010.



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DC/Northern VA/MD/WV Obs/Discussion/Complaint Thread all eyes on Jan 1. Ohioans..please feel free to post


THE ABOVE THREAD CONTAINS MY State of the Snowpack - 730pm Dec 26 2009 POST


State of the Snowpack - 730pm Dec 26 2009



We have just been deluged by about 1.7 inches of rain in a 47 degree environment. We now have about 50 percent snow coverage, with about 2-3 inches average snow depth. There's a lot of standing water on lawns and the snow is VERY slushy.


We just managed to eke out an 8TH consecutive day of snow cover. I am shocked that we actually still have ANY snowpack at all after all that rain in the upper 40s last night.

Snowpack continues to melt slowly because we are still at 42 degrees, but the skies are clearing which should allow for some cooling into the upper 20s. Hopefully we can get some freezing of the remaining snowpack.


It's amazing how many snowpiles there are left! There is a 5 to 6 foot tall plowed snow pile at Greenwood Drive and Dale Blvd in Dale City AFTER the rain. It is easy to see that we had a major snow even after most of the ambient snow (the snow on lawns) has melted, because of all the snow piles. They are not only evident at the mall and at most shopping centers, but also in the subdivisions.


Next up is tomorrow and Monday. The bad news is the sunshine and highs near 50 degrees tomorrow; the good news is mid 20s tomorrow night then Monday should only hit 40 with a low Monday night near 20!!!!!!! Yeah baby!!! Let's FREEZE those piles of snow but good!!!

I'll still be sorrowing after my beloved 20 inch snowpack though. My shoveled piles are still nearly 2 feet tall. The sunshine and 50 degrees tomorrow will likely wipe out all the remaining snowpack. It'll take a good bite out of the snow piles too, but then it starts to cool off thank G-d.


It's on to the next storm as modeling begins to develop another snow threat out to next weekend!!!



RE an extraordinary event Could it snow 50"?



dec_26....confidence is growing about potential new years storm.



Current El Niño Offers Additional Signal of a Cold, Snowy Winter in the East



Some thoughts to take us into the New Year -NAO to take centre stage





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