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National Weather at 1235pm on December 1 2004


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Quiet over most of nation Thursday

12:39 P.M. ET 12/1/2004


Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel





High winds, up to 80 mph, will howl over Montana's Rocky Mountain Front and east Glacier region tomorrow, but quiet weather will dominate the remainder of the West. The only precipitation around will be a few snow showers or flurries over northwest Montana. Temperatures over most of the West will continue to run below seasonal norms, thanks to a stagnant, chilly high pressure ridge parked over the interior. Only the eastern two-thirds of Montana, where gusty foehn winds will prevail, will enjoy readings well above average. Overall, highs will range from the teens in some Rocky Mountain locations to the 60s in parts of Southern California and southern Arizona. Ironically, frost and freeze advisories are posted for portions of Southern California and southwest Arizona for early tomorrow.



A weak low pressure center passing southeastward through the Upper Midwest tomorrow will foster some areas of light snow from parts of North Dakota to northern Michigan, but it shouldn't amount to much. At most, one to three inches may coat parts of northeastern Minnesota and northern Wisconsin. Elsewhere, quiet, dry weather should prevail, although winds will be a bit busy over the northern Plains. High temperatures are forecast to be in the 20s from eastern North Dakota to northern Wisconsin and Michigan's U. P., ranging upward to the 50s in southern Missouri and the lower Ohio Valley. The 40s will be common across much of the lower Midwest.



Much quieter weather will grace the Northeast tomorrow. Winds will be light, and temperatures seasonable. Highs are expected to range from the 20s in northern Maine to the 50s over southern New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia. Precipitation will be limited to scattered, light snow showers or flurries, mainly over New York state, but there could be isolated flurries in northwest Pennsylvania and western New England.



Outside of the chance of a stray shower in far south Texas tomorrow, the southern U. S. will be high and dry with seasonable temperatures. After a chilly morning--frost and freeze advisories are in effect for a few locations--afternoon temperatures will range from the 40s in the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles to the 80s in far south Florida.

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