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Time for me to own up to something.




Well I decided to own up to my dumb act back in late Jan/early Feb 2005 at S2K.


Disrespecting a MET at EUSWX is a bannable offense, and I fully expected to be ripped a new one in blazing hot flames then banned at EUSWX.


Well they not only did not ban me at EUSWX, they did not even flame me and they just forgave me.


I was in total shock.


Disrespecting a MET at EUSWX is an offense for which I should be BANNED.


Then JamieO goes on to discuss an old jebwalk post from the old WWBB weather community.




Well I think these EUSWX folks are really extraordinary. :)


Just amazing, utterly amazing. :)


I still can not believe it.


Absolutely beyond belief. :)


Man I should be banned from EUSWX.

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