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Interesting posters at EUSWX


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Okay Ed posted what may have been falsehoods about heavy snow on Jan 29.




Then today (Jan 30) he insisted his forecast verified.





Check out his snow map on his weather site







edh's sig contains his birthdate, 23 August 1981.


Okay Ed you're 24. I would advise you to please work on your snow map. I realize this is your first or second snow map, and everyone needs to start somewhere.


Plus, I gotta admit I don't even know how to make a snowmap.


Come on everyone laugh at me, Ha Ha I can't even make a snow map and I am 41 years old. What a laugh I am.


Keep working on snow maps Ed, you'll be turning out excellent snow maps in no time. It just needs a little work. I think this is a pretty good snow map.


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On February 28 during the snowstorm edh1981 may have incorrectly measured the snow in his backyard AGAIN and may have mis reported his snow totals then in his backyard.




2+ inch an hour bands in York,pa....





Alright I think that Ed is just really enthusiastic about the snow.


Again, Ed this is a good snow map for someone to start with but I would like to suggest that you work on your snow maps.






Nice snow map Ed, but just keep at it, it won't be long before you'll be whipping these maps out like a Pro.










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