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AO/NAO/PNA/AAO Daily Stats+


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As of Feb 25 2005



  Date		 AO			NAO		   PNA		   AAO
29Oct2004	0.34661E+00  -0.69091E+00  -0.53808E+00  -0.36686E+00
30Oct2004	0.11201E+01  -0.44120E+00  -0.82599E+00  -0.39056E+00
31Oct2004	0.19594E+01   0.45139E-01  -0.11848E+01  -0.47243E+00
01Nov2004	0.19350E+01  -0.21618E+00  -0.40260E+00   0.50919E+00
02Nov2004	0.12451E+01  -0.33945E+00  -0.16103E+00   0.11074E+01
03Nov2004	0.91047E+00   0.19374E-01  -0.46450E+00   0.14436E+01
04Nov2004	0.11039E+01   0.15343E+00  -0.42342E+00   0.14748E+01
05Nov2004	0.10451E+01  -0.17469E+00   0.22688E-02   0.14310E+01
06Nov2004	0.13727E+01   0.71041E-01   0.30214E+00   0.13969E+01
07Nov2004	0.10168E+01   0.58918E+00   0.56295E+00   0.13710E+01
08Nov2004	0.12092E+01   0.92207E+00   0.15562E+01   0.13993E+01
09Nov2004	0.13105E+01   0.74982E+00   0.17029E+01   0.12064E+01
10Nov2004	0.11531E+01   0.11773E+01   0.15294E+01   0.51027E+00
11Nov2004	0.11794E+01   0.16274E+01   0.16150E+01  -0.23442E+00
12Nov2004	0.13860E+01   0.16080E+01   0.15740E+01  -0.75759E+00
13Nov2004	0.11125E+01   0.11253E+01   0.90861E+00  -0.61228E+00
14Nov2004	0.10337E+01   0.14371E+01   0.82949E+00  -0.40566E+00
15Nov2004	0.17962E+01   0.11947E+01   0.85423E+00  -0.48779E+00
16Nov2004	0.18555E+01   0.28705E+00  -0.21110E+00  -0.71709E+00
17Nov2004	0.14463E+01  -0.26289E+00  -0.87736E+00  -0.94321E+00
18Nov2004	0.86249E+00  -0.40418E+00  -0.28683E+00  -0.89324E+00
19Nov2004	0.28099E+00  -0.11892E+01  -0.13466E+00  -0.24700E+00
20Nov2004   -0.42211E+00  -0.20556E+01  -0.24393E+00   0.53354E+00
21Nov2004   -0.52171E+00  -0.19507E+01  -0.93872E+00   0.81062E+00
22Nov2004   -0.10803E+00  -0.91301E+00  -0.10646E+01   0.69812E+00
23Nov2004   -0.58286E+00  -0.99967E+00  -0.81879E-01   0.13020E+00
24Nov2004   -0.48669E+00  -0.93015E+00   0.44028E+00  -0.23559E+00
25Nov2004   -0.12933E+00  -0.57333E+00   0.11231E+00  -0.14002E+01
26Nov2004   -0.52653E+00  -0.21254E+00  -0.52531E+00  -0.22370E+01
27Nov2004   -0.65363E+00  -0.24945E+00  -0.11141E+01  -0.25705E+01
28Nov2004   -0.16644E+00   0.28752E+00  -0.13555E+01  -0.27202E+01
29Nov2004	0.49669E+00   0.69557E+00  -0.16308E+01  -0.27371E+01
30Nov2004	0.28016E+00   0.55340E+00  -0.18750E+01  -0.26805E+01
01Dec2004	0.68150E+00   0.10967E+01  -0.16310E+01  -0.22700E+01
02Dec2004	0.85507E+00   0.14348E+01  -0.98818E+00  -0.14563E+01
03Dec2004	0.13997E+01   0.14024E+01  -0.10348E+01  -0.66148E+00
04Dec2004	0.14390E+01   0.16148E+01  -0.18963E+01   0.32514E+00
05Dec2004	0.10418E+01   0.16007E+01  -0.19433E+01   0.32152E+00
06Dec2004	0.10462E+01   0.17517E+01  -0.17115E+01  -0.49879E-01
