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National Weather at 210pm January 10 2005


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End of rain in sight for Southern California

2:12 P.M. ET 1/10/2005


Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel




The seemingly endless water torture of Southern California should gradually abate tomorrow (after a final round tonight), with the heaviest rain shifting eastward into Arizona. Heavy snow, meanwhile, will continue to bury the Mountain West from the Sierras to the Colorado Rockies, although the snow in the Sierras, similar to the rain in Southern California, will be dwindling. Some of the biggest snows tomorrow are expected in Colorado's San Juans, where totals from the current (prolonged) assault may reach five feet or more. In the Pacific Northwest, only isolated areas of rain and snow showers are in the cards. High temperatures are expected to range from the upper teens in far northeast Montana (where the year is off to the coldest start since 1982) to the 60s in southeast California and southern Arizona.



Rather unpleasant weather is in store for much of the Midwest and Plains tomorrow with a frontal system stretching from the southern Plains to Ohio acting as instigator. A swath of accumulating snow (up to six inches) is likely over South Dakota and southern Minnesota. Patchy freezing rain and freezing drizzle are expected from northern Missouri to lower Michigan. Sandwiched in between the snow and ice, a light wintry mix is forecast here and there over Iowa and Wisconsin. Farther south, showers will dampen the already-damp lower Midwest from the southern two-thirds of Missouri eastward to Ohio and Kentucky. Temperatures are expected to range from near seasonal means on the Plains to much above in the Ohio Valley. Highs in the teens will grip northern North Dakota and northwest Minnesota, while the 60s warm areas from far southern Missouri to Kentucky.



A push of mild, moist air up the Ohio Valley tomorrow will toss some precipitation into parts of the Northeast. Accumulating snow and sleets seems destined for much of New York state (far west excepted), northeast Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey and maybe, by evening, New York City and southern New England. In New York City, however, any wintry mix would change rapidly to rain. Farther south and west, rain showers are expected in far western New York, most of Pennsylvania, Maryland, northern and western Virginia and West Virginia. High temperatures are forecast to range from the teens in northern Maine to near 60 along the Virginia-North Carolina border.



Out-of-season warmth will continue to grip the South tomorrow, the spring pleasantness marred only by a chance of scattered showers from southern Louisiana and Mississippi northward into northern Alabama and Tennessee. High temperatures in the 60s and 70s will be common and probably augmented by the low 80s in far south Texas and parts of the Florida Peninsula.

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