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NFL Hurricane Relief Drive


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It has come to my attention that the NFL and The Weather Channel have mounted a campaign to help the hurricane victims.


Here is the link:




Here is the text:



The NFL and The Weather Channel thank you for visiting the 2004 hurricane response page!


Every time you visit this page, the NFL and The Weather Channel will make a contribution to aid hurricane victims.


NFL.com and The Weather Channel are donating up to $100,000 towards the United Way’s response efforts in areas affected by this year’s devastating hurricanes.*


Tell a friend about this campaign and help raise more money!



Dolphins safety Shawn Wooden helps in the relief efforts.

Hurricane season officially ends on December 1, but the effects of this year’s storms will be felt for a long time. U.S. property damage estimates for the 2004 hurricane season are in the tens of billions of dollars. Hundreds of homes were destroyed, and thousands have been displaced from their residences.


The NFL is committed to helping those affected by the hurricanes by donating $1,000,000 to the United Way Hurricane Response Fund.


If you would like to make a further contribution, you can make a donation online or find out how to send in your money through the United Way web site.


Many NFL teams have made significant contributions towards the hurricane response efforts, including franchises in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, and Detroit. Immediately after Hurricane Ivan hit, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers decided to “hit back” with hurricane relief drives headed up by Derrick Brooks, raising close to $40,000. Likewise, the Jacksonville Jaguars, led by members of JagNet, the team’s volunteer wives group, helped raise money and supplies in the aftermath of Hurricane Charley. To top off efforts in Florida, Miami Dolphins owner Mr. Wayne Huizenga donated $1 million to the relief efforts along with the Dolphins’ own disaster relief drives.


The Florida teams are not alone in their contributions towards response efforts. The Steelers rallied fans and local businesses to raise nearly $70,000 to help hurricane victims. Several other NFL teams, including the New York Giants and Carolina Panthers, have run scoreboard messages and advertisements about how fans can pitch in and help hurricane victims.


To learn more about NFL community service efforts, please visit www.jointheteam.com.


For more information on hurricanes and hurricane preparedness from The Weather Channel, visit www.weather.com/safeside.









*NFL.com and The Weather Channel will donate $1 per visitor for up to 100,000 visitors for a maximum $100,000 donation by November 18th, 2004 to the United Way Hurricane Response Fund.

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