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The Future Of The WEATHERAmerica Newsletter





It has been ten years since I first started to write a newsletter, which evolved into what is now known as WEATHERAmerica. The decade has seen the list of subscribers grow from a handful of weather enthusiasts to about 7500 people, which has cheered me greatly.

However, my time demands have changed, and the three hours (or more) it takes to compose the discussion and send it out to everyone have been a stress of late. To that end, I must make some revisions on the outlook. Beginning today, Monday, May 1, 2006, a much shortened version of WEATHERAmerica will be available only by registering at one of these locations: U.S. & World Weather Forums or via Google at Google Groups : WEATHERAmerica. This will be a headline service featuring items like severe weather, heavy rainfall, and storm tracks (although tropical systems will be dealt with, as will extremes of temperature and winter precipitation). A separate outlook for Canadian provinces and territories will be published at CanadianWeather.org - Forecasts, Charts and Community Forums. I will continue to provide the full-scale newsletter once a week (Sunday morning) to all who are currently on the email list, and will also write for special events and seasonal outlooks. My summer 2006 outlook, complete with predictions on the tropical cyclone season, will be sent in this manner tomorrow.

Thank you for all of the wonderful years of questions, comments, and observations about the weather and the newsletter. I look forward to the new format and continued friendship within the weather community.

Best Regards,
Larry Cosgrove


U.S. & World Weather Forums



Google Groups : WEATHERAmerica



CanadianWeather.org - Forecasts, Charts and Community Forums









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