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Western storm unloading as much as 2 ft of rain


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Storm lashes West into new week

7:28 P.M. ET 1/8/2005


M. Ressler, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



Winter storm warnings continue across the mountains of California, the southern portion of Idaho, the western and northern portions of Nevada plus the mountains of southern Nevada, the mountains of Utah, the mountains of western and central Colorado and the westernmost mountains of Wyoming, as the culprit storm system off the West Coast slings moisture and disturbances into the higher terrain. The higher elevations of the Sierra could receive up to an additional 6 feet of snow by early Tuesday. Elevations above 7000 feet in the Southern California mountains could pick up between 2 and 3 additional feet of snow over the next two days. Many parts of the Rockies above 7000 feet could add 1 to 3 feet of snow to their bases by Tuesday. Snow advisories are posted for the Siskiyous and the coastal range of western Oregon, the area either side of the border between Idaho and Montana and across the mountains of northern New Mexico for lighter amounts.


Flood watches continue for much of the lower elevations of central and southern California. Flood warnings continue for burn areas of the southern California foothills, as mud and snow slides have been reported north of Riverside near Big Bear Lake. Between now and Tuesday, most areas could be drenched with again as much rain as has already fallen since Friday. A few of the most favored south and southwest facing slopes could have storm rainfall totals between one and two feet by Tuesday. The last of the snow and rain is exiting New England. In the corridor from southern Lake Ontario to along the Massachusetts-New Hampshire line, snowfall peaked between 4 and 6 inches. Freezing rain caused tree and power line damage across parts on Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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