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Mozilla Firefox - setting the world on fire

After a year in development, today is the day the Mozilla Foundation released their long awaited browser named Firefox officially launching version 1.0.


Several technicians agree that Firefox is "One of the a finest pieces of software available. Undoubtedly the best browser around. Beats Explorer by leaps and bounds."


As a powerful cross-platform, Firefox offers users peace of mind and security that no other browser is able to do. Sam Gold, a software developer for Linux and former sales person for Windows, said, "There's no comparison with other browsers. My sources tell me MS has a been given a big scare on this one."


After a year of builds, both developers and fans are even more excited about spreading the fire like never before.


The browser wars are back and it looks like Explorer, with all of its security problems, doesn't stand a chance.




Get the Firefox Browser here!!! SPREAD THE FIRE!!!!!


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