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Some interesting S2K threads and sites


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For example:



The case against Florida



A very professionally done page by WXMAN57:







IVAN pics thread:





This Pensacola News Journal gallery has an overwhelming amount of horrific hurricane damage pics:








FEMA workers sleeping in tents

Last Update: 9/29/2004 5:31:19 PM

Posted By: Devin Walker


(BALDWIN CO, Ala.) September 29 -- Thousands of out-of-state workers are on the Alabama Gulf Coast helping with storm clean up, but there are more people than hotel rooms. Where are they sleeping?


It's hard work all day with perhaps an even harder night of relaxation as dozens of FEMA workers sleep on the ground under tents at a campground near Rosington. They hail from all over the country and are here to help clean up storm debris left by Hurricane Ivan.


Timmy Peterson is from Killin, Mississippi. He told NBC 15's Leon Petite, "That ground gets a little hard. First three days we had to sleep in the truck."


"Making that money. Money is good. I'll be glad when I get back home though to my bed. It's alright sleeping in these tents, but it gets tiresome after awhile," admitted FEMA worker Terrance Ladner.


Hurricane Ivan damaged and destroyed homes, roads and businesses here on the Gulf Coast, but the storm also put thousands of people to work here in Alabama. Baldwin county residents are happy to see the storm debris removal crews come to town.


Loxley resident Mike Ciaurro said, "We're real appreciative of the help. They're doing a good job. They were here early this morning really getting into it."


The workers say they will spend several more weeks sleeping on the ground at the campground and say they are not leaving until the job is done.






More Florida/Alabama storm pics:



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