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I hear that it's possible to actually rain frogs.


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Debbie asked this question of the TWC Met, Nice Walker.


This week's question is from:



I hear that it's possible to actually rain frogs. Is this true? If so, can you explain this phenomenon?



TWC Meteorologist Nick Walker answers:




Yes, it has happened. There are reports of strange objects embedded in rain, including frogs, fish, grasshoppers and even snakes. I am told that some of these date all the way back to at least the second century. In the twentieth century, there have been reports of rain with frogs in Bordeaux France in 1931 and in Louisiana in October 1947.


How could this happen? The answer lies in the words "waterspouts" and "tornadoes." They have been known to lift large objects and deposit them a long distance away. They can also suck up tremendous amounts of water and anything that is in it, including frogs and fish.




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