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National Weather - September 28


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Much nicer in Northeast tomorrow

1:21 P.M. ET 9/28/2004


Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel





Jeanne, of whatever is left of it, will move out to sea overnight, leaving only some early morning showers in southeast New England Wednesday, and perhaps a scattering of showers in parts of the Mid-Atlantic region. In general, though, most of the Northeast will be dry with near-average temperatures. Highs will be in the 60s and 70s, north to south.



Dry weather will dominate the Midwest and Plains tomorrow, although an upper-air disturbance may trigger a few showers in North Dakota while another system aloft does the same thing in the upper Ohio Valley. In general, though, high pressure and seasonal temperatures will dominate the mid-section of the nation. Highs will be in the 60s and 70s, north to south.



The South, by and large, will enjoy mostly sunny, dry weather Wednesday. A broad, weak area of low pressure may lead to an exception in parts of the Southeast, however. Widely scattered showers may dot south Georgia and the Florida Peninsula. High temperatures, by and large, will be close to seasonal means.



A weak upper-air low dropping into the Southwest from California tomorrow will sponsor scattered showers and thunderstorms in the Intermountain West, with the precipitation likely focusing around the Four Corners area. Elsewhere in the West, dry weather should prevail. Overall, highs will range from above average (70s and 80s) in the interior Northwest to somewhat below in the Southwest (80s and 90s in the low deserts).

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