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FINALLY!!!! California precip winds down!


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California precipitation winding down

2:28 P.M. ET 1/11/2005


B. Bernard, Sr. Meteorologist, The Weather Channel



The end of California's watery siege is in sight. In Southern California, the precipitation already has become more scattered and lighter, while in central California, an upper-level storm is producing one final round of showers. In the meantime, flood warnings and watches continue for a few areas from Southern California to Arizona as it will not be until tomorrow that the rain ends completely.


In the higher elevations of the West, winter storm and heavy snow warnings remain widespread. Feet of snow have buried the mountains from the Sierras to the San Juans over the past several days and the assault continues today.


In the East, snow is coating northern Pennsylvania and the southern tier of New York where several inches of accumulation are likely on through the afternoon. Parts of northeast Pennsylvania, especially the Poconos, could see 4-6 inches.

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