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Typhoon NOCK-TEN pulled away from Taiwan


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Typhoon Nock-ten departs Taiwan

10:58 a.m. ET ET Mon.,Oct.25,2004


Buzz Bernard, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Typhoon Nock-ten (75 mph) smacked Taiwan last night (U. S. time), but is pulling away from the island now. Taipei was hammered by wind gusts in excess of 60 mph, but at last report gusts were down to 25 mph or less. Nock-ten is expected to turn sharply toward the ENE over the next 8-10 hours, missing Okinawa to the north and southern Japan (Kyushu) to the south. The storm is also forecast to continue weakening steadily and begin transitioning to an extratropical (non-tropical) system.


In the eastern Pacific, a tropical disturbance located about 250 miles SSE of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, is moving northward and could become a depression later today.


In the Atlantic, the non-tropical storm that battered Bermuda yesterday has moved off to the east and is now centered about 500 miles ENE of the island. Heavy surf from the storm continues to roll into the Mid-Atlantic coast of the U. S., however.

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