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NOCK-TEN in the West-Pac


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Pacific Typhoon Nock-Ten

12:01 p.m. ET ET Sat.,Oct.23,2004


M. Ressler, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Typhoon Nock-Ten with maximum sustained winds of 120 mph is now well east of northern Luzon in the Philippines and moving northwestward. This typhoon will be closely monitored as it approaches Taiwan and then the southern most islands of Japan in the northwest Pacific Ocean as it sharply re-curves.


Closer to home, there are no imminent tropical threats in either the Atlantic or eastern Pacific Basins. However, an upper-level disturbance is producing areas of heavy showers and thunderstorms from the southern Caribbean to Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and the Leeward Islands and then out toward the central Atlantic. Also an area of showers has developed in the Atlantic east-northeast of French Guiana.


In the eastern Pacific, one disturbance south-southwest of Cabo San Lucas got pulled northward by the Southwest U.S. upper-level trough of low pressure and is adding high level moisture into Mexico and Texas. This system has pretty much fallen apart since Friday. Another tropical even farther south of Cabo San Lucas is firing convection but remains disorganized but will be monitored the next few days.

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