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This thread presented an excellent disco of the Pac NW weather patterns..


Pattern change for the west in a week?, The GFS and ETA are getting in agreement



The Storm King

Some Historical Weather Events in the Pacific Northwest






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Tonight, eekuasepinniW posted a thread full of wonderful flowers.


Suzi/Nan/Sandy!!, Giant garden photo update.







June 24 2006 106am


Nice overshooting top, today evening on northern Italy, by Matteo




Pictures from Smugglers Notch Yesterday, and a Question about certain cloud formation sighted, by powderfreak








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Interesting thread today at EUSWX..


Fascinating gust front in NJ







A small system of storms moving from the north over central NJ is generating one of the most interesting cloud formations I've ever seen. An opalescent dark blue vaporous sky moving steadily directly from the north (sort of unusual). Reminds me of the flying manholes in Independence Day. Sort of that speed and that effect of blotting out a clear sky.





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Here's another great EUSWX thread, where Chuck posted some great nighttime cumulonimbus lightning action:


These are my favorite kind of storms, PICTURES





Towers, by NorthMD (Great shots of developing storms!!!)





Call from my cousin on DC mall, by WEATHER53



He is a good weather spotter. Said it is scary but no massive panic. Police telling people to get off but problem is it is hard to leave the contained areas and there is really nowhere to go. He estimates winds at 60mph and says several bolts have hit within 100 yards of the monument grounds. I had 50mph gusts. Channel 9 Tony Pann referencing gusts up to 80 very close by but to east of that area.














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We went chasing today, We saw a wall cloud., by tornadotony

Tornadotony gets way overexcited by weather.




Here is his "evidence"




Yeah tornadotony, suuuuurrre.......it's a Wall Cloud.......






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Why the Atlantic is good and bad news for the cold season, by HM





Mid Atlantic severe weather for saturday 7-22, Merged Topic -- Severe Storm Watch til 8 PM. by AbsoluteVorticity









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isawitonline was remarking on rainstorm's reasoning.....






I am teasing rainstorm in jest but I think we've found a new meteorological rule.


The rainstorm rule: Find a shred of relavent information, run with it into the ground even though the pattern may change four or five times, beat it like a dead horse, rinse and repeat.





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Photos and Video Clip of Today's Thunderstorm in Burlington, Vermont, Great Storm Clouds, Lightning, and Urban Flooding, by powderfreak




A little late but.., Skuykill River Flood Pics June 06..., by jrodd321







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yet ANOTHER reason why Chucks 94-95 winter analog is in DEEP trouble, major chnages in SSAT warm pol in NW Atantic, by DT-wxrisk




Euroweather, Blizzards, storms, twisters & C oversea, by Matteo



Severe storm pics from Canada, First post, by aepca







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