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FRIGID jebwalk in the blowing snow today


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Speaking of jebwalks, I took one this morning.


We have three inches of snow and N winds blowing at 20 to 33 mph with a few gusts over 40-45mph. The temperature at the time of my walk was approximately 14 degrees. Snow was blowing off the roofs and along the ground, drifting off fields onto roads nearly to the point of rendering those streets impassable in spots.


It was real cold this morning during my jebwalk in the blowing snow. The wind gusts were really strong, and I was forced to turn and walk backwards because my face hurt so badly from the combination of 14-degree ambient temperatures and sustained 20-25mph winds, not to mention the 40 mph gusts. Not only was snow being whipped about by the winds, but also sand from the roads, right into my cold-benumbed face.


It was a starkly frigid, bitter-cold jebwalk. There were snow flurries as well. I had to wade through a few 18 inch snowdrifts. The wind whipped snow right off the drifts right into my coat. No matter how meticulously I tried to secure my coat, gloves, and hat before the jebwalk, the blowing snow still ingeniously found an entrance into my clothing to remind me that this was no ordinary jebwalk. Snow blew and blew across the Potomac Mills parking lot as I made my cold way across it, buffeted and buffeted again by that frigid, unrelenting wind. Sand raked my face like buckshot and I had no choice but to close my eyes to slits and gradually make my way around the 1.7 mile perimeter of the Potomac Mills Mall outer rim.


I must 'fess up, that I was forced to run into the mall no fewer than four times, to warm up because this jebwalk was really, really frigid cold. I would go inside, stay there for about five to seven minutes then march back out and carry on with the jebwalk. There were a few icy spots out there. Ever try to walk across a slippery parking lot, with strong winds and blowing snow and even sand and start to slip? I had more than my share of close calls on ice that I never ever even saw before I began to feel my foot begin to slip. Phew! Man that was close!


It's really hard to believe, that with only 3 inches of snow, how tall some of the piles of snow were at the Potomac Mills mall. Most of 'em were about three, maybe four feet tall, but on the Southern Rim, there were snow piles that reached 8 to 10 feet high.


Yeah that was one heck of a bona-fide cold winter jebwalk!



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