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National Weather for 730pm December 19 2004


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Some snow for the Northeast

7:30 P.M. ET 12/19/2004


M. Ressler, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel





An intensifying but departing Atlantic storm could bring anywhere from an inch or 2 of snow across Cape Cod and the islands to possibly 5 inches of snow over the Worcester Hills and the western and northern suburbs of Providence and Boston by Monday morning. Ocean-effect snow, produced by the frigid northerly winds over still mild ocean waters, could linger through much of the day over Cape Cod adding a few more inches of snow to that region. Icy winds, gusting to between 20 and 40 mph, will be howling over much the Northeast, especially from the Hudson Valley and New Jersey eastward through New England. Lake-effect snow streamers could linger south of Lakes Erie and Ontario into the morning before ending. High temperatures are forecast to be well below seasonal means, ranging from a little below zero around Massena, N. Y., to the 30s in southeast Virginia.



Mild air rushing eastward Monday ahead of the next arctic outbreak will trigger light to moderate snow over parts of the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes. Several inches are likely across much of Wisconsin and Michigan. In fact, Lake Michigan will enhance the snow from Muskegon to Sault Ste. Marie as winds turn south-southwesterly and the resulting accumulations in this corridor could reach to between 6 and 10 inches. Meanwhile, wind-whipped snow flurries will accompany the ensuing push of arctic air into North Dakota Monday afternoon. Farther east, waning lake-effect snow showers will end during the morning over northeastern Ohio. High temperatures are expected to range from the frigid upper teens and 20s over the Great Lakes and upper Ohio Valley to the unseasonably mild 60s over southwest Kansas.



Except for the possibility of some blustery snow showers over Cape Hatteras Monday morning as an ocean storm pulls away to the east, dry cold weather will dominate the South from the Mississippi River to the Southeast Coast and Florida with morning freeze warnings posted from the lower Mississippi Valley to northern Florida. Afternoon readings Monday will range from the 30s in the Carolinas, northern Georgia and much of Tennessee to the 60s in far south Florida. Farther west, unseasonably mild conditions will embrace Oklahoma and Texas and the 60s and 70s will be widespread. Temperatures will rapidly rebound across the Southeast on Tuesday as a new shot of cold air takes aim on the southern Plains.



Except for scattered snow showers and flurries over the Washington Cascades, Bitterroots, Tetons and northeast Montana, the West should be devoid of precipitation Monday. In fact the West will remain dry for the most part right through Christmas. Sunshine on Monday will be widespread, although low clouds and dense fog will again plague California's Central Valley through the morning. Gusty winds will buffet much of Montana. And high temperatures will be generally near to slightly above average with Southern California and southwest Arizona being the mildest areas, in the 70s.

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