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National Weather at 130pm November 17 2004


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Storm on the move

1:30 P.M. ET 11/17/2004


Kevin Roth, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel





The Texas storm finally leaves the Lone Star state Thursday as it lifts into the central Plains. The axis of the heavier rain should be from central Kansas southeast to the lower Mississippi Valley. One to three inches of rainfall are possible anywhere along that corridor. A few thunderstorms may become locally severe along the Gulf Coast producing strong winds, hail and isolated tornadoes. Behind the system Texas will begin to dry out from a 5 day siege of heavy rain, flooding and severe thunderstorms. Residents of Texas should enjoy the break; more rain is in the forecast by the weekend.



A small, but potent storm should rocket into the Pacific Northwest early Thursday with a bout of heavy rain, mountain snow and very gusty winds. At times the winds could gust 40 to 50 mph in Seattle and Portland and above 50 mph along the coast of Washington and Oregon. Storm warnings have been hoisted for the coastal waters in advance of the storm. The rest of the West should remain pleasant Thursday with mostly sunny skies and pleasant temperatures. Conditions go downhill for Friday and the weekend as a storm moves in with much cooler temperatures, mountain snow and lower elevation rain.



The storm from Texas should being to make an assault on the Midwest Thursday as rain moves into Kansas and Missouri. Rainfall could be locally heavy. Thursday night and Friday the system should move into the remainder of the Midwest. Once the storm moves into the area it is forecast to slow down once again and could cause rain to linger well into the weekend. Temperatures begin on the mild side, but will cool down over the weekend.



A week upper level disturbance is threatening to bring an end to the dry week in the Northeast Thursday. A few light showers are possible in upstate New York and western Pennsylvania, while the reminder of the region stays dry. Friday appears to be a good day from this vantage point, but conditions deteriorate over the weekend. The storm over Texas and a cold front should arrive Saturday and Sunday bringing more cloudiness and rain to the region. Temperatures should moderate some into the weekend, but cooler air may come back early next week.

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