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Bermuda besieged by non tropical low


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Strong non-tropical low continues to whip Bermuda

12:13 p.m. ET ET Sun.,Oct.24,2004


Buzz Bernard, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



A strong non-tropical low centered just northeast of Bermuda this afternoon continues to whip the island with wind gusts in excess of 50 mph. Winds peaked at 63 mph early this morning, but are expected to diminish slowly over the next 12 hours as the low drifts eastward. Only indirect effects from the storm will be felt in the U. S. Offshore gale warnings remain posted from Provincetown, Mass., to Montauk Point, N. Y. Waves along the Mid-Atlantic coast from New Jersey to North Carolina are expected to build to 12-18 feet and be accompanied by dangerous rip currents. Farther south, waves of 6-10 feet (and rip currents) will roll into northeast Florida.


In the eastern Pacific, a tropical low located several hundred miles south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is marked by cloudiness and heavy showers, but additional development of the system, if any, will be slow.


In the western Pacific, small but powerful Typhoon Nock-Ten (120 mph), charging northwest out of the Philippine Sea, is nearing Taiwan. Nock-Ten is expected to crash into the northeast coast of the island this afternoon (U. S. time) with 115-mph winds and seas of 30-40 feet. The eye of the typhoon is forecast to pass over or near Taiwan late tonight (U. S. time) as the storm shifts to a more northerly track and spins into the East China Sea.

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