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Massive storm for Plains/Midwest


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Big winter storm developing for Plains, Midwest

2:23 P.M. ET 1/4/2005


B. Bernard, Senior Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



A major winter storm is developing for the Plains and Midwest. Freezing rain, some of it quite heavy, is sheathing much of Kansas in ice this afternoon, with northern Missouri (including Kansas City) next in line. Farther north, snow is coating Nebraska and southern South Dakota, while to the west, snow is falling over much of Wyoming and Colorado. Denver is expecting 4-8 inches. Snow will also spread eastward into far southern Minnesota and Iowa this afternoon and evening with substantial amounts likely in eastern Nebraska and southern Iowa. By tomorrow morning, snow will have raced as far east as extreme southern Michigan. See National Forecast for additional details on the developing storm.


Farther south, heavy rain is the problem. Cloudbursts are plaguing parts of Oklahoma, southern Missouri, southern Illinois and portions of Kentucky. Downpours will push into central Indiana and central Ohio overnight. Flash flooding is possible.


In the Southwest, heavy snow continues in the mountains. An additonal foot or so is likely in the higher elevations of Utah, southwest Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico through tonight. Flagstaff, Ariz., already has seen as much as 17 inches of snow with another foot possible before sunrise tomorrow.

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