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Top 10 WORST (Ickiest) Jobs


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Top 10 Worst (Ickiest!) Jobs in Science


These jobs are icky. These jobs are disgusting. These are the top 10 worst jobs in science, as named by Popular Science magazine. Please note: The good people who fill these jobs do not think they are icky. Or disgusting. Or macabre. They think their jobs are fascinating. And cutting-edge. And filled with purpose. And we should all be happy about that because someone has to do this work!



The No. 1 most disgusting job is an anal-wart researcher. Yes, there really is such a thing. Dr. Denise Galloway of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle is one of the country's leading scientists in the field. While she describes her work as creative, challenging, and fun, she also admitted to the Tacoma News Tribune that her mother is so embarrassed by it that she tells people her daughter is a cancer researcher.



2. Worm parasitologists study parasites that wreak havoc with our digestive tracts. These critters hatch in the small intestine and migrate to the lungs where they are coughed up into the mouth and swallowed back down into the gut. Each worm can grow to be 16 inches long.




3. Lab-animal veterinarians make healthy animals sick--in the name of science, of course.


4. Tampon squeezers (STD researchers) study vaginal infections by manually squeezing feminine products. At least they get to use gloves.


5. Landfill monitors not only receive low pay and exposure to cancer-causing dioxins, but also have to breathe in the stench of decomposing trash. The worst place to be a landfill monitor is in the desert Southwest where temperatures regularly reach 100 degrees or more.



6. K-25 demolition workers are employed at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee where scientists made uranium for the first atomic bombs. (Do they glow in the dark?)


7. Ecologists at St. John's Harbor in Newfoundland, Canada work with a bay that daily absorbs the equivalent of five Olympic-sized swimming pools of raw sewage from city sewers.


8. Iraqi archaeologists are devoted to preserving the historical riches of the birthplace of civilization provided they can evade the fanatical insurgents who would like nothing better than to kidnap and behead them.



9. A tick dragger drags a giant corduroy sheet through remote forests and then uses a simple pair of tweezers to pull them off. Can you say Lyme disease?


10. Nurses don't get enough respect or pay for the extraordinary work they do. That's why the United States has a shortage of 110,000 registered nurses.









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