07Dec2004	0.77054E+00   0.12644E+01  -0.12824E+01   0.30203E+00
08Dec2004	0.75290E+00   0.11409E+01  -0.62107E+00   0.40566E+00
09Dec2004	0.43503E+00   0.12060E+01  -0.40747E+00  -0.25213E+00
10Dec2004   -0.21852E+00   0.12954E+01   0.55683E+00  -0.12855E+01
11Dec2004   -0.24141E+00   0.11720E+01   0.11399E+01  -0.19119E+01
12Dec2004   -0.59818E+00   0.27464E+00   0.13530E+01  -0.19220E+01
13Dec2004   -0.99670E+00   0.91245E+00   0.22347E+01  -0.16753E+01
14Dec2004   -0.12490E+00   0.24551E+01   0.26893E+01  -0.18166E+01
15Dec2004	0.95000E+00   0.31526E+01   0.25956E+01  -0.21567E+01
16Dec2004	0.16863E+01   0.34314E+01   0.29951E+01  -0.26470E+01
17Dec2004	0.22736E+01   0.31596E+01   0.22960E+01  -0.26117E+01
18Dec2004	0.16617E+01   0.24480E+01   0.17494E+01  -0.26079E+01
19Dec2004	0.14840E+01   0.21275E+01   0.14108E+01  -0.24307E+01
20Dec2004	0.11172E+01   0.15869E+01   0.19620E+00  -0.21299E+01
21Dec2004	0.61770E+00   0.14736E+01  -0.38873E+00  -0.15849E+01
22Dec2004	0.11610E+01   0.18324E+01  -0.47267E+00  -0.95540E+00
23Dec2004	0.18052E+01   0.21298E+01  -0.56500E+00  -0.73499E+00
24Dec2004	0.20028E+01   0.16074E+01  -0.15774E+01  -0.90471E+00
25Dec2004	0.83662E+00   0.52479E+00  -0.24194E+01  -0.82760E+00
26Dec2004	0.12332E+01   0.13987E+01  -0.28481E+01  -0.47216E+00
27Dec2004	0.27782E+01   0.32107E+01  -0.30087E+01   0.18641E+00
28Dec2004	0.29935E+01   0.28730E+01  -0.32894E+01   0.38449E+00
29Dec2004	0.22992E+01   0.34770E+01  -0.33802E+01   0.32146E+00
30Dec2004	0.24789E+01   0.39756E+01  -0.30652E+01   0.30161E+00
31Dec2004	0.31818E+01   0.35155E+01  -0.28135E+01   0.77652E+00
01Jan2005	0.33907E+01   0.33356E+01  -0.22972E+01   0.92576E+00
02Jan2005	0.28807E+01   0.25566E+01  -0.30002E+01   0.62352E+00
03Jan2005	0.30009E+01   0.16933E+01  -0.37125E+01   0.66372E-01
04Jan2005	0.41263E+01   0.25680E+01  -0.29959E+01  -0.27450E+00
05Jan2005	0.48055E+01   0.29215E+01  -0.37275E+01  -0.38439E+00
06Jan2005	0.44105E+01   0.30331E+01  -0.54824E+01  -0.39572E+00
07Jan2005	0.37847E+01   0.31210E+01  -0.61379E+01  -0.31436E+00
08Jan2005	0.34949E+01   0.26373E+01  -0.58377E+01   0.12488E+00
09Jan2005	0.35544E+01   0.22007E+01  -0.48540E+01   0.55231E+00
10Jan2005	0.29277E+01   0.22238E+01  -0.47513E+01   0.48057E-01
11Jan2005	0.20362E+01   0.17373E+01  -0.43644E+01  -0.55060E+00
12Jan2005	0.12067E+01   0.10274E+01  -0.35536E+01  -0.95548E+00
13Jan2005   -0.76058E-01   0.47672E+00  -0.24011E+01  -0.10485E+01
14Jan2005   -0.12648E+01  -0.12294E+00  -0.14176E+01  -0.72898E+00
15Jan2005   -0.14413E+01   0.65002E+00   0.74438E-01   0.26639E-01
16Jan2005	0.34383E+00   0.29507E+01   0.77116E+00   0.58206E+00
17Jan2005	0.15131E+01   0.34742E+01   0.12589E+01   0.53997E-01
