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Rainy NE, more western storminess


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Icing in mid-section of U. S. abates

2:18 P.M. ET 1/3/2005


B. Bernard, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Icing in the mid-section of the nation is abating (temporarily) this afternoon, and the focus of wintry weather is shifting westward. Heavy snow is expected in the higher elevations of the Southwest overnight, with some of the heaviest amounts--up to 15 or 20 inches--expected in the mountains of southeast Arizona, southwest New Mexico and the Mogollon Rim. Meanwhile, heavy snow appears to be relenting over the Grapevine (I-5) in Southern California, but at midday the Interstate over the mountains north of Los Angeles remained closed.


Heavy showers will continue to splash down in the lower elevations of Southern California through tonight, but the biggest downpours will shift eastward into Arizona. Flood watches remain posted for the coasts and mountains of Southern California, and also for much Arizona where localized amounts of 2 to 3 inches are possible over the next 18 hours.

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