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Multiple Usernames and false representation and one of the worst fibbers in EUSWX HISTORY!! ECSnowLover is attempting to COPY the EUSWX bb model and failing MISERABLY!! He ripped RaleighWx's Euro maps right off the EUSWX bb by linking to 'em, thus leaching bandwidth off of the EUSWX server!!


This poser posed as a cancer survivor at EUSWX, when in fact he is not. He made LIGHT of cancer by mis representing that he had cancer when in fact he did not have cancer, which hurt many people at EUSWX.






More than a few posters at EUSWX resent this weather forum, United States Weather Forums. The individual who runs that board is a proven poser who has so many identities that he could run his own fan club. He created and wreaked terrible havoc at EUSWX and was BANNED off the board for an unspecified period of time, per stormtracker's ruling.


He did rip off RaleighWX's 8 to 10 day EURO maps once, but I believe he is learning from that mistake.













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