18Jan2005	0.84335E+00   0.15839E+01   0.15408E+01  -0.30869E+00
19Jan2005	0.66009E+00   0.17936E+01   0.15274E+01  -0.20566E+00
20Jan2005	0.64742E+00   0.19294E+01   0.17625E+01  -0.34379E+00
21Jan2005   -0.80222E+00   0.65320E+00   0.19815E+01  -0.47286E+00
22Jan2005   -0.22901E+01  -0.23433E+00   0.23432E+01  -0.45095E+00
23Jan2005   -0.28620E+01  -0.76641E+00   0.23666E+01  -0.75501E+00
24Jan2005   -0.30175E+01  -0.67493E+00   0.28036E+01  -0.80250E+00
25Jan2005   -0.37239E+01  -0.13986E+01   0.25416E+01  -0.53499E+00
26Jan2005   -0.36545E+01  -0.20035E+01   0.18736E+01  -0.20118E+00
27Jan2005   -0.33381E+01  -0.18122E+01   0.10535E+01  -0.64997E-01
28Jan2005   -0.24048E+01  -0.61929E+00   0.78199E+00  -0.74694E-01
29Jan2005   -0.21133E+01  -0.82309E+00   0.85382E+00  -0.29499E+00
30Jan2005   -0.16968E+01  -0.98822E+00   0.10224E+01   0.25227E+00
31Jan2005   -0.16949E+01  -0.16744E+01   0.57336E+00   0.65372E+00
01Feb2005   -0.13854E+01  -0.16657E+01  -0.77270E+00   0.14571E+01
02Feb2005   -0.56150E+00  -0.11098E+00  -0.11124E+01   0.21052E+01
03Feb2005   -0.35936E+00   0.75588E+00  -0.12875E+01   0.21264E+01
04Feb2005   -0.52633E+00   0.69590E+00  -0.15379E+01   0.21538E+01
05Feb2005   -0.73836E+00   0.55050E+00  -0.22081E+01   0.18595E+01
06Feb2005   -0.68922E+00   0.37493E+00  -0.20683E+01   0.11168E+01
07Feb2005	0.31728E+00   0.13051E+01  -0.16530E+01   0.46277E+00
08Feb2005	0.95305E+00   0.23445E+01  -0.10518E+01   0.99798E-01
09Feb2005	0.13744E+01   0.25750E+01  -0.63607E+00   0.15325E+00
10Feb2005	0.14644E+01   0.18599E+01   0.18075E-01   0.61248E+00
11Feb2005	0.15985E+01   0.17191E+01   0.31599E+00   0.12220E+01
12Feb2005	0.62530E+00   0.93598E+00   0.72054E+00   0.17487E+01
13Feb2005   -0.10204E+01  -0.71642E+00   0.49816E+00   0.19107E+01
14Feb2005   -0.17141E+01  -0.10274E+01   0.95574E-01   0.27464E+01
15Feb2005   -0.15514E+01  -0.40393E+00  -0.21030E+00   0.29804E+01
16Feb2005   -0.98909E+00   0.23140E+00  -0.22283E+00   0.22431E+01
17Feb2005   -0.71625E+00  -0.15442E+00  -0.20676E+00   0.20182E+01
18Feb2005   -0.91073E+00  -0.13526E+01   0.91600E-01   0.15006E+01
19Feb2005   -0.11376E+01  -0.19571E+01  -0.12156E+00   0.11383E+01
20Feb2005   -0.11557E+01  -0.22375E+01  -0.40880E+00   0.12583E+01
21Feb2005   -0.18016E+01  -0.29353E+01  -0.63749E+00   0.11938E+01
22Feb2005   -0.23833E+01  -0.38367E+01  -0.45088E+00   0.11975E+01
23Feb2005   -0.27953E+01  -0.51046E+01   0.25529E+00   0.13300E+01
24Feb2005   -0.30478E+01  -0.56479E+01   0.63802E+00   0.87250E+00
25Feb2005   -0.36056E+01  -0.59547E+01   0.38718E+00   0.21309E+00
 Date		 AO			NAO		   PNA		   AAO

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