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TD JEANNE raining on Mid Atlantic


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Tropical Depression Jeanne swirls through Mid-Atlantic

12:25 p.m. ET ET Tue.,Sep.28,2004


Buzz Bernard, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Bottom Line

# Tropical Depression Jeanne continues moving north


# Significant rainfall amounts through the Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic region. Flash flood warnings in effect for central North Carolina and southwestern Virginia.


# Flash flood watches continue for portions of GA, SC, NC, MD, W.Va., PA, and NY.

Tropical Depression Jeanne, still bearing heavy rain, is soaking the Mid-Atlantic and northeastern states this afternoon. Flood watches remain posted from the western Carolinas into the portions of Pennsylvania and New York. The center of Jeanne's circulation will swirl east-northeastward through Virginia over the next 8-10 hours with the heaviest rain targeting areas from the mountains of West Virginia and western Virginia northeastward into central and southern New England. Three to five inches may soak the Appalachians of the Virginias and western Maryland with somewhat lesser--but still substantial--amounts elsewhere. Isolated tornadoes will remain a threat, too, mainly in eastern Virginia, the southern DelMarVa Peninsula and extreme northeast North Carolina.

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